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Did this a few years back. Science shows that he has gained a lot more since then.

ToonEGuy (Powerword: Nick Sorenson) appears to be your average run of the mill cartoon fanatic who wants nothing more than to see traditional hand-drawn animation make a comeback in theatres. But what sets him apart from the rest is that he has a huge vendetta over CGI and centers his entire existence around Disney, to the point that he'd represent a textbook definition of everything wrong with the animation fandom. Not only that, but he also seems to care more about the visuals (what a movie or cartoon looks like) than what's more important: the story, the characters, the concept, etc. Whenever you see him, he's most likely crowing about the lack of 2D Disney animated features (usually with his zipper down), or he's attacking people for not confining themselves to the past. That's his purpose in life, evidently. What makes him further stand out among the many artists who jack off to some autistic anime is his behavior. It'd usually be expected from a child or a 20-something-year-old with autism, but this guy is actually in his 30s, lives in a small apartment with his cat and has very little to no family or outside friends, and he'll likely keep on fighting to get Disney to take a huge step back just so he could get an erection for the first time since the end of the 90s, as he thinks this was what Disney was built on (even though they were actually built on mainly profit).

An Evaluation

His unhealthy fanboyism and lust for classic 2D animation (particularly from Disney) is quite perplexing, especially given the differing reasons why so many animation autists act the way they do. Benthelooney simply enjoys classic cartoons because that's what he grew up on, Mr. Enter doesn't just love classic cartoons per se, just as long as each show crams in some morals here and there, and who gives a shit about the other suckers?

In Nick's case? Does he believe that Disney's latest efforts aren't as good as they were back then (would you be surprised if he actually gets a hard on for The Black Cauldron and Oliver & Company)? Does he feel that the CG animated films aren't as innovative nor as inspiring as Disney's previous efforts (especially given that there's already an influx on CG animation in theaters these days)? It could all just amount to the fact that all the stuff from the 90s reminded him of a period when his life actually had meaning, and now he's making up for his inability to score even an autist's last resort by having these movies (and some shows like The Disney Afternoon, classic-Cartoon Network and classic-Nickelodeon shows, Kim Possible and Phineas and Ferb) play in his Disney merchandise littered room on an endless loop. He is basically an "animation Luddite", so don't be surprised if one day he's arrested for vandalizing a Disney store or assaulting an animator or film executive in public.

He also denies the fact that there are more types of animation than just hand-drawn and computer-generated and will block anyone who tries to wake him up.

His Primary Goal

What this "Save 2D Animation" activist is aspiring towards is to convince the general public (particularly everyone he bullies on the web) to stop watching and supporting computer-animated films (while he makes the obviously desperate claim that "CGI is killing off hand-drawn animation for good!"), so that they would demand the animation studios (mainly Disney) to go back making 2D animated films. That is despite the fact that the general public (while many miss 2D animated films in theaters as well, but not quite as much as this guy) have pretty much accepted the shift to computer animation and can't help but enjoy most of what is being offered from the medium today. ToonEGuy counter-claims this as if people today are being "brainwashed by the industry's agenda to stop 2D animation from ever shining again on the big screen". The only people who would probably ever jump into his bandwagon are the most gullible of idiots out there. Also, he would mercilessly bully anybody who praises the CG Disney films desperately whining "YOU'RE WRONG FOR LIKING THIS MOVIE!! WAKE UP!!" THIS MOVIE SUCKS BECAUSE IT'S NOT 2D!!". Now, if it was generally-agreed that the CG Disney films really don't live up to the classic 2D films, then ToonEGuy would be right, no doubt. It's a shame, though... because almost every CG Disney film (notably starting with either Bolt or Tangled) are considered to be modern classics and fresh, new takes on the Disney formula for a new generation! That, and add in his behavior, comes another reason why nobody in the right mind would ever take him seriously. In his autistic mind, he believes there's nothing wrong with being an immature brat and spamming "SHUT DOWN FROZEN 2" on Twitter will get people, including the folks at Disney to listen, because he tried writing a letter or starting a petition and it didn't work and he won't stop doing it until they comply.

Notable Meltdowns

It doesn't end there. While his actions are akin to notable online nostalgiatards, at least they keep to themselves and their even more retarded fanbases. They don't take the effort to launch a personal attack against the creators of the movies they hate (well Enter did, but now only his fans are doing his dirty work). Nick, on the other hand, went out of his way to brutally attack the directors of Wreck-It Ralph (Rich Moore), Frozen (Jennifer Lee) and Zootopia (Byron Howard). Hell, he even attacked people like Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe, and take a guess why he did it... Just look at his Twitter account (provided he hadn't blocked you yet)

Other Tidbits

  • He's only interested in 2D cartoons from the 90s. Oddly, he believes that the only good modern cartoons are Kim Possible, The Lion Guard and Phineas and Ferb, and he really hates shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Family Guy, The Amazing World of Gumball, Rick and Morty, The Loud House and The New Mickey Mouse Show, but not for reasons that other people hate them, simply because their animation styles don't meet his "standards".
  • He throws massive fits if anyone tells him that they don't like cartoons from the 90s.
  • Once broke off an entire friendship, just because the friend actually grew up and drew some fanart for a CGI Disney movie (Too bad he deleted the journal post on DeviantArt though. Thankfully, some evidence is still present on his Tumblr account.)
  • He calls out those (mainly at Disney) who make computer-animated films and "cheaply-drawn" cartoons as "greedy, lazy cowards" and their fans "brainwashed".
  • He once was a fan of Butch Hartman (Fairly OddParents), Genndy Tatakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory) and Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls), but now blames them for all the problems with TV animation, just because of their animation styles (which is the least important aspect in a cartoon show). He mostly hates Craig because of his wife's "20 minute toy commercial", which admittedly may not have the most beautiful-looking animation out there, but is still wildly popular nonetheless. He fails to understand that animation can be more than just what he prefers.
  • Upon learning Genndy's classic series, "Samurai Jack" had been revived by Adult Swim, he proceeded to whine and call Mr. Tatakovsky a talentless hack...why, you might ask? Because his show was not as "good" as Megas XLR.
  • As much as he hates Wreck-It Ralph, refused to see it in theaters and to buy the DVD, he loves the short film shown before it, Paperman. The same can be said about Big Hero 6's preceding short Feast, and it's because these short films look like 2D animation, even if they're obviously CG literally in 2D's clothing.


Your cartoon is shit and it gives 2D animation a bad name. It's people like you who are ruining animation on television.


—Nick Sorenson, harassing Rebecca Sugar

Fuck you.


—A typical tweet by Nick Sorenson



—Nick Sorenautism



—You can hear the smallest violin playing...

You don't know how much I wanna punch you right now, Byron.


—Nick Sorenson, internet tough guy

Seriously, what is wrong with some of these old 2D artists now? If they care about 2D animation so much, then don’t do CGI, because that’s what’s killing off 2D movies. Don’t help these studios do that. STAND UP FOR 2D! CGI today should be an enemy to all 2D artists.


—ToonEGuy, the Animation Luddite.

Consider this a warning to all of you at the Disney studio. Shut down your CG movies and go back to 2D animation.


—Nick Sorenson, making terrorist threats.

Well maybe I don't have much respect for the idea of anyone today who thinks that real Disney animation is computer animated. NO ONE is meant to believe that! Because it was never what their studio's animation was, and is, supposed to be. It's all been corruption and a misguided accident.


— "AGGHH, CGI IS NOT REAL ANIMATION!" yells the butthurt 2D Disney fanboy.

Fuck You, Amy Smeed!


—Nick tweets a message to the Co-Head of Disney Animation

You're just a bunch of fucking lazy cowards, that's what it REALLY is!


—After being told (by a Twitter user pretending to be a Disney animator) that CGI is less time and labor consuming than 2D.

And I would think you would know me better than to say that I want to “kill” the people at the Disney studio today for what they’ve been doing. I am not that kind of a person, and never have been, but the world has finally pushed me too far with all these “2D animation is dead/All animation must be CGI” mandates, so you shouldn’t be surprised that people say things when they’re mad. It’s not what I really want though. I just want things to be right again at Disney, and for all the people they’ve brainwashed to come to their senses.


— Now this truly defines an example for the term "dogmatic".

"NOBODY is meant to want CG animation from Disney. They're not supposed to be making their animated films that way!"


—Sure, because using slow, outdated methods are so much better than cutting edge technology, right?

"Shut Down 3D, Bring Back 2d"


—repeat until they actually do it.

"You're not a fucking computer animation studio, you're a HAND-DRAWN studio"


—That's nice, Nick

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  • DisneyFan01 - Close enough.
  • DisneyMaster- Another aspie manchild with a hopeless crusade!
  • John Kricfalusi- The only wacky cartoonist that he actually does praise, mainly due to his 'superior' attention-to-detail.
  • The Simpsons- it's as "ugly" and "lazy" as all the other modern cartoons and has gone downhill in the last 15 years, but he won't hate it because of his blind nostalgia.

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