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собака Бэ бэ бэээ (also known in english as the Beatboxing dog or Abwabwa) is a major russian political figure whose weird accent caused major lulz on JewTube, but who eventually made one of the most importants speechs in History.

Original video[edit]

The hidden message[edit]

Thanks to Google's speech recognition technologies, the meaning of this speech was finally made clear to anyone able to read.

 And what would what would
 but with well in the lead with him in a minute
 But what happens when let me
 I said well then we are going live with
 it wouldn’t have mattered ranch
 the ad opens with a dwindling
 but go ahead with the referendum 

Here's a How to for people too stupid to figure out by themselves.


Deeply touched by this profound message, fans from all over the world quickly made tributes to honor the dog who became a new Maître à penser for generations to come.

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