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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Born November 15, 1990
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber
Alias(s) Richard1990, pooki3bear

001rich100, also known by his full name, Richard I'earn Mahn Leyva, and his other internet names such as "pooki3bear", and "Richard1990", is a happy, famous YouTuber known for making the best project of all time, Lego Metroid. His favorite series include Metroid, Star Wars, Iron Man, and finally, Zelda. He plays with his camera and his Lego bricks and minifigures. He's been doing this shit since 2008, the best year ever. 8 episodes of Lego Metroid have been made as of now, but he canceled it. This guy's been living under a rock since 2010. Why? It's simple. If you ever advertise a project to poor little Richard, or if you want him to give some advice for your project, he'll go super duper Super Saiyan mode; threatening to ban you if you ever do such action again. What a hero! This is pretty much more or less like our biggest nemesis. After finishing episode 8 of Lego Metroid in 2010, he went back to start making an even shittier version in 2013, this time with different, articulated minifigures, real full-blown effects, and with better quality.. except that no progress has been made, and why would you bother watching that crap?


While most of his videos have to do with Lego Metroid, he made one video trailer pretty much based on The Legend of Zelda, still with his Lego toy sets, in his 001link100 account, which died. He also planned to make some Lego Metroid spinoff, which is just as awful, called the J-Yel Chronicles. That sounds like yelling at someone, but he lost his childhood, so what can you do about it?

These are two examples of a typical video he makes. You're going to be really hyped for this.

You hyped now? He probably was inspired by an old friend for this sort of thing. Is this Metroid Fusion??
The dude strikes back with the revamped version of Lego Metroid.


Welp, this is the lulzy shit he's known for after all, so let's talk about it. He concieved this abomination in 2006 all by himself, probably after the WiiWii's E3 reveal and the announcement of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and was probably inspired by Chris-Chan's Sonichu for the shitty recolored suits used by Samus. According to the mastermind, the project started in late 2007 and "premiered" in June 6, 2008 at YouTube. The series apparently follows Teh Epic Adventures of Samus after the events of Metroid Fusion. How original, right? The original series would have "featured" 10 fucking god-damn episodes of the same bullshit imaginary story, and would then end with a movie, which probably is the best idea ever to conclude the series. While the project reached 8 episodes in 2010, he was unable to do the ninth and tenth episodes, plus the movie, because his dumb, unsupported Windows XP computer couldn't do the proper effects and results in Sony Vegas. As you saw in the videos above, they're complete shit and they're not worth watching, unless you're a Metroid fangirl and want to watch it for the lulz. BTW, all 8 episodes have a common duration of 9-10 minutes. Who the fuck is "Dal-G"? Who the FUCK is "J-Yel"? Sounds like sisters.. oh yeah, let's not forget the best recolor ever made, the Dox Suit. And last but not least, no one ever gave a fuck about the story. HELL YEAH, BITCHZ!

In the other site of the planet, he also posted awful concept arts based on Lego Metroid at deviantART. It sucks.

Lego Metroid "Revamp" and Lego Metroid Anima[edit]

His faggotry couldn't prevent him to make a new version of his craptastic project, since the original version didn't turn out to be great at all, so the new version was conceived in 2012 or 2013 with supposedly better quality, effects, and would focus on the series' story-oriented theme in mind. This thing already "entered" production, and he doesn't even know when it's gonna come out. Apparently there are two distinct versions of the same story, or maybe they are connected in some way, but who gives a fuck? In the end you're watching the same thing with moar explosions and GFX. As for Lego Metroid Anima, well, that was planned to be an exclusive Flipnote Studio 3D animation / mini-series, but it'd be only exclusive for his 100 unknown Internet friends found in his 3DS Friend List. Since then, Chris-Chan Jr. confirmed that the series will be available for JewTube instead, now that Flipnote Studio 3D hasn't even released to the West. The series renders its story in a Manga-style format. For the reader, it's impossible to read shit in that style. 001rich100 claims it's going to stay in that format and will take years, years, and YEARS, at his imaginary planet, where no man has gone before, to finalize. It'll have some kind of shitty unique story that coincides with the new version of Lego Metroid. Maybe Samus dies at a ship crash but gets back up a la Sawneek '06? Well, the details will go up once this enters production, but noone will be watching that once it's released. Some of the new OCs (do not steal them) were revealed for the Animu project, such as Daiban, Paultner Luga, and many more to come.

Rage. Oh boy.[edit]

If you advertise your crap, be it a project or just some random drawing not related to Metroid or Pogaymanz, or tell this guy for advice, he'll go insanely butthurt just for that and will threaten to ban your ass at either his Lego Metroid Wiki, or at YouTube, just for the existence of the word win. Too bad he's busy working on a fail reboot since his previous series was so good. He probably was like that to his mother and father, and lives at their really nice-looking family mansion at Miami. We look up everything, and found out that the bullshit started with this one user called GameLegendRANKX, asking him for advice on a project. We've known about that since 001rich100 posted that dumb bulletin regarding the user in March 2010. No, really, he went totally mad, as if the interwebs was his main place. If you look at the screenshot, it's him doing it very well. Seriously, this guy has some issues, like the #1 Sonic Fan. The truth is that everytime something shitty happens with Ritchie, it has to do with GameLegendRANKX.

Richard in action. This is what happens when you "disrespect" his awesome wiki. This was directed to this one user called GameSparkLegend's talk page. Wow, he's SO sensitive. He probably gave you a last chance last thursday.

How to troll 001rich100[edit]

  • Go to his channel.
  • Go to his channel comments.
  • Say you're going to make a project or you want him to give some advice for your project.
  • Or, thumbs down his videos.
  • ????
  • PROFIT! He'll block your ass then!

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