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OP is a fag. OP gets a totally 1337 tattoo paying homage to his fave image board and posts it to /b/ hoping for praise and the approval from his peers in the peanut gallery. OP then nokos his post and kicks back awaiting mad props.

OP, however, is obviously a newfag who should have lurked moar because /b/tards never evar have anything nice to say about anything (except perhaps cats) and OP's fail tattoo was no exception. So OP gets relentlessly mocked for his tattoo which /b/tards decided said 161 and not /b/. OP then starts to cry and runs off to get his 161 tattoo lazored off.

Apart from that...why the fuck would you want to get a tattoo of a cancerous image board on your body for life? Marking yourself with /b/ is akin to marking yourself with a series of numbers to show the world that you're a holocaust survivor. Getting the mark of the /b/east, is like announcing to the world that you live in your mom's basement, have no life and fap to pix of m00t wearing a dress. Or those gay noodz of m00tle. It's like saying: "Hai world! I'm a fantastic fucking faggot and spend all my time looking for CP on the asshole of the Internets!"

161 is referenced to when someone got a tattoo of /b/ last thursday but failed so bad it turned into 161

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