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It's 2018 and most of the Golden Age memes are over a decade old. 2017 has ended up way more crazier than 2016 ever was. With escalating tensions between the United States and its Western "allies" and Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, China, or Russia, World War III would be likely to happen this year, or maybe the next two. 1984 is complete and society is forced to cope in a lulz-free world. The alt-right has collapsed due to a lack of fresh memes or any good ideas and Islam has finally taken a hold of Europe. 2018 has become known as the year of SJWism.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatic events from 2018[edit]


Welcome to 2018.
  • Rich Americunt, Logan Paul, uploads a controversial YouTube video of him exploring a Suicide Forest in an Azn country known as Japan which displays a dead body, him as he was approaching it and laughing after he saw it. It was also used as clickbait in the thumbnail. The video was removed not by YouTube, but Logan himself after receiving criticism from the audience. YouTube was actually promoting the video. Any mirrors of the video re-uploaded by any "normal" YouTube channel are removed via Community Guidelines.
  • H&M creates a massive shitstorm after a photo of a black kid with a "Coolest Monkey In The Jungle" hoodie was on their website, causing many celebrities to quit H&M and for total butthurt to ensue. Soon after that, H&M stores in South Africa were peacefully protested by the very peaceful protesters.
  • MagicGate continues on as The Quartering gets his channel Shoah'd by Jewtube as Wizards of the Coast performs damage control on them enabling sex offenders as judges for their lame card matches. Ironically, he wins by forcing the organization to FINALLY require background checks on their judges to ensure they aren't child fuckers.
The Daily Stormer claims this is proof of a Jewish conspiracy
  • On 7 January 2018, in America, the Democratic Party exposed itself as an evil organization, that is secretly run by Jews, when it made a subliminal Twitter post, aimed at weak-minded voters to get them to elect more Jewish wimmins and ignore whites
Matthew Nicholson
  • Matthew Nicholson spergs out and shoots his mom in the head because he blames her coming into his basement apartment for his losing a game and throwing and breaking his headset.
  • River Jumper Juanita Gomez was found guilty of the 2016 murder of her daughter when she shoved a crucifix down her throat because Juanita thought her daughter was possessed.
  • The U.S. government is shut down for a pathetic three days because the Jew-owned Democrats, led by none other than Schumer, are hard-pressed to save their precious foreign national voting block (exclusively beaners, moslems, and niggers) by protecting DACA and other Semitic subversion tactics, effectively ignoring their own citizens and throwing a temper tantrum to save their only chance to win in the next elections. However, any suffering caused by this petty faggotry will be on their hands, not that they care. Ironically, after Schumer cucked like a little bitch, thousands of entitled illegal beaners took to the streets to whine about not getting free shit from the gringos, with a large group attacking Schumer as well.
  • Meanwhile, at the same time across the country, millions of ungrateful and truant sluts, THOTs, and whores march against the white men who allow them their 'rights' and 'freedom' in the first place to whine and complain about stupid shit that has little to no effect on their lives, completely ignorant that they are enjoying the most privileged environment of their useless lecherous existences made by the wasted sacrifices of the men who died to give these cunts the rights to fuck freely, kill their babies, and destroy their own countries.
  • Paul Nehlen gets censored by ZOG after he shitposts on Twatter and names the International Jew by pointing out Jewish dominance in the U.S. Media. Naturally, these privileged kikes have a massive temper tantrum and call Nehlen an "anti-Semite" simply for criticizing Jews and using THEIR anti-white made up tactics on them.
  • Fucking CNN, the King of Fake News, puts out a retarded article praising the virtues of being a god damn cuck.
Ingvar Kamprad
  • 28 January 2018, Swedish entrepreneur Ingvar Kamprad, that is best known for that craptastic furniture brand (Ikea) which most would describe as being one step up from taking a couch home you found on the side of the road, died at 91.


  • The NAACP fired Rachel Dolezal on 2 February 2018 because she's not black.
  • The White House releases the FISA document, detailing how a 4chan prank document involving Trump pissing in a bed in a Russian hotel was used by Steele to get approval to spy on Trump for any 'collusion' between the two parties. It also details how the DNC PAID for the document to be used to get dirt on Trump, thereby blowing up the Russia hax0ring hoax once and for all.
  • 4 February 2018 SJWs whine and cry about an MLK speech being used in a Dodge Ad during the Super Bowl. Prince fans whine and cry about Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Half-Time show calling his Prince tribute insensitive and "Not what Prince would have wanted". In minor Super Bowl news, Philadelphia beats New England with a final score of 41 - 33.
  • Uma Thurman goes after Weinstein again, and in the process, Tarantino is exposed for being a defender of child rapist Roman Polanski.
  • George Soros interferes in the Brexit Referendum by donating 400k pounds in an anti-Brexit referendum. The goyim notice this and criticize him and the Jews cry about alleged "anti-semitism".
  • Paul Nehlen gets kicked off of Twitter by Jack and the terrorist organization known as the ADL for noticing too many things, effectively making Twitter and the ADL responsible for interfering in the political elections of Wisconsin, especially after making fun of the Cheddar Man dark skin and sharing a video explaining the Jewish role in the pornography industry. The alt-right begin to support him by changing their avatars and names to Paul's face and name, causing more sperging from the ADL.
  • "Scientists" unveil the "real" Cheddar Man as a dark-skinned male as an obvious attempt to justify the deliberate genocide of the British people and rile up the colored savages. Amazingly, the hoax is debunked when the scientists themselves admit that they don't know if Cheddar Man even had dark skin at all, before Black Fake History Month was even over. Also to note are inconsistencies with the genetic profile of Cheddar Man and actual British ancestors.
  • Poland passes a law making it illegal to accuse Poland of being responsible for the Holohoax. Naturally, Global Jewry flips their shit and demand the U.S. fuck up their relationship with Poland over hurt feelings of being able to accuse anyone they don't like for their precious Holohoax and the sixty bajillion.
  • North Korea joins the Olympics and tries to steal the spotlight with their charm by sending Kim Jong Un's ugly evil sister.
  • Lulzy Communist Mexicunt Nicolas de Jesus Cruz was suspected that he has shot up a school on Valentines Day, pwning 17 people. Some claim he wasn't a lulzy perpetrator. He was charged with 17 counts of murder and if confirmed he'd receive a death sentence.(It is later revealed that the FBI and the police were REPEATEDLY warned about Cruz being a psycho, but obviously didn't do jack shit and even then, on response, the police STOOD DOWN AT THE SHOOTING, allowing it to happen so whiny child soldiers David Hogg and some spic chick could be used by CNN to violate the Second Amendment.)
  • The head of the NRA blames "European Style Socialists" for the gun grab, of which the Jews, lacking any self-awareness, chimp the fuck out and cry about 'anti-semitism' in the NRA. The NRA sees a massive rise in membership enrollment despite the attacks.


  • On March 8, wimmin around the world celebrate being useless cunts who can't even cook or clean for shit.
  • Useless witch hunter, Robert Muller, lacking any evidence to support the 'Russian collusion' hoax the media has been lying about for the past year, decides to blame the Arabs for colluding with Trump with no fucking evidence or leads whatsoever.
  • The Italian elections had right-wing parties winning with the support of the people. Naturally, the shitlib media whines about "Russian influence", completely ignoring the mass invasion and rape of Italy by Africans and Arabs, while negating to mention the popularity of the hilarious massacre of Africans by a true Italian patriot after a young woman was murdered in a voodoo ritual.
Stephen Hawkingy56799.jpg


  • April 3, 2018. The mass shooting pandemic spreads to large corporations as it occurs at YouTube HQ. JewTube likely may respond by doing further crackdown on Second Amendment rights on their pathetic website.
  • 6 April : In another blatantly obvious gassing hoax in Syria, quite literally right after Trump decided to remove troops from Syria, an alleged "gassing" of "civilians" "committed" by "Assad" (aka a blatant false flag by Mossad/ZOG) tricks Trump and gives the corrupt Western European leaders into giving the Globalists and their shitlib golem the chance to start the Third World War they have been itching for. Trump launches missiles at Syrian "chemical warehouses", but the Russians have claimed to have taken most of the missiles down with 30-year-old missile interception weaponry. The only people supporting the march to war are the globalists, shitlibs, ANTIFA retards, anti-whites, the Lügenpresse and (obviously the most vocal) the Jews, especially the Israelis who openly murdered 35 Palestinian protesters at the same time.
R Lee Ermy 6032.png
  • 14 April 2018: Trump launches a missile in Syria making people think World War 3 is imminent.
  • 16 April 2018: R. Lee Ermey, famous for playing that Drill Instructor from Hell that will take a shit in a toilet right before shoving your face into it and informing you that he won't let you up until you've eaten everything in the bowl died from pneumonia. A sad day, as there hasn't been a decent movie with basic training in it since the late 80's. Internet tough guys' material will only get more and more stale during Call of Duty chat as they try to tell us in a R. Lee Ermey style, waiting for their balls to drop; high pitched voice, how they were a Marine Corps Assassin that can rip our heads off and shit down our necks while never making a sound. A big Hotel Romeo from the ED staff to R. Lee Ermey.
  • 17 April 2018: America loses former first lady and Presidential sammich maker Barbera Bush. Few knew her true age but some have estimated that Pangea may have still been in existance when she was born.
  • 18 April 2018: Wrestling great Bruno Sammartino passes away. He was 82.
  • 20 Apirl 2018: Overated ""Musician"" Avicii an heros.
  • 21 April 2018: Verne Troyer becomes An hero
  • 25 April 2018: The Golden State Killer, infamous and at large since 1981, has finally been found and arrested. Turns out its a boring old ex-cop doing the killings (allegedly).
  • 26 April 2018: Kanye West publicly comes out in support of Trump, causing the Judenleft to have a massive hissyfit online. Meanwhile Kanye "mysteriously" loses 10 MILLION followers on Twitter, (whist isn't Jack's fault btw(also they were Russian bots)). Also, Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault. Will this event lead to a war between SJW Black rights activists and feminazis?


  • ED's old front end host drops ED over the Offended page which results in the site going down for a few days early this month. We apologize for any inconveniences.
  • The Jews continue their attack on Poland by claiming 2,500 250,000 500,000 Jews (out of nowhere) were killed by the Poles during the Holohoax (despite being "discovered" 15 years ago and only being forced upon Poland when they refused to transform their country into an open air Moslem rape camp), all the while still claiming to be the victims of a nation that has, for centuries, housed and protected Jewry in Europe when they were kicked out of other nations for their typical bad behavior.
  • The U.S. Embassy in Israel moves to Jerusalem, triggering the Palestinians into chimping out. The Jews kill over 50 of them and wound 4000+ in "self-defense" from the unarmed sand monkeys attempting to zerg rush the border. Meanwhile, the Jews temporarily stop their nonstop attempts to derail Trump and destroy America to congratulate Trump for 15 minutes before they get back to their usual tricks. This time, however, they manage to piss off the world as everyone was watching the shitshow happening.
  • John Bain aka TotalBiscuit dies on May 24 from his ass cancer. (Unfortunately, I was praying for MCCAIN TO DIE FROM HIS FUCKING TUMOR ALREADY!)
  • UK Journalist and Far Right Activist Tommy Robinson gets sentenced 13 months in prison over accusations of "breaching the peace".
  • Disgusting fat kike Harvey Weinstein finally turns himself in to the NYPD for rape, but is bailed out immediately like the rat he is.


  • Donald Trump gets impeached. Many people on the right get butt hurt.
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