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It's 2018 and most of the Golden Age memes are over a decade old. 2017 has ended up just as crazy as 2016. With escalating tensions between the United States and Best Korea, World War III would be likely to happen this year. Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatic events from 2018


Welcome to 2018.
  • Rich Americunt Logan Paul uploads a controversial YouTube video of him exploring a Suicide Forest in an Azn country known as Japan which shown dead body as he was approaching it while laughing after he saw it. It was also used as Clickbait in the thumbnail. The video was removed not by YouTube but Logan himself after receiving criticism from the audience. YouTube was actually promoting the video. Any videos re-uploaded by any normal YouTube is removed via Community Guidelines.
  • H&M creates a massive shitstorm after a photo of a black kid with a "Coolest Monkey In The Jungle" hoodie was on their website, causing many celebrities to quit H&M and for total butthurt to ensue. Soon after that, H&M stores in South Africa were peacefully protested by the very peaceful protesters.
  • MagicGate continues on as The Quartering gets his channel Shoah'd by Jewtube as Wizards of the Coast performs damage control on them enabling sex offenders as judges for their lame card matches. Ironically, he wins by forcing the organization to FINALLY require background checks on their judges to ensure they aren't child fuckers.
  • Matthew Nicholson spergs out and shoots his Mom in the head because he blames her coming into his basement apartment for the reason he lost a game and his throwing and breaking his headset.
  • River Jumper Juanita Gomez was found guilty of the 2016 murder of her daughter when she shoved a Crucifix down her throat because Juanita thought her daughter was possessed.
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