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The 2020s will be a decade spanning from 2020 to 2029.


  • 2020: The Donald is re-elected for a second term.
  • Virtual Reality is actually good by now.
  • America is usurped by China, which destabilizes the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Generation X begins to reshape global politics, after Baby Boomers fuck off and die.
  • Millennials are now middle-aged.
  • Generation Z reaches biological adulthood, despite having the mental capacity of a wet carrot.
  • 4K Definition is finally in use.
  • People start to use Blu-ray, 14 years after it entered the market.
  • America's Mass Shooting epidemic continues to increase, with an estimated 4.20 mass shootings occurring every minute.
  • Partyvans take to the skies; Drones are now seen everywhere in the IRL map of America.
  • Indians continue to breed like rabbits, and India becomes the most populous country on Earth.
  • The earth suffers another great flood, according to Al Gore.
  • Jews do WTC again, destroying the newer Trade Center towers. Expect another 15-year long "war on terror," jackasses.
  • The European Migrant Crisis is at its' highest volatile point by now, resulting in Civil War and Crusade X.
  • The Human population is expected to reach 8,000,000,000.
  • That shitty Over 9000 meme is predicted to have been used over 9000 times on this site.
  • All the Old memes of the 2006~2009 era have fully faded out from use.
  • A Sealab is opened in the year 2021.
  • Gordon Freeman successfully fights off the Combine from Eastern Europe.
  • All your base are still belong to us.
  • iPhone 10 is released introducing a first ever 1TB phone
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