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  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in 2204355
  3. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky"
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

The story[edit]

Basically, a Sheezyart user named "w33n" took a KFC commercial, edited it to only show the black guy, and then added a low-bit version of the ALF theme song into the background. He uploaded it on Sheezyart, which assigned the random number of "2204355" to it. The animation later found itself on ImageShack, but the uploader never renamed the SWF file. Eventually, this ImageShack SWF become the first Google search result for "2204355", which mean clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky" would take one directly to that file. Users then proceeded to trick other forums and chan-board member into visiting the file by telling them to click "I'm Feeling Lucky", which resulted in a sort of rickroll. Yeah, it's as retarded and pointless as it sounds.

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  • 2204355.com – Some guy who bought the "2204355.com" domain after the meme became popular.
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