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Foundation28 June 2018
Major Boards/sewers/, /b/
Epic WinsOne shooting in USA
(1 dead, 1 injured)

22chan, also called Comfychan or Dubs-chan, is a bland Futaba-style spinoff founded by a kraut faggot from Berlin, known as 'twoot' to the community. It was established with the goal of creating a cancer-free alternative to 4chan, because that worked out well before.

Everything that makes an imageboard worth browsing (namely pr0nz, fags, and guro) is banned from the site, making it one of the bleakest presences on the web that isn't a redirect to some shady landing page hosted by a Russian cybersquatter. 22chan boasts an average of at least 200 visitors per day, but like most imageboards, has less active users and much fewer posts. Raids were originally allowed, but twoot's faggot ass pussied out and banned raids.

Major happenings timeline

This timeline goes from 1 January 2019 to present. Wanna read things from 2018? Go Here.


Bellevue shooting[edit]

On the 4th of April an anon going by the name of "Barry D" made a thread claiming that he was planning to kill at least 20 people and then himself in Bellevue, Washington. Later that day, one man was indeed killed in a shooting in the city in question. See Oc


Despite calling for and executing raids being officially banned on 22chan, people still have made raids on several websites, including 4chan's /b/, by spamming Cirno (from the Touhou series) in celebrity porn threads until image limit was reached, effectively fighting against the cancer that's killing /b/.
Screencap of one of the raids.

The Otter ban[edit]

On the 18th of April on sewers a thread declaring war on otters was made, twoot was revealed to be a filthy otter supporter too, you can read it here

Twoot gets exposed[edit]

On the 21st of April Twoot was exposed on discord for being a bluepilled normalfaggot because some other guy on the discord found his instatrash account. Twoot says that those pictures are from a time when he was a massive normalfaggot, but at the same time he says that he still is a normalfaggot.

Fight against plebbit[edit]

On the 29.04.2019 a 22chan subreddit was made by some faggot. 4 days later 22channers were alerted of its presence and a thread was made about it, twoot filed a copyright suit,but no updates from him have been made and its still up, although Twoot made a code for 22chan that detects whether a visitor is from reddit, to ban the filthy normalfag before any damage is done.

Raid on spacc chan[edit]

On the 10th of may oldfags from the discord group secretly raided another chan called spacechan(a shit site that has 10 dead boards), there is no captcha, so it was very easy to raid. /b/ got locked (twice) and due to the spam, all the content from the small boards were forced way past page 10. The raid happened in the first place because spacc-chan faggots decided to advertise on 22chan (for the 5th time) even after being told to fuck off several times.

pic of raid



List of boards[edit]

  • /a/ - Anime & Manga
  • /b/ - Random
  • /f/ - Flash
  • /i/ - Art & Creativity
  • /k/ - Weapons
  • /mu/ - Music
  • /pol/ - Politically Incorrect
  • /r9k/ - ROBOT9001
  • /sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan
  • /sg/ - Suggestions
  • /t/ - Science/Technology
  • /vg/ - Video Games & more

Also see[edit]

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