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22chan banner new.png
Foundation28 June 2018
Major Boards/sewers/, /b/
Epic WinsOne shooting in USA (1 dead, 1 injured)

22chan, sometimes called Comfychan or Dubschan by its userbase, is a bland Futaba-style spinoff founded by a kraut faggot from Berlin, known as 'twoot' to the community. It was established with the goal of creating a cancer-free alternative to 4chan, because that worked out well before. It is named after the number of people who actually post on the site.

Everything that makes an imageboard worth browsing (namely pr0nz, fags, and guro) is banned from the site, making it one of the bleakest presences on the web that isn't a redirect to some shady landing page hosted by a Russian cybersquatter. 22chan boasts an average of at least 300 page-views per day, but since the admin made the newfag mistake of adding too many boards to start with, it has less active users and much fewer posts. Raids were originally allowed, but due to kraut laws, raids are banned. Though that has not stopped from users of assembling squads and doing raids.

Despite claiming to be a cancer-free alternative to 4chan, the site only gains traffic as a result of incessant shilling of its moderators. Places targeted by 22chan include /r9k/, /f/, [s4s], and even /pol/. Whenever the site gets a new thread, its almost always either a newfag asking if he should continue using the site to people desperate for him to continue using the site, or a circlejerk thread where users talk about how smart they are for not using the site they just came from while they happen to have a /v/ thread open in the next tab.



22chan came into this world on June 18th 2018. Its creation was advertised 9 days later on /r9k/. Boards at this time include /sfw/, /pp/, /gt/, /shet/, /wizrar/, /tt/ and /hel/, which were all bootleg variations of /r9k/. Due to Germanistani laws, all porn was banned a month later due to possible copyright issues.


22chan went as far as having their own bootleg Yotsuba, called Niniba. .

Bellevue shooting

On the 4th of April an anon, going by the name of "Barry D", made a thread claiming that he was planning to kill at least 20 people and then himself in Bellevue, Washington. Later that day, one man was indeed killed in a shooting in the city in question. See Oc


Raids are officially banned, but people who want to raid moved onto the 22chan discord server and occasionally do raids on different imageboards; possibly the only notable thing people of the website have ever done.


On 29.04.2019 a 22chan subreddit was made by an unknown plebbit user. 4 days later, the owner of the website filed a copyright suit which only resulted in the removal of the 22chan banner in the subreddit. The subreddit still stands, but without any posts.

Gator gang

Even after a year from the site's founding, 22chan can only claim to have one in-joke. This is the Gator gang in /sewers/, a clique of anons who make spam threads over and over again. Other users saw how much fun these people were having posting GATORGANG for the hundredth time, and so started their own pathetically small cliques such as the Spidergang, which claimed the board's first quads, and the Ottergang, which gets other groups absolutely pissed for no real reason.


As previously stated, 22chan advertised across the land like no tomorrow. These places include [s4s], obviously to gain posters who are willing to have legitimate discussion; /f/, offering 22chan as a replacement IF Hiroyuki deletes 4chan /f/ when Adobe cuts life support to flash; and /pol/ and /r9k/, obviously to gain a userbase that isn't cancer.

Current Boards

  • /a/ - Anime & Manga

Slow, just like the rest of 22chan. Waifu threads are the most active ones, high amounts of lainposting and Tomoko. Expect to see old anime from the early 2000s. Site is far too slow to catch up to any anime of this season.

A board that's mostly filled with casual small talk and attempts at creativity.

A bootleg 4chan /f/ that has the same amount of youtuberips as 4chan. Original content sometimes gets posted here.

  • /i/ - Art & Creativity

No porn and no drawfag request threads means this is one of the slowest boards on the site.

Occasionally a "how do this gun work?" thread pops up, gets one detailed reply and then it dies.

A circlejerk just like any other /mu/.

  • /pol/ - Politically Incorrect

Just what you'd expect from /pol/

Literally just [s4s].

"hi hello pls implement this ok thx bye"

  • /t/ - Science/Technology

Geeks fight each other over which OS is the best even though they are all the fucking same.

  • /vg/ - Video Games & more

22chan hosts it's own minecraft server and this server is the only notable thing of the board.

/r9k/ lite.


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