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YouTube is home to quite a bit of talented animators. When they're not too busy stealing shit from YTMND, Newgrounds, or using cheap GoAnimate or pivot animation bullshit because they're too lazy too learn how to actually animate, they usually learn to do it themselves and wound up successful and a bit enjoyable or absolutely stupid. This is the case of 3LAMESTUDIO a.k.a. 3LAME a.k.a. That Faggot Who Made That "X" Twerking Video, an asspie riddled faggot who makes incredibly horrid animations. Mostly based off of most the fads on the internet such as catering to 12 year olds and furries with his Five Nights at Freddy's animations, Angry Birds Undertale, Rick and Morty and Cuphead animations to cater to 12 year olds, or shitty and unfunny forced memes that lost it's popular status long ago, such as Gangnam Style. Almost all his videos involve twerking. His videos all mainly cater to 13 year old boys who just discovered the internet or losers who still find forced memes from 2009 to still hold humorous merit. If anything, throw in a superiority and victim complex, and you've got yourself what feels like the average closeted furfag (perhaps even worse). He's known as one of the worst animators on Youtube, even by other shit animators. Of course, it's possible it might be an act.

Creation of 3LAMESTUDIO[edit]

Created on Mar 6, 2012, the shitstain of a channel called 3LAMESTUDIO was made on Youtube. On the same day, an animation was posted called SuperMario VS Angry Birds VS Tetris. This video, as terrible but surreal as it is, was originally obscure like the channel (as it should have remained). Of course, it's to also be noticed the use of copyrighted (and OCified) characters other images, including random images of fat people and household items as well.

The Process of 3LAMESTUDIO Becoming Known on YouTube[edit]

First video from 3LAMESTUDIO's channel

This is why we are doomed as a species.


Orange Shep - YouTube comment from the video above

Going to the Wayback Machine, you can see that his channel has never changed much at all, still stagnating the same types of content for years, only with slight changes that happened with the channel aging to a puberty phase. The main differences are that the The most early shot of the Youtube front page used to have a Username called "NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK" (despite the link URL still having 3LAMESTUDIO in it) and the profile picture was that of a smoking hot girl's face. This later changed to a YouTube page closer to his own a year later (it's important to note his banner didn't change, with a similar theme with copyrighted characters on it, but colorswapped and butchered with other goddamn characters like he's fucking Dr. Frankenstein). An important thing to note is that his front page video never changed, and his about page (which isn't shown in the Wayback Machine, so it can't be proven) has most likely been the same, reading:

I create bizarre videos about Angry Birds,Minecraft,Supermario and so on and so forth...

Subscribe if you want to enjoy the future...


YouTube "About Me" Page

Similarly, all of the descriptions of his videos and even some titles use this strange use of bad punctuation and spacing (despite being spelled right) from the beginning of the channel's creation. This either means the creator is most likely autistic, a child, or both. Most likely, considering the nature of the videos however, he's most likely an autistic manchild considering that the channel hasn't changed much in the span of 5 years.

His main infamy came the videos he made in the year of 2015, when he jumped on the trending games of Five Nights at Freddy's and later the use of Undertale after previously using Gangnam Style and Minecraft as a scapegoat to gain followers. The oldest video starring the trend of FNaF was one called "Hulk VS Five Nights at Freddy's (Metal Version)". It's important to know that his "vs" videos are a large majority of his videos until the most popular and despised videos were created.

Most Infamous Videos[edit]

I have no idea what's worse. The fact that this was animated, or somebody in the universe probably jerks off to this.

Problems known about 3LAMESTUDIO[edit]

Side-by-side Analysis of 3LAME's "Homer Simpson VS Goku"

ahahahahjaha...even Michelangelo traced!


3LAMESTUDIO - YouTube comment from the video above


Animation is a hard thing to do... unless if you're 3LAME. His rotoscope style in some of his videos that seem more well done than his other videos are known to be traced, while his original work is known to look extremely rigid and ugly as fuck.

Patreon Account[edit]

Despite having nobody funding him on his own Patreon Account, he still posts his shit videos on it as if people look at it.

Subscriber count = Quality[edit]

3LAMESTUDIO holds a huge victim complex like most YouTubers and amateur animators. Any criticism of any sort is held as harassment and bullying, past his huge victim complex lies a huge superiority complex over his 100k subscribers 200k subscribers that fap to his videos. It's safe to assume he used sub bots to get this amount of subscribers and verified status. He will always use this as an argument point as to the quality of his content. Despite claims that he's mature, he talks and acts like a 13 year old boy riddled with aspergers to any negative comments (if he doesn't ignore, delete, or disable them, that is).

Ruining of Fandoms[edit]

A comment said about 3LAME most reasonable people on the internet say is "whenever 3LAME makes a video on it, it's either hitting peak-cancer or dead." in a paraphrased way. Though some things happen to continue living from it, such as the Let's Play channel known as OneyPlays (notably named after the Newgrounds animator Chris O'Neil) and the continued popularity of Spongebob and other famous properties that he has no control over. The infamous nature of him ruining fandoms and good things still stands, however.

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