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9fag (A.K.A. EbaumsWorld 2: Electric Boogaloo and 9fag ) is yet another "meme" spawning abomination of a website akin to memebase, FunnyJunk, Imgur or reddit. Inhabited solely by 12 year old girls with Down Syndrome, this mix of 12 year olds, plagiarism and good old fashioned faggotry creates something that makes your eyes melt from your skull at a single glance. This turd of a website scours the lowest depths of the interwebs scrapyard, digs out age old images and burns it's black mark of unfunny death into their lower parts. The hellsite then invites NORPS and hipsters to comment and laugh and dribble from their facebook profiles about how funny and original all the bollocks simmering in front of them is. It also happens to have a name that sounds like a gay porn site that specializes in throat fucking from numerous dicks, which could be considered much more fun than the reality.

The Site[edit]

Even UnfunnyJunk agrees 9fag is shit
The creators of this faggotry.

The "content", "created" by newfags on this site are composed mainly of rage comics, lame puns, forced memes, and just about anything that has already been made on other sites or that just isn't funny is mostly featured on 9gag. Meme use in this site has reached unimaginable levels of exploitation, every comic made on 9gag is mostly composed of rather overused memes to the point of forcing one to cover one's eyes in a futile attempt to block out the levels of unfunniness coming from the site, but in a shocking turn of events, it still manages to cause the mentally handicapped 13 year old users to laugh and clap their hands like paraplegic seals, just before typing a quick reaction comment that somehow manages to drag the unfunny levels down even further into the unfathomable depths. 9faggers claim they have no soul, despite the distinct lack of any shock images on their site, and the mere viewing of a small dosage of goatse or tubgirl would probably send them into a deep psychological coma, blubbering and twitching on the floor until their mother walks in and breathes a sigh of relief that she will never have to deal with her retarded hipster excuse of a son ever again. It has finally been fully proved that 9gag does in fact outright steal other sites content, and will feverishly attempt to cover it up. Fully explained here, it is a sad state of affairs when a site's only main source of content is from the notorious content thief Reddit, therefore leaving 9gag a shriveled speck of indecency rotting at the very bottom of the immense barrel that is the internet.

9gag also protects images from downloading by right click; to copypasta, simply press F12 while in Google Chrome, click frames-images and pick the jpg file you want to download. If you want to delete 9gag watermark, copy the url to fuck9gag.com. The content in question doesn't belong to them anyway. But why anybody would want 9gag images for anything other than developing cures for The Cancer is beyond us.

The 9gag Community[edit]

Rules of 9gag[edit]

The Azn overlords of 9gag decided it would be a good idea to enforce rules on their awesome website in a petty attempt to stop it from looking like a 4chan clone. The rules listed below resemble both “Rules of the Internet” which drags their current level of unfunniness down to unfathomable depths, and forum rules. Notice how there's 9 rules? That's so clever.

1. 9GAG is just for FUN.
2. 9GAG is JUST for fun.
3. Get Involved.
4. If you’re funny, you get Likes.
5. Play Nice.
6. Respect originality and creativity.
7. Moderate your content.
8. No reposts.
9. Report Abuse.

The Founders of 9gag[edit]

A Sampling of Faggotry[edit]

oh lol you said I'm a penis!!onemilliononehundredeleventhousandonehundredeleven
Artist's depiction of a typical 9gag comic

The uneducated masses of 9gag fail to understand the meme phenomenon. Where normally, it's an image, a saying, or a random oddity that get's spread around for no reason, to them a meme is an image macro, spammed ad nauseam. A veritable "meme factory", if you can stomach the concept. Herein, a small number of their "memes" are listed.


Notice the lack of original content. None of the memes became memes on 9fag. You can simply get reputation from just copying and pasting an image from another meme site, and then repost a repost of a repost ad infinitum.

13 year old boys[edit]


Social Disaster[edit]

Because sample mean is an unbiased point estimator of the population mean, we can conclude that the entire website and all its users are complete and utter shit.

The Heidi Crowter Affair[edit]

For some time, there was one Advice Dog Variant that just wouldn't die like most do. This one in particular involved a toddler with Down Syndrome. The toddlers name was Heidi Crowter, and her face spawned the Potato variant.

Flash forward to 2012. An article about some retarded girl looking suspiciously like our dear Potato girl surfaced in The Daily Mail. The article featured a butthurt mother complaining that her drooling failed abortion had seen a mean picture of her as a child, when in reality, it was yet another attention whore trying to cash in on barely-deserved e-fame. Of course, this only served to make /b/ laugh harder, but, despite 9gag thinking this shit was hilarious to begin with, it collectively felt bad about it. This didn't stop Anon from using the opportunity to paint 9gag as a hate site coinciding with another proper raid, because we all know what happened last time a site was designated hateful. The ploy fell flat on it's face, as all raids do now, but it appears to be the weapon of choice now, that being manipulation of public opinion; while the actual raid was successful until the owners realized that they could actually disable parts of their own site.

Will the raids continue? Will 9gag actually die from the sheer amount of cancer inhabiting it? Does anybody fucking care anymore?

This event began a trend of blaming 9gag. After the Heidi Crowter affair, blaming 9gag was part of #OpRollRedRoll and #Cut4Bieber.



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