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BONZAI 天皇陛下万歳

Ozcult is an authentic and native Azn despite being born and raised in America.

     Bow before their tiny and mishapen cock   8====D

Ozcult = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Needs bunny ears, also, the wood paneling pic? Is she an Irish immigrant?
I came

Ozcult is a lingerie company based in Los Angeles that is owned by Mei Shi who is just another one of your basic, Duckfaced, Azns that is angry because she isn't as pretty as White female models and probably is incapable of getting any satisfaction unless you're hanging thicker than a New York city fire house because she's been schlicking with a wiffle bat since the age of 3.

Currently, she is nobody but because she is like everyone on the internets that believes that because you have a 65.5K following on Instagram, you are an up and cumming celebrity that will somehow attain fame along the lines of Kirsten Dunst, Tom Cruise or even the Yellow Power Ranger from season 1. If you really want to see the slow descent into madness of a person disillusioned and angry that they can't turn their internets fame into REAL FAME, you only need look up JeffCJayCVeasey from Gamefaqs.com, CWC Christian Weston Chandler or Danielle Pitts.

Despite the world stacking the deck against her because she was born without a penis, round eyes or dry pallid skin, Mei's goal is to take this 65k following and use it to conquer the British dominated underwear market controlled by Victoria's Secret.

Despite all her use of tit flashes and beaver shots, she (and her company) remains another of the soulless cows on the internet that do nothing but feed the cancer that is destroying the world by giving 14-year-old boys spank pics by the way of see-through bras and panties that are designed to show nip and a touch of the bass' mouth.

To describe Mei Shi plainly, she is an emaciated Chris-Chan but with a G-D given failure of a chest, a flapjack ass and that same Azn moon face that every girl eating from a shit-filled Tom Collins glass with an ice-tea spoon has that will up it a notch and stick rodents up her clammy crevice if it increases her following and makes her more money.

Absolutely worthless, we decided we should just skip the majority of her information because how many times can we call someone a retard before you get bored so we decided to go straight into the gallery because, devoid of a personality, this is all she wants to be known for.

Her One Up On Other Social Media Whores[edit]

fill in the blanks yourself. Boys made me feel ugly. Pretty white models made me feel ugly. I am only a feminist so I can sell underwear.

As far as we know, Ozcult's Mei Shi doesn't really play around much on her Twatter account and the depth of her conversations on imageshack and other sites revolve around her explaining how cute she looks, how small her mosquito bite titties are, telling everyone her pussy is bleeding or what a nice ass she has.

Since she hasn't, yet, ran around screaming Sieg Heil, or, rather screamed Tojo hate because she us of Chinese descent, across the internets and then trying to sell it off as a joke, she might have a chance in porn as the feltching girl or the obligatory Azn that is in the porn only so she can give some white girl the fist because she has small hands.

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  • mei@ozcult.com Mei Shi's email

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