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A Cat Is Fine Too

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A cat is fine too.

A Cat Is Fine Too is a 4chan meme which originates from a most lulzy Tsukihime hentai manga called "That's why I assault Ren", in which the main character, named Shiki Tohno, is a bespectacled pedophile (later Zoophile) with the intent to rape some sweet, sexy loli. After getting caught by other women and killing(?) them, he eventually corners the loli to a point where she can't escape, so she turns into a cat, a common frustration to aroused men. She thinks she is saved, but our hero, who basically just rapes everything, unzips his fly and says "Neko wa ii desu", which obviously translates to "A cat is fine too".







When is a Cat Fine?[edit]

If you lack intimacy with other people and only have a cat as a companion, then petting, playing, and snuggles will only go so far. Eventually you will desire an elevated experience of sharing the luve; since you fail at interacting with the opposite sex you cannot become the "beast with two backs", but instead, the "faggot that fucked a cat".

When is a Cat not Fine?[edit]

A Cat is NOT FINE when:



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