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Adam Lanza

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This page contains an hero.
Adam Peter Lanza
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed 27, injured 2
Top 25? Yes. #8.
Style Single player
An Hero? Yes
Motive: Autism

It was a cool, misty morning in a peaceful small town, when our hero, Adam Peter Lanza (Aliases: Kaynbred, Smiggles, Pedobear, Blarvink) would embark on his journey to get the High Score and destroy the lives of 20 little kids and 7 degenerate whores (including his mommy) and go down in history as the most efficient rampage killer of modern times. His Caucasian chimpout would prove to be one of the greatest examples of IRL Trolling in decades, and serve as direct evidence that autistic people need to be persecuted- for the good of the whole. The aftermath of his social experiment resulted in a shitstorm of the intensity and lulz not seen since the year 1999 when fellow comedians, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, pulled off the epic prank that was Columbine. Before committing his act of evil, Adam made sure to destroy his hard drive and computer- ensuring the FBI never recover all of his fucked up Furry porn and CP. First and third party investigators would spend 2012~2016 digging up dirt on Adam. Such investigations revealed that he was a highly autistic pedophile obsessed with mass shootings. One would presume degenerates like him would be caught by the NSA- but since when was Uncle Sam ever good at his job?


The REAL perpetrator behind ALL of this!!!

Adam Peter Lanza shot out of his then 32-year-old mother's vagina on April 22, 1992 in New Hampshire, and moved to Cuntecticut in 1998 at the age of 5. In his early years, Adam was described as an extremely active child who did not sleep well, avoided touching, and had early communication problems. He was said to have "made up his own language".

Our future American Hero attended Sandy Hook Elementary School as a student and began to familiarize himself with the classrooms of which he would thrash over a decade later. During his years at the school, he constructed "The Big Book of Granny", a dramatic school project filled with images and narrative relating to child murder, cannibalism, and taxidermy. It was reported that Adam later tried to "sell" this fanfiction to classmates for 25 cents, which got him into big trouble with mommy.

For whatever-the-fuck reason, Nancy pulled her socially-crippled son out of Sandy Hook Elementary and transferred him to a Catholic school for the last quarter of 7th grade. He was reported to have "become obsessed with religion".

In 2005, Adam was diagnosed with Assburgers, despite personally denying this later on. Also in this year he was placed on homebound status, and was not attending school at all, instead dicking around on MMORPGs and playing Pokémon in his secluded, dark, lonely bedroom with no friends.

The following year, Adam got off of his ass and claimed that he "wanted to return to school as a typical high school student". The staff and faculty at Newtown High School had to "prep" each one of his classrooms because he was too much a fucking Sperg to cope with the specific disturbances seen at a typical high school, such as loud noises, touching doorknobs, and his inability to wear a pair of socks for longer than 30 minutes. His grades at Newtown High were nonetheless astounding, graduating with a GPA score of 3.89.

After high school finished in 2010, Adam discontinued his tertiary education plans and became a full-blown basement-dweller. At this point in life, Adam was spending every waking moment in his dark bedroom (which he had taped garbage bags over the windows to block out the sunlight) on his computer chatting to cyber-acquaintances about his fetish for weapons, asexuality, and his dream of riddling 6-year-olds with bullets. He cut off all communication with his daddy and bro (falsely accused gunman Ryan Lanza), and only communicated with his mommy via e-mail all the while sharing the same fucking house.

The video below represents a generic reaction to Adam Lanza / Sandy Hook.

Video Games

A list of video-games Adam was most preoccupied with (and used to train himself to commit mass murder with) include:

At the time of his An Heroism, Adam was 6ft tall and weighed 112 pounds, with a BMI of 15. He was living on a diet of vegetables and purified water.

Xbox 360

Adam, or at least his brother, owned an original (or elite) Xbox 360 console, which he seldom played. His XBOX Live account barely had any achievements unlocked, and was last used in January 2011. The only games he had achievements for were Skate 2 and Halo: Reach.

PC Gaming

His puter

Adam was very intelligent and had extensive knowledge and experience with computers. When he was 12 years old (and what is this?) he hacked into the government's websites which got the FBI to pay him a little visit. Archive today-ico.png (archive) Several years later, he saved up enough of mommy and daddy's money and built his own puter.

Adam Lanza is strongly suspected to have played World of Warcraft. A Archive today-ico.png post of his (using the alias Blarvink) dating back to May 3rd, 2011, describes how he played the game on-and-off since vanilla, but wasnt as autistic as Elliot Rodger or Breivik, and never hit lv 60+. Adam even spent hundreds of hours on a noob toon, just ERPing all day long in Stormwind. If you don't know what ERP is, consider yourself one lucky son of a bitch. Imagine if some sweaty nerd was horny and was sexting you up using a hot night elf bitch character, and it ends up to be a pedophillic mass shooter. Boner = killed. Unless you're into that kind of thing.. In which case, please seek a therapist at your immediate convenience. Despite being obviously autistic as fuck, Adam Lanza never got too addicted to mein-cwaft or any other huge mmoish games either.

Info non-talk.png Click here for more information regarding Adam Lanza and WoW

Adam also possibly had an account on GameFAQs [1] which he used from May 22nd, 2005 (4:10 PM) to July 18th, 2011 (8:31 PM), but this is yet to be entirely confirmed. Only one post currently exists on that account, dating to a thread about LEGO Island.

PC Specs

The autist who wrote this article scanned through the police report footage of the Lanza residency and their videotapes of Lanza's room and computer and believes his specs to be:

  1. Corsair CMPSU-850HXUK HX 850W - Power Supply
  2. XFX Radeon HD 5870 (or 8870) - Graphics Card
  3. Decent CPU case (unidentified)
  4. Good Motherboard (unidentified)

Online activities

Lanza had a moderate presence on the series of tubes, using the emails "[email protected]", "[email protected]" among others. Active during the 2000s until the months preceding his massacre, Adam was found to be highly intelligent (in comparison to most people) but unsurprisingly, very bizarre considering his severe mental illnesses. He had few friends and most of them viewed him with some suspicion, with one of them even stating Adam as "the weirdest person I ever knew online".


Adam Lanza starting posting to a Columbine forum in late 2009 (then known as, under the alias; Smiggles. It was here that he earned his reputation as a pedophile, a place for his sick and twisted fantasies to flourish. Most of Lanza's batshit insane posts generated significant lulz for the other depraved basement-dwellers who shared their own fantasies over pursuing the High Score. They hadn't seen anyone quite like "Smiggles" in their community, so they refrained from striking the banhammer on him, despite the fact that 90% of his posts would have caught the attention of the National Security Agency. He went AWOL from the forums in early 2012, and the site went offline two years later.

Adam's SBB Quotes

Literature is simply another coping mechanism for children who’ve been mindfucked by culturapists. They’re carried to other worlds in the stream of semen.



—Deep shit, Adam.

I'm still waiting for a mass shooter who eschews 9mm pistols and instead buys an AK-47 pistol, 30 30-round magazines, and 1000 hollow points....



—That could have been you...

I castrated myself when I was 15 to rebel against society.



—Apparently Adam did not have a penis at the time that he shot up Sandy Hook Elementary.

Therapists are secular priests who assert that they have some "truth", and if your values deviate, then you are "wrong". Hence, The Rapist. They impose their values onto you through their mindfucking.



—FUN FACT: Adam Lanza's psychiatrist was later charged with sexually assaulting his patients (source:

You know what I hate?!? Culture. I've been pissed out of my mind all night thinking about it. I should have been born a chimp. I would even settle for a post-language hunter-gatherer society.



—Adam expresses his desire to identify as a chimpanzee.

I hate going through these extremely rare instances of wild mood swings that I have. I think this was the only time this year for me. I was as depressed as I get during my last post, and I'm fine with the interminable depression that I normally have, but now I'm incoherently giddy with glee. Well, relative to my baseline... Except now that I'm giddy, I can't really say that I hate it because I think everything is delightful. If depressives cut themselves to feel better, I wonder what cutting a happy-go-lucker would do. Santa's supposed to be jolly. I hope he visits me tonight so I can find out.



—Adam Lanza really was the Grinch who stole Christmas...

On: Society, Civilization, Mass Murderers

American mass murders were less prevalent before Richard Speck precipitated their rise in 1966. My best estimate for the -absolute- minimum amount of mass murders in the US since 1966 is 960. I would be surprised if there weren’t a minimum of somewhere around 1500 in reality, but we’ll just vaguely say that there have been over 1000.



—Part 1

If you were trying to measure alienation in a society, what could be a more blatant indication? And it’s glib to dismiss them as not being indicative of anything just because there have been over a thousand of them instead of over a hundred thousand, or however many you think are necessary, because mass murdering is so ridiculously over-the-top of a response that very few people are prone to do it under any circumstances.



—Part 2

But just look at how many fans you can find for all different types of mass murderers ”not just the [Columbine killers]", and beyond these fans are countless more people who can sympathize with them; and beyond these are millions more who never think of relating the circumstances of their lives to anyone else but instead just go through the motions of life incessantly dissatisfied with their environment. Thinking of this society as the default state of existence is the reason why you think that humans would be “not well” for “no reason whatsoever”.



—Part 3

Civilization has not been present for 99% of the existence of hominids, and the only way that it’s ever sustained is by indoctrinating each new child for years on end. The “wellness” that you speak of is solely defined by a child’s submission to this process and their subsequent capacity to propagate civilization themselves.



—Part 4

When civilization exists in a form where all forms of alienation (among many other things) are rampant, as can be seen in the most recent incarnation within the last fifty years which AS55 talked about, new children will end up “not well” in all sorts of ways.



—Part 5

You don’t even have to touch a topic as cryptic as mass murder to see an indication of this: you can look at a single symptom as egregious as the proliferation of antidepressants. And look in your own life. You’ve said that you’re afflicted by unrelenting anxiety and that you’re afraid to leave your house. Do you really think that the way you feel is not symptomatic of anything other than your own inexplicable defectiveness?



—Part 6

SBB: Columbine Dream

Info non-talk.png Click here to read his dream.

SBB: Other Posts

Info non-talk.png Click here for his posts on ShockedBeyondBelief.


Adam Lanza made a few edits to Wikipedia starting in late 2009; ending in early 2010, this time using the aliases, Blarvink, Kaynbred, and KnaveSmig. Obviously, he made edits to articles about mass murderers and An Heroes, in a desperate attempt to show off his superior knowledge of the madmen who inspired him to win the Golden iPod. He made changes to pages on the following subjects:


The data he transmitted to the user.
His steam, as viewed by a friend
Snapshot of his clan's shoutbox

Like 99% of PC gamers, Adam owned a Steam account Over 4 years after his massacre, investigators have found[2] another Wikipedia account he possessed. He used this wingman account to promote his mass shooting leaderboards to a user called Lord Gøn. He introduced himself as an autist who sperged over mass shooters. He describes how he began to compile a list of all the mass murderers in history, at the start of 2010, when he would be 17-18 years old. He then spams several links to Rapidshare which contain his mass shooting list, named "SSS-migpack" and "SSSmigglist" (Smiggles list). Sadly, Rapidshare closed down on March 31st, 2015, meaning that this data is lost forever!.

A year later, and Gon responded back to him:

Hey KnaveSmig, I hope you are still alive. Sorry for not answering, but until now I really couldn’t be bothered to do so. Bad me, I know. I also didn’t save your list, and it ain’t available on rapidshare anymore, so if you should ever read this would you upload it again and leave me a note here? Thankee. 23:35, 7 April 2013 (UTC))

After Gon discovered that he was in contact (albeit brief) with Adam Lanza, he Archive today-ico.png Reached out to an administrator about the news, typing:

Good morrning,

I’m not sure, if this is actually the right place for my request, but since CheckUser access is necessary to answer my question, and you apparently have just that, I suppose I could do worse than to try my luck here.

The situation is the following: For several years I have edited mass murder-related articles on Wikipedia, and created amongst others the List of rampage killers. On June 20, 2012 a user named KnaveSmig posted at my talk page, offering me to download an Excel-file supposedly containing his own compilation of mass murderers, as well as 16 hours of songs related to the subject. At the time I was unsure how to deal with this, on the one hand being curious about the possibly salvageable information, on the other hand being suspicious about downloading unrequested material from an unknown person and risking an infection of my computer with malware. In the end my suspicious side prevailed and I ignored the files, though contemplated for a while to write a reply to explain myself. Considering the matter not that important I delayed writing said reply until I came to the conclusion that too much time had passed to invest any effort in something the addressed person may not even read, after all KnaveSmig left no indication that he ever came back to Wikipedia.

Then the Sandy Hook shooting happened, and when information was published in the media that Adam Lanza had a pronounced interest in mass murder and created a spreadsheet listing historic mass murderers I already had a bad feeling in my guts. But then, during my studies of mass murders I have come across several people who have compiled similar lists, and there are probably a lot of others who do the same in less public places than the internet, so I composed myself thinking that this was just a coincidence, and there’s probably no connection between KnaveSmig and Adam Lanza. Then information surfaced that Lanza had a Wikipedia account and edited several articles a couple of years earlier under a different name. I waited for the media to announce that Lanza had also used the alias KnaveSmig, but this never happened, and so I assumed my suspicions were probably unfounded.

It remained that way, until recent reports stated that Lanza had also posted at a forum dedicated to the Columbine massacre around the same time he had left the note on my talk page. The pseudonym he used there was Smiggles. And since the writing style of Smiggles is comparable to KnaveSmig’s my suspicions are revived that the two may be the same person.

So, to cut a long story short, would it be possible for you to check if KnaveSmig’s IP address is located in Connecticut, maybe even the Newtown area, and thus confirm or refute my suspicion that I have been contacted by Adam Lanza a mere six months before the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary? This question is haunting me for about a year now, and I’d really like to get some closure on that one. Thank you. (Lord Gøn (talk) 13:06, 21 January 2014 (UTC))


[3] which he used to presumably play Counter-Strike all day, since that's the game 99.1% of skool shooters play all day, and the game that brainwashes them to commit mass murder. Sadly, the profile is private so we'll never know what details lie withinI had my friend who works in Valve scan his profile and screencap it; the pic to the right is his 100% genuine account. His account is believed to date as far back as 2008, and he used the alias "Pedobear". Adam Lanza's IPs were recorded as and


It is of no surprise that a mentally ill, sexually confused freak would be a tumblr user. Adam Lanza owned the blogs "gayfortimk" and "queerforkimveer" where he presumably blogged about mass murderers and fantasized about them. A month before his massacre, Adam deleted his dumblr blogs. Much of the information is lost forever. However, it is known that he blogged about his columbine erotic fanfics and dreams. He also shared massive amounts of gore and crime evidence. He compiled and shared massive and detailed information regarding to school shootings, such as compilations of references to school shootings in media such as music or movies. As usual with almost every school shooter ever, this faggot had a huge hard-on for the columbine shooters. Particularly, he had an obsessive crush with the jewish mongroloid Dylan Klebold.

MG14C Clan

mg14c was a clan in Combat Arms[4] that Adam was in around 2009. They were relatively notable but mostly small, but did have their own site. They often specialized in pistols-only gameplay (one of the best pistol-only clans of all time), and kayn was considered a skilled and likeable member of the clan. He was somewhat active[5] but mostly posted in random bursts, separated by up to a few months. [6] He deleted all of his posts around December 19th, with only a few pieces of this data still surviving to this day. He sometimes popped up in the clan's shoutbox - even as late as February 2010. In the months following Sandy Hook, the MG14C connection was discovered - and the shoutbox was flooded with creepy admirers and trolls - sadly, the shoutbox is down and no modern data on it exists anymore. One of the trolls posed as MI6OnDuty (clan leader?) and fucked with the brain of one of the fangirls, making her think he was the legit one. The troll also posed as adam lanza's ghost and flooded the chatbox with harassing and alarming messages- for the lulz, of course.


Rare picture of Adam Lanza, aged 19

Nancy Lanza

The mother of Adam Lanza, who never bothered to raise her son like a normal child and allowed him to sit on his ass in his room 24/7 and rot in loneliness with unrestricted access to an arsenal of firearms. She was Adam's first victim, and rightfully so.

Peter Lanza

The father of Adam Lanza. He divorced from Nancy when Adam was 10 years old, and spent the next decade trying to get close with his son. Adam ignored him, and hadn't seen him face-to-face for two years prior to the Sandy Hook shootings.

Ryan Lanza

Adam's older, and less insane brother. Ryan moved to New York after graduating from university in 2008, where he worked at Ernst & Young in Times Square. The police were so fucking retarded that they falsely arrested Ryan after confusing him for his brother Adam on the day of the shootings, all because Adam was carrying Ryan's ID with him.

He has a Twitter account, send him some love.


lol Adam Lanza had no fucking friends. Wrong; throughout the span of his life, he managed to amass 1 entire friend! Growing up as a child, he pretty much had no friends. He was part of the Tech club and even had some of them visit his house, but only once. It is rather likely that he crept the fuck out of those kids, so they probably avoided him. In the last few years of his pathetic existence, he drove to the theater to play DDR (to train himself to kill as video games train you to kill) on a consistent basis; enough to get nicknamed "The DDR Guy" by the locals. An acquaintance who befriended him in 2011, later described to the pigs in blue (post massacre) "Emotion wasn't something expressed in particularly verbose or grandiose fashion but it was expressed. He was capable of laughing, smiling and making jokes though always in a dry fashion." This guy was his only friend, and they would go to the theater to watch movies or play video games together. They would discuss numerous subjects, such as chimp society, Techno music, Mass murder / murder sprees, joining the military, furry porn, child porn, bomb making tips, GamerGate, and other deplorable shit.

This random theater guy didn't suspect Lanza to be a potential danger to society, despite all of the macabre subjects that interested him. He described Lanza as very nihilistic, with a bleak and fatalistic outlook on Life. He explained how Adam Lanza would disappear from the theater for weeks on end, only to show up later and bitch about how he was going through existential crisis-es. He also learned how Lanza liked to reformat his hard drives all the time, probably to get rid of his massive CP and Furry porn collections.

They also discussed Pedophilia; Adam admitted his opinions "would cause others to make snap judgments about him as an apologist." Unsurprisingly, Adam eventually chimped out at the theater guy, presumably after a heated (and autistic) debate over Shit nobody cares about. Lanza was quoted as saying "that he should not expect him to participate in any more activities with him." The last sightings of Adam in that theater were in August~September 2012.

Sandy Hooked

Info non-talk.png Click here for the main article, covering the Sandy Hook massacre

His IRL Banhammer

On the morning of December 14, 2012, Adam rocked the USA with his rampage that claimed his mother, 20 children, and 6 staff members and then himself. He started by shooting his mommy in the head and chest 4 times as she was laying-in after getting back from her holiday in New Hampshire the day before.

He also destroyed his hard-drive in an attempt to hide all premeditated evidence of his planning for the massacre from authorities (along with copious amounts of Child Porn.)

He then drove to his former elementary school and shot the glass panel next to the door, alerting the principal and numerous staff members, which he proceeded to shoot at without a second's thought. In the span of 5 minutes, Adam Lanza obliterated 20 kids and 6 female staff members in two separate classrooms. As police arrived at the scene, Adam did what was best for him and would later earn himself his very own ED article nearly 3 years after the massacre.


Other quotes from Adam or relating to him.

There is something that I can assure you of that will always be true: it does not matter if you live for the next one year, five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, thirty years, fifty years or even 100 years; the day before you die you will regret ever worrying about your life instead of thinking of what you want to do. Every new year that you do live, you will regret not having started anything that you wanted to do the year prior, only regretting the past more.



—Adam's motivational speech to his mommy, months prior to killing her.

Some primates smile when they are frightened.



—Adam Lanza, reassuring the doctor that facial expressions are bullshit.

I just don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.



—Call to Anarchy Radio, 2011.


Adam's radio conversation

answer: CT real estate pricing

TYT Turds weigh in

Douche puts his useless degree to work

Typical Reaction video

Another vid

If your son was an autist you'd think the same eh?

lol old media

More footage



Dedicated to Adam Lanza <3 About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Evidence Lockup

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 27/20
Accuracy: 20/20 27 killed, only 2 injured.
Style: 18/20 Generic massacre
Butthurt: 20/20 The 2012 version of Kawlimpin, causing the same or even greater moral panic that went on thirteen years prior
Bonus: 20/20 Extremely efficient elimination!
Total score: 105/100 (A+)
A role model for all future school shooters
See full ranking

Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Federal Bureau of Investigation

So Cash

Hey Children,

My name is Adam Lanza, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are ugly, retarded, hyper little shitheads who spend every second of their day drawing stupid ass pictures. You are everyone that will become bad in the world. Honestly, will any of you ever contribute to the world? I mean, I guess it's fun being savage little shit machines because of your own undeveloped brains, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than being a high schooler.

Don't be a stranger. Just let me shoot you with my best bullet. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of my own FPS clan, and member on my school's computer club. What games do you play, other than molest naked drawn Japanese people in the subway? I also used to get straight A's, before I dropped out, got my GED and went to College (I dropped out.. Shit was not SO cash). You are all underage b& who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my mom's corpse

2017 FBI Evidence Release

In October 2017, almost 5 years after the Sandy Hook Massacre, the FBI finally released some more details on the alien reptile false flag which revealed even more fucked up things about the shooter; stuff that anyone with a brain already figured out; such as that this freak had a sexual obsession with all these mass shooters, was a faggot and pedo, had several accounts (most investigators already pinned as his) amongst other juicy details.

See Also

How liberals viewed Sandy Hook.

His Accounts & Posts

Below are links to his numerous accounts on the internet, along with data (Topics, Posts, etc) he contributed to it. Archives

External Links

Data not created by him but relating to him will be listed below.


News / Misc

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Locus in quo: Colorado Theatre ShootingSandy Hook Elementary MassacreUmpqua Community College ShootingSan Bernardino shootingPulse Nightclub Massacre

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Boston Marathon Bombing


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Pre-2012 Gun Massacres

ColumbineÉcole Polytechnique Dawson CollegeVirginia Tech MassacreAustin, TexasNIU Valentine's Day MassacreHungerford Massacre

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