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You do realise that most of the time he was on air during your highschool years he was scripted, right? This is him and his free thinking. This is the real Adam Sessler.


—David Jetta

Describing Adam Sessler.gif
Cocaine side effects during E3 interviews.

Adam Sessler aka Adam Cokeler, Adam Cancerler, and Adam Cuckler, was once-upon-a-time a former co-host of Gamespot TV and Extended Play, but mostly known for co-hosting a decent video game show X-Play with his partner Morgan "Manjaw" Webb that aired on G4TV at least 100 years ago. It was a fine time for Adam and the gaming industry until he slowly went apeshit crazy in 2010 after G4TV cancelled all gaming-related shows; including X-Play and replaced it with much shittier non-gaming shows like COPS until G4TV got canned on December 31st 2014. After this, Adam decided to flush his gaming career and all his fans down the toilet and walk his new so-called "gaming" path as a co-founder of Mainly his career besides his unheard community is to be a lonely social justice warrior on Twitter, bitching about the alt-right and Donald Trump. His other main careers include being a cocaine user, a male-feminist ally against the alt-right, sucking tranny pornstar cocks, an Antifa, and a mindless orbiter of his druglord & savior Zoe Quinn.

His career as a lonely cocksucking lolcow with a shitty attitude, before & during white knighting his druglord Zoe Quinn from GamerGate, gets 5 Lolcows out of 5.


Now that's more like it! Good work Adam, you Nazi fuck! A 5 out of 5!
And now here's your host, Adam Sessler! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Here's your host that literally sucks the most: Adam Sessler! About missing Pics
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Sessler: You have every right to say it, and I have every right to call you a fucking asshole
and try to find your address and PUT IT OUT THERE.

Sterling: Absolutely.



Hot take from me: I'm an asshole.


—And there you go ladies and gentlemen. Adam Sessler's Twitter in a nutshell.

I run a small business. Somehow I manage to pay myself less to ensure others get a fair wage. It’s fucking addition asshole.


—Adam taking his tone to someone's viewpoint like an asshole.

Eat shit and stop following me.


—Adam acting like a dickhead to a X-Play fan after he tells him to calm down and get a grip over other people's opinions.

Fly right into the sun you floating goat-fucker.


—Adam on other people's opinions who follow him on Twitter and then blocked.

Maybe I’m a goddam human who’s fed up with apologists for exploitation. Also, eat shit.


—Adam telling a fan who used to watch him on G4TV to eat shit.

Also I’m fine with this season of Game of Thrones and The Last Jedi is an entertaining 150 minutes. I’m going back to Dostoyevsky now. #OldManOut


—Adam confirming he likes the worst Star Wars movie.

So sorry you spent your time watching and not learning a fucking thing. Happy as all get out to disappoint you and your nasty, ilk. Go hump a flag.


—Adam telling another G4TV fan who used to watch him back in his high school days to fuck off.

All so white people can get a boner watching brown families get ripped apart. This country and many of its inhabitants continues to disgust me.


—Adam Sessler on ICE confirming a reporter.

Quotes Against Sessler[edit]


What a miserable human you are. Every day I pray that I don't end up like you when I'm old. What's the purpose of even going outside, or doing anything, when your this disgustingly wretched. Dude probably yells at customer service reps too. I'm very sorry.


—Tom Hilttz

Why would you take that tone with someone who regardless of their viewpoint was totally courteous, just because they have a different opinion. Especially as a large public figure. Do you want to convince people or echo with your base?



I'm a California born lefty bro, relax. I use to watch you when I was 12 jesus fucking christ go be "fed up" I guess, I use to talk like that to other human beings when I was 12 too.


—Maxwell again

Yo my guy, chill. People want a conversation, not you coming at them for having different opinions. Being angry is fine but lashing out at others just makes you look like an asshole. 🤷‍♂️



Asspatting Quotes on Sessler[edit]


Like clockwork, while we were out loudly swearing and having drinks with Adam Sessler, we got a call that a friend-of-a-friend had a Skype account compromised and it had been sending out awful messages.


—Adam's druglord Zoe Quinn and her Crash Override Network book, getting drunk with Adam Drunkler.

Seeing people tell you to calm down is always funny. Stay angry, my man


—@QuicksandBuddy, he/him

Adam Sessler's Encyclopedia Dramatica scores...[edit]

Thanks for the memories Adam. You may now continue to your co-founder career get more aids from sucking cocks and snorting cocaine to death. You will not be missed. No, really. You literally won't be missed. Your random Twitter followers will forget you, your Antifa allies will think of you as a useless comrade, your former G4TV hosts has better lives than yours, your former G4TV fans who you blocked and shit on will spit on your bloated cocaine-overdosed corpse, and your beloved druglord Zoe Quinn who you white knight so much will be too busy fucking other guys for new careers while you get cucked like all her good little orbiters.

You will rest in piss.

The not-so drug overdosed G4TV Adam Sessler everybody remembers back in the day, however, will be missed. He will be remembered, and he will rest in peace.

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