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Holy has-been, Batman!

Adam West was a mediocre actor with a talent that rivaled the bottom half of what you can find on YouTube and is only of any relevance and getting this page because he died 9 June 2017.

Adam West was probably best known for that piece of shit Batman series from the 60's that he spent half of his life whining about, saying that it ruined his career. It wasn't until nostalgia fags like Seth McFarlane and Butch Hartman started to hire him to appear as a joke in shows, making fun of his laughable Batman character the he, like most drama whores quickly reversed his stance and accepted it because there was money involved.

Adam מערבה[edit]

Some people might remember, if passingly, that he liked to talk about Jewish wieners as the voice of Kosher hotdog brand Hebrew Nationals.

His greatest contribution to mankind was serving as an example for sites like Stormfront that Jews can be racists too because he refused to kiss Eartha Kitt playing Catwoman for no other reason than she was black.


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