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Adnan Oktar

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Adnana Oktar, who looks oddly like a James Bond villian.

Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya aka cocksucker) is a batshit insane, anti-Zionist, Turkish, Muslim Creationist. He believes that Evolution is a lie created by Freemasons in an evil conspiracy to destroy human morals and religion. He also believes in an odd combination of Turanism and Pan-Islamism in which Turkey in the center of an empire. Oktar attempts to spread his ideas through books and the Internet. Oktar also suffers from bad case of Unwarranted Self-Importance and wears a suit and sometimes sunglasses in all of his photos.

Yahya is known for having a harem of children (which includes boys too). During his trial in 1992 his justification was being mentally deranged. His defence was accepted and he spent the 90s in mental hospital.

Yet there are many muslims that accept Yahya's words as fact. Such as: Yiğit Bulut, Oktar Babuna and Cihat Gündoğdu. Some of them call themselves muslim scientists.

Role in Internet Censorship

Yahya is responsible for banned websites in Turkey, such as: youtube, vimeo,, ek$isozluk, ED, 4chan and so on.


Oktar claims to be anti-materialistic. He believes that one's love of worldly possessions conflict with one's spirituality. He claims that materialism destroys one's spirituality and humanity. Materialism is also one of the many sources for war, such nations tend to fight for wealth, resources, and land (eg. oil). Despite this, Oktar is against Buddhism. Buddhists can be described as the less materialistic people on the world. They don't own anything, they don't desire wealth, and they wear only robes. Oktar, on the other hand, has a lot of money and wears fancy clothes and jewelry.


Oktar also believes that Freemasons control the world and the development of society. Oktar claims that the Masons are attempting to spread the concept of materialism. Of course, Oktar doesn't realize that an underground conspiracy isn't necessary to spread materialism. Materialism and greed exists since the start of Human history. People naturally seek wealth (sometimes at the expense of spirituality). Simply put, a person would most likely want to become a successful businessperson than a priest.

Oktar also believes that the Knights Templar were a part of a conspiracy. According to Oktar, the Knights Templar's main priority was to acquire wealth rather than protecting Christian pilgrims. Eventually, the Knights Templar became even better at banking than the Jews, and the Knights became the wealthiest group in Europe. Since the Knights Templar were the best bankers around, everyone, including European monarchs, took loans from the order. Eventually, the Europeans monarchs become so much indebted to the Knights Templar that they were afraid that the order would use the debt in order to hold their kingdoms hostage. Thinking in a similar manner as Oktar (and all Templar conspiracy-theorists in general), the monarchs began to believe that the Templars were up to no good, so they betrayed and killed them. Oktar also accuses the Templars of homosexuality and being Satanists.

He also accuses the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, as the successors of the Knights Templar, for crimes. Despite the fact that each Freemason hopeful must state that they believe in a single divine entity that guides that world, Oktar believes that the Freemasons are actually Occultists. Oktar claims that Freemasons and the Illuminati engineered for the French Revolution, which they used as a catalyst for vast world change and for obtaining vengeance against the French monarchs who killed hundreds of Templars. Oktar apparently believes that From Hell (the film) is fact rather than fiction, and he believes that Jack the Ripper was a Freemason.

Influence on Dance

Oktar is known for inventing the "Yo! Im standing in a bus lol!1" move. Ironically the movement can only be done while sitting.

Bitches love buses. U MAD???

Proof the Site owner is Batshit insane

Adnan Oktar in a mental hospital.
Adnan Oktar during his trial.

His Site:

Darwinism-watch is a site which makes youtube creationists look logical and rational by comparison. Part of the reason it is so retarded is because the creator of the site, Adnan Oktar Agustos (who, by the way, looks a lot like a fucking Bond Villain) is a strange mutation of double-lolcow, being both a creationist and a raghead.

Not only is Oktar is a Creationist, he believes that evolution and intelligent design in be false theories created by Freemasons in order to weaken faith. If you been on forums, they've heard every argument for or against evolution, but Oktar's techniques in "disproving" evolution are bizarre. He believes that his extremely large picturebook (The Atlas of Creation) disproves evolutions by comparing fossils to present-day animals and saying that they hasn't changed since "creation". This, along with his conspiracy theories, are really the only explanation he has for his beliefs.

One also has to ask why a site which hates evolution so much decorates its banner with images of Charles Darwin and fossils.


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