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Adria Richards MIA.gif Adria Richards unfortunately is no longer missing. You can help by making sure that she crawls back into her mother's cunt.
Adria Richards = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

4chan reacts.
The oppressors

Militant feminist Adria Richards is an afro-american tech blogger of Semitic descent, who, some time last Thursday, caused a shit storm on the internet over a dick joke, resulting in termination from her job.

In March 2013 some cool dudes were chatting among themselves at a Python conference, apparently seated behind Ms. Richards, when suddenly the unthinkable happened: an innuendo made in passing using the word "dongle" floated outside of the conversation and into the ears of our poor victim. She was basically raped by the words and had to frantically claw for help, from anywhere, so she did the only thing she could. Instead of turning around and giving them a raised eyebrow, or even saying anything to them, she took a picture of her oppressors and without hesitation tweeted it to the conference organizers claiming that it violated her rights as a girl on the internet. The two men were escorted out, and [1] Archive today-ico.png one of the dudes actually got fired.

Upon hearing this, Reddit immediately ceased jerking off to My Little Pony, put on their battle-fedoras, and hit Adria with their best lines about misandry. /b/ decided to actually do more than whine and commenced standard operating procedures. Within 48 hours, [2] Archive today-ico.png Adria was fired. GG

like Popeye, I couldn’t “stands it no more” because of what happened.


Adria Richards

Adria's defense is that unless her oppressors were publicly shamed for having a juvenile sense of humor, dick and fart jokes would continue and no girl would ever want to be a programmer again because those things are gross and girls need special treatment when it comes to public speech and never themselves make men uncomfortable with sexual jokes or fart. The unintended consequences of such hypersensitivity is of course a backlash from the lonely virgins that are predominant in the tech industry in the first place for the very reason Adria would like to shame them: they are socially retarded.

After remaining silent for over 9000 minutes (a record among feminists), Adria finally emerged from her hole to once again save wymynkynd from being ear-raped by two guys telling a tit joke (and in front of a 9-year-old-girl no less).

Today the developer community at @TechCrunch #hackdisrupt spoke up. How do we interrupt real-time sexism? With allies


Some dumb cunt

The Internet remains unamused. Standard operating procedures apply.


Feminist reaction.

The entire clusterfuck resulted in a number of conclusions from the internet:

Concurrently, the internet was expressing concern regarding rape culture cushioning the Steubenville rapists (see OpRollRedRoll), so there was much stagnant outrage left over from the news cycle to spill over into this issue. It's a little known fact that the glorification of violence and chauvinism present in high-school football culture is also present within computer club meetings, and failing to acknowledge this makes you a sexist deserving of castration.

Adria finally getting some action
Richards receiving a big dongle


I am living proof you can survive doxxing by trolls, hate groups and randomly bored people who treat you like a video game




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