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Akaichou is a woman(?) of many talents. Actually just two: being a drama whore, and making shitty AMVs, mostly of Fatal Frame (a Silent Hill ripoff featuring two little girls and ghosts with retarded names). She's another whiny Wapanese with a retarded Jap screenname that happens to be the title for the Japanese version of Fatal Frame 2. Creative, much? I didn't think so either.

Jewtube Celebrity[edit]

After receiving over 9000 comments like these, it's no wonder why criticism is regarded as a "flame".

Or at least that's what some retarded fan of her's called her. Akaichou spends countless hours making shitty AMV's, mostly Fatal Frame clips set to ballads from Gackt. Needless to say, her work is pretty much made of fail. When somebody makes a negative comment (NOT a flame, mind you) on her AMV, she will freak out, have her friends flame the reviewer, block the reviewer, and then delete the AMV. I am not making it up.

Normally I would provide the AMV, but since it's removed, that would be impossible. Instead, here's what was said:

Reviewer: No offense, but that song didn't go with those clips. At all.

Akaichou's fantard: Check your own videos before you make such an assumption.

Shortly after receiving that comment, Akaichou sent the reviewer a PM, where this happened:

Akaichou: Okay, would you like to elaborate on your earlier comment? /no offense, but that song didn't go with those clips. At all. / Yeah, that one? Because I'd like to know where our i Okay, would you like to elaborate on your earlier comment?

Reviewer: Do I really need to? It's kind of self explanitory. The song didn't flow well with the scenes at all.

Akaichou: Yes, it would be very helpful if you would explain more. Did you not like the way that the lyrics fit? Was it a tempo problem? Why was it that it "didn't flow well"? Theme issues?

Reviewer: It didn't flow. At all. The song didn't seem right for Fatal Frame, and it made the movie boring. It was too slow at some points, at other points Gackt sang too high and made the scenes too awkward, his voice in general made the video awkward, and the guitar at the beginning was tampered with and ran way too long. Believe me, at one point I actually WANTED Gackt to start singing so the AMV would go somewhere. But then when it did, it was a trainwreck. But since I'm so nice, I just left it as "music didn't flow with the video at all, sorry". But apparentally that's too much for some people *points at the response to my statement in your comments*


(Referring to Mr. Assumptions, of course.)

Akaichou: Okay, I think we can agree to disagree over the first part of your comment. It's one of my older pieces, so I'll admit that there are some very clear flaws in it that would be fixed if I were to do it today. The song choice was a request by a friend, but her tastes and yours are bound to differ, and I can accept that. In fact, I think you made some very good points with your criticism, and I'll keep those in mind in the future. /But since I'm so nice, I just left it as "music didn't flow with the video at all, sorry". But apparentally that's too much for some people *points at the response to my statement in your comments*/ ...but come on. Since you're /so nice/? Call me selfish, but I'd rather have someone jump to my defense than sandwich a harsh review between "no offense..." and "...sorry."

Reviewer: Jump to your defense? Because my comment was so threatening that you needed to be defended. Grow a backbone.

Butthurt Akaichou: Grow a backbone? Because you're so scary and grown up that I have to take /your/ advice? Fuck off. Yeah, you act like you're doing me some huge favor, but you're really not. I can take a little concrit, and I can take a tongue-lashing. But I don't HAVE to. Bitches like you are what the block button is for. Bye-bye now!

It does not forgive.

Because as we all know, telling someone to grow a backbone is such a horrible offense. Someone certainly got their panties in a bunch. Shortly after the PM flamewar and the reviewer being blocked, another member found the AMV and left another comment about how the lyrics didn't fit and that she should learn how to take criticism. The AMV was removed shortly afterward because Akaichou is a butthurt bitch.

When she realizes what a dumbfuck she's been, she resorts to ass-kissing, as if that's going to get her anywhere.

Shortly after discovering this article, she pretended not to be butthurt and posted a bulletin on her Jewtube:


The capitalization of words that aren't proper nouns probably indicates that she's associated with GoddessMillenia. Further proof that she is made of fail.


Because Akaichou is serious fucking business, she's followed by fantards who leave some very lulzy comments on her Jewtube. One of them being this:

Hey how are you? I've said this before but I love your vids that fatal frame/wasteland vid is my favorite vid on youtube your kind of a celeberity to me.



Like all Fatal Frame fans, Akaichou is an Evanescence fan, using Amy Lee's shit vocals over the game cutscenes and raping the game more then she already has. She has done this at least five times, all of which have been taken down after being posted in this article.

Christ, it's no wonder why she fails at life. Hopefully if she listens to more Evanescence and more people decide to tell her how much her AMV's suck, she'll eventually self-pwn and become an hero.

Things she <3's[edit]

ATTENTION: The fact that she <3's Fight Club is undeniable proof that she is a faggot.

Beyond the Camera's Lens[edit]

I'm not sure which is worse: her AMV's or this sig.

As if she couldn't make herself look like more of a lol-cow, she became a minor Internet Celebrity on the haven of Fatal Frame fucktards known as the "Beyond the Camera's Lens" forum. Mind you, this is the same forum run by a woman who banned a member for telling her "if you keep talking to me, you will eventually cure me of insomnia". Her "friends" and "fans" on this forum are all 16 year old Wapanese girls with a serious case of androgyny who talk about such terrifying and mature subjects such as The Ring. Plus they all have retarded screennames such as Mikuyunatiriu.

Apparentally she's narcissistic about her [AMV] since she has time to post whore them all over this shit forum whenever an AMV contest is brought up, as you can see here.

Her LJ[edit]


Like most LJ users, Akaichou is no stranger to being a whiny emo bitch. Most of her entries consists of "My mom called me a cutter with emotional issues! I'm going to the moon now!" Judging by entry, she plans on quitting LJ forever. Other times she rants and raves about how cute baby geese are. What the fuck.

And then when she's convinced that she hasn't made herself look like even more of a raving fucktard, she writes something like this.

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