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The subject of this article is a virgin with rage.

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This page is about an attempted an hero.
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Alek Minassian
Born November 3, 1992
Nationality Soviet Canuck Canada flag.gif
Highscore Killed 10

Injured 13

Style Single Player / Truck of Peace
An Hero No (arrested)
Rank 43rd Place :(

Alek MinassianFedora icon.png is an Armenian-Canadian best known worldwide as the present high-score holder for Canadian usage Grand-Theft-Auto, when on April 23rd, 2018, he utilized the well-proven truck of peace to relieve 10 unfortunate canucks of their lives. Like other national treasures such as Luka Magnotta, Marc Lepine, and Justin Trudeau, Alek Minassian sought to improve his life, and ideally end it, through bloodshed and notoriety. Unforunately for him, as a certified autist, he couldn't even get the police to shoot him, thus finding himself cucked for the umpteenth time.

Ladies, he's going to be single for a long time.


Minassian was born in Toronto, Canada, and was educated at Thornlea Secondary School. He was described as fidgety and socially awkward, symptoms that in retrospect clearly indicated autism. He was so lonely that he even sometimes hugged himself and made strange noises. An interview with his mother, Sona Minassian, suggested that he suffered from aspergers syndrome. Minassian was described as proficient with computers, and created an Android app to locate parking spaces in Toronto. At the time of his attack, Minassian had just graduated from Seneca College, a local post secondary intuition.

Incel Rebellion[edit]

Virgin Cucks vs Chad Terrorist?

On April 23rd, 2018, the bucolic nation of Canada was knocked into action by a 2.3 ton white moving van, hurtling down a pedestrian kerb at highway speeds. Eyewitnesses reported flying bodies, smushed canucks, and the wails of wives and children, as Alek deftly manuevered his vehicle through crowds. After 20 minutes of grand theft auto re-enactment, the vehicle hit a bollard, and Minassian stepped out, only to be confronted by police. 10 people were killed, and an additional 14 were injured.

Supreme Gentlemenry[edit]

At first, the Old Media was convinced itself that this was yet another case of mental illness, then as possibly revenge for the Armenian genocide, or possibly the innate violence of autists manifested in truck format. Meanwhile, the retards top minds on reddit and pol convinced themselves that the religion of peace was once again the culprit. The truth turned out to be far purer, far more elegant - it was to be the start of the incel uprising. In an ill-advised post to Facebook, Alek Minassian promised to overthrow the Chads and the Stacies, and praised the Supreme Gentleman himself - conveniently neglecting to note that without thots, he would never get laid.

Needless to say, the feminists lost their shit, and a torrent of vitriol flowed from the old media on the dangers of toxic masculinity and autistics.

An Hero Fail[edit]

Originally, Alek Minassian tried to kill himself. When that didn't work, he tried to get the police to kill him, by pointing a "gun" at the police, and demanding that he be shot. Unfortunately, it turns out the Police are the real Chads, and Minassian really was just another virgin, and he was promptly cucked when the police arrested him without firing a single shot. As a result of this oversight, he can look now forward to conviction, then detainment and anal rape, for so long as it pleases Her Majesty. Fail.

High Score[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 10/20 (14 injured)
Accuracy: 8/20 Not bad accuracy wise
Style: 20/20 Most effective use of Grand Theft Auto in Canada
Butthurt: 20/20 Feminists in an outrage; the Prime Minister personally bawled on twitter
Bonus: 20/20 Beta Uprising copycat, trolled feminazis, etc.
Total Score: 78/100 (C)
Armenian Genocides You
See full ranking

Wanted Level

Police Force

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