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Alix Henriol = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Note the "I haven't bathed in months" style dreadlocks

YouTube Favicon.png alixhenriol, self-titled "Sonic's Wife", is a 23 year old French bitch with about half a high school diploma and no job who lives amidst her own feces in her parent's attic. She is most famous for her complete obsession and devotion for a fictional character, in this case Sonic the Hedgehog. As if this wasn't enough, that cunt is also known for her extreme narcissism, borderline personality disorder and unflinching greed.

Sonic Passion[edit]

Like OMG I have breasts, give me money

That cunt seems to have the mistaken idea that the world actually gives a shit about her utterly meaningless existence and constantly endeavors to garner attention (good or bad) for herself by ANY means necessary. But things weren't always like this, there was a time, long ago, when that cunt was simply a deluded interonaut with an extremely creepy obsession for a non-existent woodland mammal.

I want him to trample me, I want him to vomit in my mouth, I want him to piss shit and snot in my mouth, I want put my tongue in his ass and all!!!!!! I would let him kill me!!I would hang myself for him!Cuz i get insane so he is beautyfull.


—Clearly the thoughts of a sane and rational being.

That cunt began her proselytizing of the "toonophile religion" in the Sonic Passion forums, for which she was (and still is) administrator. She gained the reputation as being a little too devout and obsessed with this particular character, even amongst her fellow forumites. That's right, people who can honestly sit here and say that they want to be legally married to a fictional character think that she's too obsessed. This may have something to do with the fact that her site seemed to be nothing but an immense circle jerk between herself and the few other sad sad people who visited the site. Or perhaps it was her continued, almost desperate, insistence that she would die for Sonic in all sorts of disturbing ways. Regardless of the cause she soon began to drive away any but the most hardened of fans while also building herself somewhat of a fan base (which numbers somewhere between 0 and 7).

Currently Sonic Passion is a pay site and requires the investment of something like 50 bucks in order to be privy to that cunt's sexual delusions. It seems to have become less about Sonic and more about a tight cluster of very lonely men jacking off to the thought of that cunt masturbating with her Sonic dildos.


That cunt's fame started back in June 26th 2005, when starring in the online article "Sonic Passion a case study on idiots". Since the article was created, that cunt craves the attention that it has naturally attracted. Craving attention means doing anything to get people to care about her, no matter what--whether it's a lap dance or a crazy rant, if you got the money, she'll give it to you. So now, she makes tons of sites about herself, takes sexy pictures, and makes everybody worship her worm infested cunt. She believes that people admire her or are jealous of her (or BOTH), everybody loves her, and soon she will be rich and famous. She doesn't seem to realize that people are laughing AT her, not WITH her.

If you have a beautiful face you don't need to show your body to draw the attention.


—Yes, cunt. That's why you take so many pictures of yourself almost nude.

Narcissistic personality disorder[edit]

I'm a celebrity, buy a clock with my face on it!!!

Self-proclaimed Princess Queen Goddess Alix has an ego the size of Asia and firmly wants to become a billionaire since she considers herself deserving of all the money and attention of the world. She takes each one of her negative publicities as a compliment and her ego grows with whatever attention she receives, good or bad. If you were to visit her official website you could even notice that she's saved the wholeness of her deleted Youtube hater's videos, which she is now archiving as real trophies.

I remember when I was just a little child, people would always ask me "what do you want to be when you're grown up?" and I would always answer "I want to be a billionaire! And a superstar!"


—And there she is, doing the complete opposite of her original intentions

Her minions[edit]

Typical toonophile

The people who are willing to pay to enter Sonic Passion are, of course, batshit crazy. They are the people who seriously want to have babies with Eggman, Mario and Tetris blocks. They are willing to defend that cunt's reputation no matter what, even in the face of undeniable proof of her greed, attention whoring, and general bitchness. One of her biggest fans is a man known as PaulandAmy, a sonic fag in his twenties and still having sexual fantasies about a prepubescent hedgehog. Also notable, is that Alix Hernriol has a fanpage on Facebook, where people talk about their feelings towards her and answer questions she asks. Be sure to visit there and link them to this educational page that shows how they can better the world around them.


It has been debated whether that cunt is really a nutcase, or is just starving for attention. The way she gets naked so easily and begs for money points to her just being an attention whore. Once upon a time, years ago, she loved Sonic (or at least that's what she claimed). But now, she just wants your attention and money --she wants to be a somebody, to be famous. A few years from now, she'll be a crackwhore, still dreaming of becoming a movie star and/or a magazine cover whore.

Attention is money and money is attention.


—That cunt

I am separating from Sonic Passion. I am not going to go into details but I definitely will never post any shocking content of any sort on the internet anymore, including on Sonic Passion. You are of course still welcome to purchase as many accounts as you like at Sonic Passion, but it will only be to see archives. My contents are not going to be renewed, my contribution to Sonic Passion is now discontinued. My involvement is terminated.


—That cunt

Please, try to understand, I do not want to be known as the furry queen and only the furry queen all my life. So many people would never grow out of that...I want to become so more than that. I am grateful for all the blessings and opportunities God has granted me in life, but I think he does have even bigger plans for me. My life is all about heaving myself up higer and higher.


—That cunt isn't the furry queen anymore.

I was truly attracted to Sonic. But this was untill I found out that he was voiced by a human. I was attracted to virtual reality because I thought it was a completely synthetic environement. Because I had this craving for artificial, for perfection...And I've grown up persuaded that game characters had computer generated voices. When I found out this was not true (around 2005 I think) it's been a terrible trauma in my life, and I've started to lose interest...Yes I loved Sonic as long as he fed my megalomania by being a completely synthetic and unnatural creature. But when I found out he wasn't the way I imagined he was, my interest for him's started dying. He definitely didn't live up to my expectations. So I've even closed Sonic Passion. Then more and more disapointments began to come, untill the day I really did not give a fuck about Sonic anymore. Only it was too late. Articles about me and my site (Sonic Passion) had been made online. My popularity was increasing so I couldn't go back. I did not want people to lose interest in me, so I kept on pretending I loved Sonic, just to stay in the "spotlight". Sonic was the only reason I was talked about so I had to pretend I still loved him.


—The attention whore.

Robophile quotes[edit]

Roobo/toonophilia is a relegion to all the robotoonophiles out there and ME! I have many friends who support me for my religion and even my family. Most important of all, if you are in a work place where I work, I will personally see the manager of the department you work in, or if you are the boss, I will sue! I take my love for Amy 100% seriously and my feelings for her are pure! This is not a threat, it's as is! I will not give chances, I will take immediate action!


—Toonophile Paul Rhodes. If you tell him Amy is fictional,he'll sue you. His wife is his religion.

the first time I saw Sonic it was in Green Hill and well...Oh my God, I can't even put it into words, I can't even describe how I felt the first time I saw Sonic, it was crazy, yeah it was just crazy, it's the only word I can think of right now. To me it felt like the earth had stopped spinning, it felt like the time had frozen. When I look back I think it was just magic. I was just stunned, I must have stared at him, jaw-dropped for at least 15 minutes, maybe more, I lost all notion of time anyway. There was no love involved, how can you love someone you don't even know anyway? No, it was a physical attraction, it was just kind of "I want you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul". I was just attracted to his physique, it was like lusting after a super-natural creature.


—That cunt

Sonic does speak a little french that I taught him but he's not fluent. We mostly speak English when he's at home. But yeah, I am the kind of wife who likes to play the teacher. When I met him, he didn't know a single french word. We've started by the colours because I thought it was something I could inculcate him easily. Then he'd point at his eyes and say "vert!", and I'd say "Yes, vert, c'est bien!". I love to cook him some food and I want him to tell me everything there is in his plate. He says "poisson" for fish. "Poulet" for chicken. "Riz" for rice. But his wife is still his wife, he doesn't say "ma femme" when referring to me.


—That cunt is teaching a fictional character her language

we preferre video games to humans, because we feel we belong.

I tried dating a guy once, it didn't work out...the guy was too clingy, and he STILL wants me to reconsider going out with him. Life with humans doesn't work for us...Our electronic identities are our lives.We feel we don't belong with this plauge of a species.


—Shadow Fox

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