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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Alyallie, Also known as Alylovesjoel, Alicewills2, Lisawills2, The-Limota-Twins, Alice, Stars, Livi, Alyssa, or StarsNeverStop is a deviantART/Youtube user that uses MikuMikuDance and UTAU. MikuMikuDance (MMD for short) is a program used primarily to animate Vocaloid models. UTAU is a freeware version of Vocaloid in which anyone can make their own voicebank. She's considered to be one of the most disrespected members of the western MikuMikuDance community, and was flamed for making models out of other models that was never meant to be edited in the first place.



Back in 2012 when all this childish shit happened, Alyallie had been into PMD (the program used to edit models for MMD) for two months.

A tartlet called Arkenidae made a model of KEI's Kitty'er and asked no one to edit it. Alyallie, however, decided that that didn't apply to her and downloaded this model and edited it. Arkenidae eventually found out about the edit and asked her to take down the download. Aly, being the spoiled whore she is, refused to take down the download. Aly proceeded to call Arkenidae a bitch and blocked her. She told all of her watchers in a journal to tell her that Alyallie should take down the download link. However, Alyallie started to bitch against both Arkenidae and her watchers, which made them even more mad. Eventually Alyallie took down the deviation, but the ruckus didn’t stop after that.
We're all so mean!

She had even more edited models in her gallery, and people started to react on these deviations too. She even had a pitchloid as one of her videos (see below) calling it her own UTAU while it was just a pitched up existing vocaloid called SeeU.

Alyallie then created a journal in which she got angry at everyone and called anyone who hated her a bitch, but after a while she changed the journal to an apology journal. Another deviantART user replied saying she was pissed off by the fact that she changed the journal. She tried to convince Aly that she should apologize to the ones that she insulted, and should forgive and forget. However, Alyallie ignored everything and continued doing what she liked to do the most.

A bit later some screenshots popped up with comments of people that said that she should stop with the innocence act, because she obviously is not. She even told a user that (s)he was a puppet and was one of the people being controlled by several MMD Tumblrs. However, she told her that she wasn’t, and after that she told him or her again that that user was a puppet. All of the comments that were followed by it were either marked as spam or were hidden by the owner. The user was blocked after commenting.

What’s even funnier; she made a tumblr account that had a similar name to her youtube acount, and sent the blog MMDerproblems a message, trying to defend her.

you guy…calm down please… i mean the person took down the images and the youtube video…

And guys, stop saying she has not talent because there are a lot of models that are actually pretty good she’s made 100% on her own, and she has only been using MMD for 6 months and PMD for 2 months She isn’t aware of all the rules you guys…. so please stop harassing he calling her a bitch and such Yes i know she gets set off, but you’re insulting her instead of telling her NICELY what she had done wrong… And i’m pretty sure you guys dont like it when you get bullied, so why bully someone else? Really? How would you feel if a bunch of MMD users that have been on MMD for YEARS started calling your work awful and insulted your work? How would you feel? I’m pretty sure you’d at least be a LITTLE upset… All i’m asking is for you guys to just calm down and stop insulting someone’s work



However, no one fell for her shit. She deleted her tumblr after that.
I'm not Alyallie, that's why all I do is defend her!

After several people reporting this deviant for harassing people and for her overall stupidity, this user finally got the banhammer. However, she kept on rearing her fat, grotesque head on new DeviantART accounts, like The-Limota-Twins and Alylovesjoel. According to the deviantART FAQ, this was against the rules and so she got reported again, but this time not only for avoiding her ban. A submission on one of the MMD Tumblrs showed that Alyallie decided to have hot steamy online sex with her boyfriend in the DeviantART comments before she got banned. This was also against the rules, and thus her other accounts got banned too.

I'm not the Aly that was IP banned, you guys! I don't know who that is!
She has recently come back under the name "mmdmodelmakeraly" and created another account, "mmdprincessmaker" who is just Aly pretending that she is someone else defending Aly.

On May 20, 2012, MMDPrincessMaker deleted her entire gallery and posted a journal claiming she was closing her account. Whether or not she'll actually stop logging in remains to be seen.
MMD Tumblrs play a rather large role in the Alyallie saga. They have spread the word of her doings, and call her out on shit.
Illegally trading models as MMDPrincessMaker

During these events, a big group of MMD users on deviantART didn't trust any MMD user that has Aly or Alice in their username or their real name. People still believed she was creating accounts to avoid her ban, and were still tracking her down.

It's amazing how much of a dumb cunt Aly is.

Alyallie in Recent Years

This bitch is, believe it or not, STILL active today! Now that she is 18 and out of high school she seems to believe that she has a newfound maturity, but that is obviously a load of bullshit. Aly's behavior since her days in the MMD community has not changed much. The profanity's toned down some, but she is a huge smart ass now. Not to mention she thinks she's a princess now. Jesus Christ, someone needs to slap this bitch.

Aly has an UTAU named Trina Wylington, a "werepup" according to Aly. Trina is a blinding yet pastel blue color and her voice is loud, obnoxious, badly pronounced. Aly has publicly admitted that she doesn't come up with designs, she just throws a bunch of MMD parts she thinks are cute together. GREAT OC making skills.

Back in the first half of 2014, she pissed off a considerable chunk of the UTAU fandom by just generally being a bitch to everyone. She also lied about her identity on the DeviantART page she was using at the time. Instead of using her name and age, Alyssa Wills and 18 years, she used her sister's, Livanna Wills (This caused people to call Aly the nickname Livi for a while.)and 15 years. She even made her poor little sister hold up a piece of paper for the camera that insisted: "My name is Livanna Wills. I AM StarsNeverStop!" She did this because Piichimi told a bunch of people that Livanna isn't her real identity, so people were becoming suspicious of Aly. Not to mention that her sister, the real Livanna, wasn't even 15, she was 12. Why would you steal your little sister's identity online, you fucking scumbag?

In early June 2014 she ended up getting into a full out fight with a Deviantart user named Piichimi. They were originally close friends, and Piichimi was the only one who knew that Aly lied about her identity. The fight started because Piichimi threatened to tell everyone that Aly was lying about her identity and that she was not actually Livi. Aly, of course, acted like a spoiled brat and made death threats and such. They both had their own little sides and a couple defenders each. Our dear Aly had about 4-5 white knights defending her during all of this. Piichimi wrote a summary of all of Aly's bullshit in a DeviantART journal, and people began to report Aly.

The summary mentioned previously could potentially sum up Alyallie's entire history on the internet. Seriously. She still does all of these things Piichimi listed in this journal today, just more privately and a bit toned down now. The Holy Bible of Alyallie's internet history

In late 2015 Stars, after saying she wasn't coming back in the UTAU community, went against it and came back. Starting by kissing up to utau users, and joining UTAU forums. After being told she could now "sell" her bank after it became a minor trend in the community. She then decided to sell her shitty utau after getting a Yeti microphone. Even though she has failed to use it right and even admitted so. She also admitted to editing her voicebanks by pitching them up and fails to even get a grasp of any of the programs she's been using. After deciding to sell her shit bank, Stars then decided to raise money to turn her UTAU into A Cevio singer with the money she thinks she can get from Trina. After being told making a Cevio costs more by someone who was realistically thinking, she then decided to make Trina into a VOCALOID because it is "her dream"

After receiving a lot of negative feedback and dislikes, (which she still calls trolls and admitted to liking her own videos from different accounts to "balance" out likes so potential buyers would not think they are being scammed by buying a poorly made bank) Stars claiming that she is not scamming a user on a forum proceeded to tell Stars that balancing out her likes by liking her own video on multiple accounts is technically scamming due to the false likes and interest, to which Stars then said "..It's not scamming" After being told by many in the community that her "dreams" where an unrealistic goal she set for herself overnight because she wants to be famous. She then continued to portray herself as the victim and accusing everyone of ruining her "dreams" after receiving one hate comment and multiple constructive criticism comment She went out of her way to play the victim yet again and say " So i've been attempting to be nicer, but being nice to people doesn't seem to change the way they treat me. So i'm just done

At first everyone saw that she was selling her utau, and immediately thought "what the fuck is this shit? nobody asked for it? is she a tard?"

As of May 11th, 2016, Aly has uploaded a video she calls "Dislikes", once again addressing the sensible people that are her haters. She claims that if she listens to the dislikers then "they win, don't they?" Sorry, we won long ago. She also claims that her dislikers tell her that "she sucks without giving real feedback". Please keep in mind that this is the same person who EVERYONE has at some point tried to help but she takes every critique as a personal attack and has not improved over her what, four years in the UTAU fandom? She still doesn't learn how to mix or oto or even voice for that matter, even if she calls herself "just a voicer". The resident bitch has no defense for her dislikes, they're there because she's shit and her videos are shit.

StarsFinallyStops (2016)

On May 23rd, 2016, Stars is leaving the fandom YET AGAIN! After a Twitter fight with another UTAU user, Stars has decided once again to leave the UTAU community, deactivating her accounts as well.

After calling this user out on Twitter, she made transphobic remarks towards the user and later tried to justify her transphobic actions. She also was met by a hefty response from many other users who demanded she own up to her actions. Stars also accused this user of harassment, stalking, and cyberbullying even though she was the one to initiate the fight by posting about this user by name on 4 of her different social media accounts. Oh, the irony. Stars blocked many of the users that tried to help attack her as well.

Later that day, Stars claims that she will no longer be publicly releasing the demon spawn voicebank known as Trina "HQ". She said she'd only be releasing the voicebanks and putting out content for her "friends". What friends? Even later, she posted this status on her Utaforum page. "Leaving for good. I can't handle the community anymore." Bye bitch, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Stars/Alyssa Admits that she visits this dramatica and has even linked it on numerous occassions. Because of this, on behalf of the MMD community, the VOCALOID community and the UTAU community we have a message for you-

You, are not special. You are not a princess, and you are not perfect. You are a brat you don't have any of the medical conditions that you keep lying about and you don't have anything wrong with you other than the fact that you need to grow up You may not get this now, or ever for that matter. But if there's any hope of it. Here is our message.

Grow up. No one attacks you, it's called talking and having different opinions. Stop living in your Disney Fantasy, your Anime Fantasy and just your Psyco Fantasy. You're not anything close to a princess. You're a selfish, dramatic and unlikable human being who consistantly messes with everyone's life. Stop creating drama and stop acting like a helpless child but at the same time "being the better person"

You think you're talented, but you're not. You can't sing, you certainly can't dance, you can't use UTAU or mix for your life, you cant make video content and music content. And the sad thing is, you could have been great at any of those things. But you choose to believe you're amazing because that's all you want to hear.


- Love, everyone

Below are screenshots of her tweets that she deleted off her Twitter like a pussy. (Will be updated later)

Starstweet1.png Starstweet2.png

Hopefully, the bitch won't return to the fandom, but let's be real, she's gonna just come back under a different name anyway. StarsFinallyStopped!

Goddamnit, StarsNeverDies

After the Twitter drama, StarsNeedsToStop lied low for about a month and came back like we were all expecting. She now runs a Facebook page called Colorize My World, where she writes shitty Yandere fanfics about her UTAUs. She also started another Youtube with more Trina WHYlington content.

Stars Just Stop

After posting a status claiming to be leaving the site UtaForum, many people were so happy as we all can see here.
Bye felicia, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

But then! As we all had expected again, she came back to Utaforum! Claiming that her "stalker" put her in the hospital and unfortunately she fucked up by saying that because she claimed she was in a regular hospital, for mental purposes, when during this time, she had been posting on social media, now we aren't rocket scientists, but, the reasons she claimed she was in the hospital were for thoughts of self harm and hurting others, now..for reasons like that: 1. You do not stay in a regular hospital, you are immediately transported to the nearest open mental hospital 2. You are not allowed to use any electronic devices, let alone social media 3. It's very hard to sneak in anything considering they search you, nude 4. How do you mix a cover on your phone?

All of these facts are things that contribute to her lies.

And now that she is back on UF, she has begun harassing her "stalker", openly posting about him being her stalker, talking about it in the chatbox, but what Stars doesn't know is that *drum roll* IT'S MORE THAN ONE PERSON CONTRIBUTING TO THIS PAGE *OH WOW!* Don't get to full of yourself honey, you ain't that important to gain a stalker.

Video Collection

The fish eyed ramen noodle haired slut is back
Soon you'll have to buy her shitty banks with money
"u wid awekkkk"
Oh boo fucking hoo your boyfriend opened his eyes and dumped your ass
Oh mai gawdz plz stop disleiking my vids!!! dat'z leik... a personal atteck!

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youtube trolls are pussies


someone just went and disliked all my new videos. -_- do you seriously think anyone has the balls to troll someone by commenting anymore on youtube?


they let the bullies stay on their site, but because i have bad rections when people are annoyng me i'm banned, ban the bullies before you ban illtempered people


—Aly talking about her lifetime ban from DeviantART

i want to sue them though. cause remember that chick who threated to skin me alive and they didn't take her seriously


—Aly talking shit about DeviantART staff

i always look cute X3


—Don't lie to yourself.

i wanna throw a muffin at you so bad right now


—Aly's signature threat

i'm an emotionless bitch when it comes to other people


>.> throws muffin at chu <.<


i have lefted thanks to the MMD fan club of crushing poor kid's hope an dreams and what not lol


ty for understanding how hectic this all is and it is childish of them to be treating someone who made a silly mistake like they are the child of satin


you guys are going to get in more trouble for this then she will for making a recolor, and fyi no im not her but this is and account for me to defend her, this isnt cool at all. you guys need to give it a rest and stop acting like little kids


—Trying to defend herself in the third person on Tumblr

lol ok so the model is Kitty’er Aly, she’s my Kitty’er Self ~giggles~ i dont own her but the person who owns her is really rude because i edited a model they had ripped off so really atm they dont deserve the credit if they are going to be a jerk about it


why dont you ass holes stop telling me it's fan made i made a fucking mistake IM NEW TO MMD ASS HOLES so shut the fuck up i didnt fucking know what to fucking call it GET A FUCKING LIFE


i could come up with 100 ways to say it more nicely you are so freaking mean




OMFG SHUSH WE ESTABLISHED THAT JEEZUM! next time read the comments b4 you make your damn post


god you guys and your trash are giving me a headache


you do realize that most 12 yearolds even have B cup boobs now a days right o.O i say aside from being short they look 16


i did im not a moron



And either way, you'er the one who is the coward, if you are going to be mean to mean the come see me and real life instead of hiding behind a computer screen ^^


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