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"Mommy, daddy, furries look what me drew" Wow Amazingplatytpus69, this is an amazing drawing, you should make more.
"Again you fail", ammh... Are you sure? Amazingplatypus69 just admits that he thinks that gay yiff pictures are nice.
Wolfeedarkfang is scared from an Anonymous's Hate comments

Amazingplatypus69 (also known by his IRL name Ben) is a 16 year old internet tough guy and a loyal supporter of well known zoophile Wolfeedarkfang. But it gets better as he has openly declared his love for the Starfox videogame character known as Krystal. Okay, WHAT THE FUCK!

Defending Wolfee[edit]

Amazingplatypus69 became a troll target when he started defending Wolfeedarkfang. With a video he tried to disprove the BeastForum accusation by questioning the number of posts that where made with said account. Amazingplatypus claimed in this video that if there where 0 posts made with the beastforum account it couldn't be Wolfeedarkfang, even though everyone with an IQ that is above that of a fence post knows that you do not need any posts on Beastforum to watch people fucking their dogs. After Wolfeedarkfang tried to debunk the beastforum account by claiming that a troll hacked the account he soon declared his "victory" and Amazingplatypus69 removed above mentioned video. He had this excuse:

"since it's not wolfee's account he doesn't need to disprove it."


—Amazingplatypus69, proving what kind of genius he is

Amazingplatypus69 never questions Wolfeedarkfang who loves to be a dictator of the furry fandom. Wolfeedarkfang told him not to trust trolls because everything trolls say is a "troll lie". Following Wolfees words of wisdom, his first argument against a troll on youtube was the following:



Amazingplatypus Comes Out Of The Closet[edit]

Last thursday Amazingplatypus69 came out from the closet and admited that he likes gay yiff pictures. However he clearly stated that he is not gay. Wolfeedarkfag WEEEEEE'D from his mental illness, and was proud that he had such a very good supporter who loves him.

Amazingplatypus69: March 16, 2008

"hey nice pic! (but sorry, im not gay) otherwise, nice pic.



Amazingplatypus69 has taken the coward's way out by blocking all those who call him out for denying clear evidence of Wolfee's beastforum account and people who made fun of his "art"

The love of his life, Krystal the blue vixen[edit]

In one of his videos, he explains how and why he became a furry. It started after he had a "beautiful" wet dream about Krystal from the game: Starfox, which got him satisfied so much that he wished to continue that dream before he woke up. He thinks that Krystal is hot, and admitted that he would fuck her if she was real. Some argue that Amazingplatypus is too afraid to get a real girlfriend. Trolls started to crush his feelings, breaking his heart by telling him that his love, Krystal, doesn't exist. His favorite Krystal images are Tailsrulz's art. Whenever he looks at Krystal posing in a playboy style with her big boobs, Amazingplatypus69 has a hot feeling and his tool stands up.


Beastality may be wrong but I have to stick together with my fellow furries, no matter what they do...


—This one made every troll shit bricks



—Amazingplatypus69, who had a romantic dream about Krystal

bot to mention your breaking copyright laws with that image, and its from the art CD, so you would have to own it to get it....... hmmmmm
I know this because its on te bottom left of the pic.



—Amazingplatypus69, who's teaching trolls about not breaking the laws

... *then prints*.



—Amazingplatypus69, breaking the law of copyright

dude even I'm not laughing



no joke. (I am serious)


—Amazingplatypus69 replies; everything is serious if it's about his love, Krystal

His Art[edit]

When Amazingplatypus69 first signed up to YouTube, he made a Background image of his fursona with Paint. A lot of trolls and Anons laughed at his drawing poor skills. Nobody told him to prove that he could draw better, but he eventualy made a video of his drawings and said that he had proven that he could draw better than a 2 year old. Who cares?

Don't call your art good unless it actually can be considered good.




Amazingplatypus69 doesn't care if someone is gay, bisexual or a zoophile. All he wants is to serve his master wolfeedarkfang, because he believes what wolfeedarkfang believes. For example: Wolfee thinks that he is with the fandom, and if anyone attacks wolfee, the person who attacked him is the enemy of the furry fandom. Same thing with Amazingplatypus69. Empiroqkrit-Immortal said that he hated wolfeedarkfang, and amazingplatypus69 without reason started to insult him and his friends.

"bestiality may be wrong but I have to stick together with my fellow furries, no matter what they do." ~ Amazingplatypus69

The Furryops Incident[edit]

Somewhere around September Amazingplatypus decided to kiss Wolfees ass some more and joined Wolfees "SUPER SEKRIT ANTI TROLL FORUM" called Furryops. Turns out he was only friends with the trolls to cover his ass. After a while a member of the FCTC discovered this forum and it was finally hacked by the patriotic nigras. The only thing amazingplatypus could do was to BAAAAAAAAW over the situation since his account is still active on this forum and will not be removed. Read his signature for massive lulz.

All the discussions are still up for your entertainment. What are you waiting for? Go read that shit!

Following the Furryops incident Amazingplatypus69 finally cracked and closed his YouTube account.


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