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America is Not a Fucking Country

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America is Not a Fucking Country will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

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America is Not a Fucking Country is a copypasta that have been plauging 4chan for the latest three weeks. Mostly seen (every day) on /b/, /int/ and /trv/ but also other boards like /r9k/, /v/, /new/, /lit/, /sci/, /sp/, /fa/, /adv/, /ck/, /fit/ and so on. On may 10 around 7pm some unfunny newfag called LIME !NInTEndo2U decided to write a long, butthurt rant about why America is not a country, also stating things like "you are fat and dumb". However, no one fell for this (since we all know America kicks ass, period, we don't even need any arguments, HELL YEAH HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS). Except some other butthurt newfags who had no idea of what a troll was. They whined so hard the latest weeks that the thread reached bump limit every fucking time. Unsuccessful troll is still unsuccessful and butthurt, though. I mean, not a single real person got mad at that fucking piece of scum shit! Anyway, this faggot continued spamming his pasta every fucking day trough whole may, a few hours each day around 6-9pm. People started to really hate him, while some stupid assholes actually agreed with him! Agreeing with a mad troll is very fail. It should also be mentioned that it has been reposted by several other newfags, too, even on other forums. You even get a few hits when you google the god damn thing! The story have been changed by oh pee quite a few times since others pointed ut he was a complete faggot for spelling x and y wrong, but nothing content wise have changed. The most recent version can be found at, which is where he supposedly wrote and published it in the first place. However, I will copypaste the whole thing since you are so god damn lazy:

The Copypasta[edit]

That's right, dipshit! And you know it. America is not a fucking country. If you fail to see this, let me open your eyes:

  1. The United States
    That's right motherfucker! It's called the United States of America! That's your shitty country! America, or the Americas, is North, Central and South America combined! STOP CALLING YOUR AIDS REGION AMERICA WHEN YOU ARE JUST ONE LITTLE SHIT PIECE OF IT! IT'S LIKE CALLING THE FUCKING MIDDLE EAST EURASIA!
    "What the fuck is he talking about, Middle East is not a country lol! What a faggot!" Well YOUR FACE because USA is just as much a country as the Middle East! Which means, it is fucking NOT. However, a much better comparsion is
  2. Europe
    That's right fuckface. There is no fucking difference between Europe and USA. Europe consists of 50 countries with different laws. USA consists of 50 states with different laws. But the same flag. Both are 10.000.000 square kilometers. SO STOP SAYING WE CANT COMPARE THEM THEY ARE THE FUCKING SAME! And USA's countries are called
  3. States
    The fucking states. They are just like fucking countries, explained earlier. Also, if you ask an "American" where he is from, he will not say "USA" or "America", but the state he is from. If you ask a European where he is from, he will say the country. NOT THE FUCKING REGION OF THE COUNTRY! And have you noticed how you have 5 different time zones? Most normal countries have one time zone even if they actually cross several ones. Don't blame this on your size, becasue CHINA IS ALSO CROSSING 5 FUCKING TIME ZONES BUT IT HAS THE SAME TIME ALL OVER! This is clear evidence the states are countries in disguise. Also, even if we assume I am wrong on all this
  4. It's not your country
    FUCKING COLUMBUS! America, talking about the whole region now not your shitty united countries, belonged to the INDIANS! not because they where from India, but Columbus was so mindfucked he thought he was in India. Then he brought some friends, raped the whole fucking thing and killed all natives. Because
  5. You are not Americans
    Columbus brought his European friends and claimed the whole fuck. Most of them British. Then he imported loads of Niggers from Africa as slaves. Eventually they mixed, and the abomination that is known today as "American" was born. Also, did you read that part about Britain? You know, where England is? BECAUSE YOU SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH! YOU DON'T SPEAK AMERICAN! YOU ARE JUST A FUCKING NIGGER BRIT MIX THAT PRETENDS TO HAVE AN OWN IDENTITY! Besides
  6. You didn't even deserve a country
    JUST LOOK AT YOU! FUCKING PIECE OF FAILURE SHIT! Your average IQ is 97 versus the global average 100 and European average 101. If you are dumb as fuck and know nothing about IQ, because yours is under 80, you might not think 3 or 4 points are very much. Well, THEY FUCKING ARE! And your obsession with FAT DISGUSTING SHIT THINGS. People are getting fat because of McDonald's, and other junk food, not to mention sweets and snacks, thanks to you. Fried Mars bars and pancake & sausage with chocolate chip on a stick is NOT FUCKING NORMAL. It's not even supposed to be edible! IT'S FUCKING GROSS, JUST LIKE YOUR FACE! USA is the only "country" in the world to ban Kinder Eggs, since the fat bastard kids just shoved the whole fucking thing into their mouths and suffocated due to the plastic capsule. And then you think you are SO FUCKING COOL? The Universe was created when someone popped your huge fucking goddamn ego bubble with a needle. Fucking
  7. FUCK

Popular Answers to the Copypasta[edit]

  • umad?
  • butthurt
  • 0/10
  • sage
  • troll harder
  • fuck you
  • tl;dr
  • stopped reading
  • faggot
  • obvious troll
  • >implying
  • cool story bro
  • ...this thread again

Responding to the Copypasta[edit]

There are too primary options to counter this troll:

The first is to not fucking respond at all. Because whatever you say, you are nothing more than trollbait. To a very, very bad troll.

The better way is to point out that all posters of this troll are smug American Libtards who desperately wish they were born in Europe, where the cocks flow like rain.

Now if you'll excuse me I will go eat my daily meal at McDonalds!


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