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It's slowly coming this way!

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How it all started (or ended, rather).

It's slowly coming this way! is an occasional meme from 4chan and 7chan's /x/. It has its origin in a horror manga by Ito Junji called The Enigma of Amigara Fault, one of two side-stories to the epically fucked upmasterpiece Gyo.

In the story, a backwoods part of Japan is smashed to shit by Godzilla an earthquake, and the damage reveals a fault line in a mountain full of ancient holes in exactly the shape of people, thousands of meters deep. Anyone that sees these people-shaped holes have an irresistible urge to get inside them (they actually say "I came here to look for my hole"), where they disappear, coming out the other side of the mountain...well you get the picture.

The original story was ridiculously scary in true J-Horror tradition (claustrophobics too stupid to not peruse tore out their own eyes after reading), even if it has by this time been totally ruined by your friends on the *chans and their propensity to turn anything into Internet crap.


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