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I'm all the Wu-man you can handle, baby!

Andi Dier (a.k.a. Cosmic Candii, DeerCr0ssing, Sφcialist Sex Dφll, Ondreya Dier, Tranny Trash and tscandii) is a batshit insane findom tranny and Social Justice Warrior who gained attention after he accused Rose McGowan of being transphobic. Andi also wants to have sex with paedophile actor Kevin Spacey.

Young transsexual living the struggle to afford basic healthcare via sugar daddies.


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Whatever you donate helps me through my transition. You're spending money to make me prettier! If you buy me clothes you may request cute photographs and same goes for toys. If you spoil me with something of greater value I may perform a NSFW photo of your choice. Contact:


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I Was Attacked by the Irish[edit]

10bux says he wrote this himself.

Archive today-ico.png I Was Attacked by the Irish

Galleria de It's A Man, Baby![edit]

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Andi is a Paedophile and a Rapist[edit]


This is rich comming from Andi Dier, a person who sexual pressured and took advantage of thirteen year old girls as an 18 year old adult, (myself being one of them). Honestly so fed up with her hypocrisy. Don’t care about the shitstorm comming from me posting this.


—janellixy Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Andi dier personally sexually assulted me and two of my friends when we were 13 years old.


—janellixy Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Andi preyed on all of us as 13 year olds and even shoved me between two vending machines at the mall and tried to touch me but yeah go off andi


—ghostflowers_ Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The amount of stories I’ve heard like this is horrific... I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced it too. I’ll never forget my cousins bestfriend telling me about her experiences with Andi. She was seriously TWELVE years old. That’s not ok.


—CassieEvena Archive today-ico.png (archive)


Hi, I'm a trap trying to get munchies rn. Will trade nudes for snapcash!!


—deercr0ssing Archive today-ico.png (archive)

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