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Andrew Anglin

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your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females.


Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Andrew Anglin is a bald yellow fever-stricken manlet faggot, and webmaster of the "Dailystormer". Please ignore the fact he had a video of him with his "jailbait filipina girlfriend" (we assure you, it was the best jailbait filipina girlfriend his dad's money could buy) removed from Youtube, as this does nothing to detract from his credibility as an advocate for a Pure White America. On his site, he lets butthurt writers issue personal army requests that are subsequently ignored by everyone except the Dailystormer's retarded "Nazi" trole army.


The male version of Zoe Quinn
Screencap from another page he had bawleeted
Wearing his mask
Ironic or he envies Jared-Kun's larger collection
what the shit kinda wigger fuckery is this? hed take that rag off his head real fast in america fake ass punk.


—Some dude from Liveleak, further cementing Andrew's nigger connection

Andrew's dislike of white women starts to make sense when you realize he spent most of his youth cavorting with lolis in South East Asia. Being a yellow fevered faggot is a bit of a cliche, but hey whatever to get your rocks off. Perhaps the impoverished young women were hoping for something besides the typical minuscule azn penis.No doubt, they were disappointed. Andrew would argue some thing about being a racist race traitor is not unheard of and having an interest in the small young oriental girls is not pedophilia and clearly the fault of white women and jews. However a glance at the video reveals Andrew's excitement and glee to show off what he admits as "Jailbait" like a young excited Jimmy Savile. <video type="liveleak" id="53b_1426403408" width="400" height="400" frame="true" position="center" size="full" allowfullscreen="true"/>
Here is the video Andrew had taken down from Jewtube.(If it appears broken,Liveleak embeds are just blocked in your browser.Should be easy to unblock, but if you are lazy this is the link The Race Traitor in action)

A white nationalist with a fetish for azn chicks? You don't say...

As seen in the video also, andre is a fan of the snapback

the men who involve themselves with Asian women are looking for a serious and traditional relationship. Women who go with Blacks and Latinos are looking for excitement


—Andre, Getting personal

Men who marry Asian women are attempting to re-establish a natural dynamic – to re-establish order. They are not the problem. Women are the problem.


—Andre, Shades of Roosh emerging

Even as a racist, I am able to recognize that Japanese women have some attractive physical qualities


—Do his Stormers agree Asian women are superior to white ones?

Finally, there is the dumbest conspiracy theory of all, which is that I am secretly not actually White, which makes absolutely no sense. I can kinda see now that people have pointed it out that I have a slightly flatish nose, but I’m pretty sure this is just because I’ve been in so many fist fights


Internet Tough Guy!!!11!


  • Pornography will be outlawed entirely, as it has been seen to be extremely destructive to male-female relations. Anyone caught producing pornography will be hung(sic)
  • Once elected, we will immediately enact decisive measures to the end of establishing White racial homogeneity in these United States. Firstly, the US armed forces will be deployed within the United States to deal with non-white immigrants.
  • The Southern Border will be secured with landmines, and the US Coast Guard will be imparted with the duty of sinking any ships bringing non-Whites into the United States.
  • "Asians, who are the only other race that has proven themselves to be capable of living a civilized lifestyle, will be dealt with differently than other immigrants.
  • Anyone over the age of 25 caught manufacturing or distributing drugs will be executed. Anyone caught using drugs will be enrolled in a rehabilitation program, before being sentenced to a minimum of 1 year in a concentration camp.
  • Those obese persons will be required by law to enroll in a weight-loss program, where a professional will design a personalized program for them. If they prove themselves incapable of meeting the requirements of the program, they will be forced to remain in a concentration camp until they are able to lose the weight through physical labor.
  • Women will be discouraged from chasing careers, and encouraged to marry and produce children

Epic trolls

Not your personal army is a concept entirely foreign to this article's subject. Andrew fails at so much, that riling up a relatively easy target such as Youtube MRA Sargon of Akkad fell well beyond his abilities. After Andrew penned a "totally brutal" hit piece on him, Sargon responded by calling him a faggot and brushing him aside. Andrew in turn, did his damndest to re-word his forst article into more articles, which basically amount to a massive circlejerk with his audience, comprised of edgy meme-spewing /pol/tards before Andrew declares victory as a truly master trole.

There are numerous other sandniggers and feminists harassed via twitter. Because getting a SJW to block you on Twitter is a great feat.


Mommy, NO!

This is a form of terrorism.


—He said as a solitary tear rolled down his check

A local NBC affiliate from Columbus did a report on the Daily Stormer in the wake of the Charleston shooting and the reporter tried to interview his mom, but just settled on filming outside her house.This however, did not rustle Andrew's jimmies in the slightest. Archive today-ico.png He goes on to desperately beg his readers to email the station.Is he looking for a white knight or something? It's almost like he's a white nationalist tumblrina.

Fun Facts

lol confirmed


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Media Continues To Milk Their Favorite Bitch

This cover is so totally freakin edgy you might get cut just looking at it, bro!

The December 2017 issue of The Atlantic features a giant sprawling lawn of hyped up horseshit about our special boy Andrew and his escapades in attention seeking insanity. Along with blood red cover art trying its best to appear edgy and emotionally disruptive to their apparently pedestrian readership, the whole thing just screams, "Trying too hard."

The content is everything you would expect from a sensationalist social scare piece written from the perspective of someone OLD and out of touch. Stuffed on into a festering dirty rag of a publication that probably should have rotted away right around the Reagan administration but somehow kept clinging to the side of society's garbage bin, just waiting to light up into a full on dumpster fire over some inflammatory faggot like Andrew Anglin.

It starts off with the usual idyllic Americana setting, a closeted country community, really painting up the rural white bread innocence, right along with cliche notions of not locking your doors, which, we can assure you, no one in their right mind leaves their doors unlocked in America. Not even in the most ass end areas of the country does stupidity like that occur. Not unless you've been huffing paint thinner. Followed up of course with how this virginal child of a town was forcibly fucked by the totally evul mastermind Andrew, who somehow outwitted countless thousands of local residents with the most transparently bunk bullshit imaginable; bringing "almost terrorism" to even the most innocent and naive of America's bumpkin baskets.

And that brings us on into the next overly expected course for this mundane meal, the "Blame Canada" chorus, bellyaching off every senior citizen's laundry list of reasons for why bad shit supposedly happens. From drugs to self mutilation to goth kids to downloading devil music to scary Internet sites, hell they even blame the books he read! The rambling list of very unlikely reasons they reach at is worth the read though; if for no other purpose than to bemuse yourself watching grandpa grasp at social strawmen in one of the last gasps of printed media. The part where he apparently got kiss cucked by a kike and cried like a pansy at some party was likewise pretty hilarious. Apparently the hardest shit Andrew's ever gone through has been his man-purse.

On the whole there's only ONE actual point of relevancy in the entire cognitive cluster fuck, which is the fact that Andrew was a originally a hippie humping vegan as a child/teen, meaning he had a severe vitamin B12 deficiency which:

A. Makes you batshit crazy.


B. Eventually dead if you don't stop being vegan.

...that's, that's it. That is literally the entire disconnected drama that is Andrew Anglin's life... a crazy kid with a crappy conservative cuck site who got molested by the media to try and create an ever escalating ego shining shit show of sensationalism that spiraled on out of control. Culminating in one dead fat feminist regressive, a bad PR campaign for the makers of Tiki Torches and a collective, "GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!" ultimatum by the whole of the Internet.

...that's. that's it. Thus is the dead end life and untimely end of Andrew and his worthless website.

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