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Anecdotal evidence

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John Kerry, having an IRL experience with an actual black, later used as anecdotal evidence against George W. Bush

Anecdotal evidence is the favored form of supportive evidence used by girls, trolls, and crybabies.

The weight attributed to this evidence is directly proportional to the length of the poster's stories about the topic at hand. Many flame wars start and end under the crushing weight and length of some people's "evidence" that liberals are all egotists (see Belt0033).

Anecdotal evidence usually begins with a dubious disclaimer, followed by IRL stories about the poster's IRL experience with actual black people, liberals, conservatives or homosexuals. Ironically, anecdotal evidence does not stand up to IRL very well, no matter how vehemently the poster asserts his/her experience IRL!!!!

Experienced e-lawyers do not need to rely on anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotal Withdrawal[edit]

Any inconsistencies, examples-to-the-contrary and outright falsehoods are usually met with Anecdotal Withdrawal: statements looking something like, "Well, I guess the homos where you live are different from where I live, I was only talking specifically about those homos with whom I've interacted IRL".

How We Know Anecdotal Evidence Is Insufficient[edit]

Cos I once knew this guy who relied on it and liek he lost accidentally the whole case!!!

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