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Angry Goy is a fresh, hip new indie game released on the first day of 2017, in which you play a neo-nazi skinhead hell-bent on cleansing Europe of the army of invading rapefugees. Playing as a 2.5D sidescroller with worse graphics than several games from the 90s, Angry Goy is presumed to cause a shitstorm when old media gets their hands on this, feeding the trolls and bringing epic lulz to all. Despite having very outdated and shabby Microsoft Paint-esque graphics, Angry Goy is 666mb in size.


LOL: Removed for "Hate speech"

FBI Honeypot?

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Trolls on /pol/ believe the game to be a government operation loaded with CP injecting spyware to be used as a tool against anti Semites. They base this hypothesis on the fact that the game requires administrator permissions, and records / logs your keystrokes, along with the large file size for such 2d trash. The likely scenario is that it was coded by newfags who didn't bother to compress and properly program shit together. Some anons suggest those of you who play this, run it in a virtual machine and capture all network traffic, just to be safe. This was shilled by Andrew Anglin, the head of the FBI honeypot Daily Stormer, after all.

Just days after the release, people were already reporting experiencing significant issues. [1] Apparently, there was some internal drama between Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff as the game would use player's computers to launch malware / DDOS lazars on the servers of TRS, which fucked everything up, teleporting and bypassing the CloudFlare shields. It is likely keyloggers and other malevolent shit exists in the code to attack the players as well. The incident has caused a shitstorm for DS. Serves Anglin right for being a race-mixing pedophile.


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