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Proudly displaying his man-boobs

Some men enjoy older women, some men enjoy men, it is these functional members of society we at Encyclopedia Dramatica have no issue regarding, however, as unfortunate as the fact may be, some men enjoy underage girls. Such is the case of pedophile extremest and lolicon enthusiast Pete Davison aka Angryjedi. Pete is known for spending up to an astonishing eight hours a day authoring his blog located on (the remainder of his time is spent collecting literal terabytes of lolicon and child pornography). Pete's reign of terror over young girls was finally discovered, and halted by the heros at the Gay Nigger Association of America, who, through countless hours of tweets and phone calls, altered Pete's family and friends to the true nature of the perverse man they thought they knew. And most disturbing of all, not only is Mr. Davison a proud pedo and blogger, but a brony as well.

Connoisseur of young girls[edit]

Ell-chan is the character that you’re supposed to want to protect, hug and snuggle up under a blanket with.


—Pete, discussing an under-age anime character

What Pete would describe as being a "hot piece of ass"

Pete has been extremely vocal in expressing his sexual desires relating to underage women, on levels almost comparable to MadThad0890. One such example is that of the character "Starship Ezekiel" from visual novel My Girlfriend is the President, with whom he has often expressed his "love" for in numerous blog posts. One such example can be located here (webcitation). Numerous other youthful females, both real and "waifus" have fallen prey to this dangerous man and his lustful taste for flat chests.

Further proof[edit]

Taken from his profile:



Upon being discovered by GNAA then-President LiteralKa, Pete was immediately selected as a target of relentless crapfloods and twitter harassment due to the severe sickness than even established trolls such as the GNAA received upon viewing his clear mental illnesses. He then took it upon himself to defend his putrid obsession in a lengthy blog post and with a poorly-illustrated comic:


Today I received an email from Rob, the owner of Games Are Evil, informing me that he’d received a voicemail from someone — someone who neither he or I knew, I might add. [...] It took me quite some time to calm myself down.


War erupts on Twitter[edit]

After discovering that one of their fellow pedophiles had been attacked, Pete's friends began rallying in support for their fallen NAMBLA member.

Angryjedi twitter.png

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