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Animation Source, another name for myspace with a furry twist, is a massive online sprawling shithole that contained the elements of many different animations, which most of the time were fucking retarded or had no point what so ever. Ran back in 2004 by a webmaster named Steet who stopped giving a shit almost immediately. First starting with a site called DramaSource... erm BaltoSource (also known as BullshitSource) which to which in the present state is famous for people getting ass hurt cause someone's opinion wasn't what theirs was. Back-stabbing members, DRAMA! and lots of it, for having the most mind sad-bastard-yiff-hating-annoying-as-fuck Balto fans you could imagine, and a huge amount of Goth/emo kidz who liked to cut their selves in order to feel special. (DO IT FAGGOTS). Recently, Steet BALEETED himself as the BS admin and made Grey Wolf a mod after she agreed to suck his cock in exchange for a Tailspin comic book. Grey Wolf obviously fucked everything up because she's canadian and Canadians suck at everything except for hockey and... yeah that's about it.


easily reconizable by his retarded icon of a lion getting ready to jack off

(Aka "Street") Steet is the founder of the DramaLand sites. He is a lazy fuck, who doesn't bother to do his job. Instead, he piles all of his responsibilities on his admins and moderators, while he makes more dead sites and faps to TaleSpin Source. It is rumored that he'll make any n00b a moderator if they give him a Blowjob. Whenever there's a problem on the site, he'll run away on a "vacation" just to avoid it. He doesn't want responsibilities, only to rule the internet, as he believes that he, himself is God of the internet.

Steet proving once again of what an excellent webmaster he is

Steet originated from the IcyBoards were he always told everyone on the site that his goal was to create a wesbite known as Balto Source. The administrators of the website, Fluke and Silver Husky, being the douchebags that they are, laughed and told him how pathetic he was. Until then they realized their bigotry that Balto Source was born. That was when Steet starting meeting everyone around the Icy Boards to look for moderation.

Once his monstrosity of a site was born he roamed the wilds of the Balto fandumb looking for victims that would join his shithole site to make it popular with the Balto humpers. He managed to sucker in several talented artists which in turn suckered in more suckers, 'til this site became a blackhole of diarrhea. Drawn to the mediocre Balto arts like flies to shit, every 10 year old future furry had joined the site, which in turn caused the fandumb to implode upon itself. Shortly after this implosion all the reasonably decent sites closed or died, making Balto Source the bane of all Balto humping faggots. Balto Source, in short, is the reason the internet sucks.

Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf is the second webmaster of AS, because Steet can't do shit. He "hired" her to take care of BS while he was away. Instead she decides to take over ALL of AS and creates new rules for all the sites and of course that causes a huge flame war between her and all the members. Grey Wolf designed most of the sites, so that's why they look like shit and half of the information is in French. She has horrible English skills, types like she's a retarded 12 year old, and is slow at responding to you if you say "Hi Grey." Grey is a complete fail at her life. She resorts to bossing around children on AS and really should just go kill herself.

The Staff

The staff or so called big ass moderators, think they are the top of their game considering they are the fucking color green or orange. They are an elite group of Nazis that push around and manipulate anyone they see fight. This site has since fired over half of its staff members since some couldn't get along and tried to take each other out in order to gain more control than they already had. Now, if you talk to the staff, all of the time won't get a damn thing done, they all like to boss everyone around rather than do their damn jobs, and when they do get off their lazy asses they manage to make the problems worse.

Guess what? Now ANYONE can become a moderator!! All you have to do is ask, even though its against the rules! If Street, or the admins say "no", just throw a huge fucking tantrum, and threaten to leave the site. Since they're so desperate to become the most popular site on the internet, they can't afford to lose members, so they'll give you whatever you want! DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCK.


Draco(AKA Bitchosaurus Rex) is the Admin of BS, which means she thinks she's something special even though she's a 20 something year old loser that still draws doggie art online. She has absolutely no life, so she spends her days freaking out about BS. She constantly has headaches (maybe its a brain tumor, FINGERS CROSSED AMIRITE???). She's “dating” Lucario, fellow BS mod. Aww isn't that fucking retarded! She says she's only dating Lucario because she pities him, but this bitch has never had a date or boyfriend in her entire sad pathetic existence. She's so ugly and plain Jane looking, she makes Rosie O'Donnell look sexy. Beware people who think they should say hello to Draco, she's constantly on her period, so watch out, she'll probably perma-ban you since that's her solution to everything.


Lucario (AKA Cunt face) pretends to be cool online, yet he's the biggest kiss-ass on BS. His home life is so pathetic and lonely he's resorted to making up a fake persona and dating girls he'll never meet online. He's a mod on BS, which means he thinks he owns the internet. He made up a fake name, age, job, and basically life and lied to everyone on the site for years like a fucking psycho. Look out kiddies, Lucario is a future pedophile! Lucario is so far up Draco's ass, I often wonder if he can breath. He bitches and complains all the time to his friends when something isn't going his way, yet when his friends need to be backed up, Lucario runs away like the little bitch he is. He thinks he's so cool, but is lame as hell. He's that fat kid (with fucked up eyes) everyone at school makes fun of at school. He's so ugly, he makes Carrot Top look like a perfect 10. He fronts like he has money, but if you look at his shit, it's so weak... kids in Detroit are doing better than this fudge packer. One day Lucario decided he wanted to “date” Draco (the kind of date 12 year olds do on AIM when they first discover the internet). Draco had absolutely NO INTEREST IN HIM WHATSOEVER, Draco decided to “date” Lucario out of pity. Lucario thinks he's in a real relationship, but he never talks to Draco on the phone or goes to see her. Draco does her best to avoid voice chatting with Lucario at all costs. Everyone can see Draco hates Lucario except him. No one on BS likes Lucario at all. People pretend to like Lucario just so they do not get banned. Lucario once tried to erase a site dedicated to hating him, but was caught and thought the FBI was coming after him, so he bailed and acted like a little bitch to the site's creators. Lucario is the biggest BITCH on BS... the only person that can even compete with Lucario on the Bitch-O-Meter, is his “internet flame,” Draco.


The biggest furfag on the site. While all of his friends were off PWNING the World Trade Center and blowing themselves up, he was Bawwwing away on Balto Source doing nothing with his life. Apparently he was butthurt that the 72 virgins you get for being a suicide bomber weren't wearing fursuits so he decided to be an E-Terrorist instead. He commonly uses gay furfag phrases like "I've got a lot on my paws" and is currently the only person in Pakistan with an internet connection.

Recently, he's BAWWWWWing again because everyone thinks he's a terrorist so he's compiled screenshots of people trolling him to present to Grey Wolf and Steet (Like they give a shit) which he probably keeps in a pile in his cave right next to the blueprints of the New York City subway system and the Sears Tower.

The Staff

Thanks to Steet that list is now under FORMER Staff. Here is the new Staff:

Site Builders (info only):

  • Koak: The newest Addition to this horrible staff, he apparently just asked to be a site builder and then just like that he was made one. THATS HOW MUCH STEET CARES. (like he ever cared before? AMIRITE?)
  • MightyBalto1925: Innanet BFF's with Jersey Captain who is 30 years older than her. This is not creepy AT ALL. She kissed Steet's ass so much he had no choice but to add her back to Staff, but only as a site builder
  • TopsyTurvyTovah: Who is this again? Oh, right, the Canadian. She does what all good Canadians do: nothing.
  • Skulblaka_Shur'tugal: A pervert who creeps on every girl on Animation Source regardless of age, body mass index, or ethnicity. His girlfriend dumped his ass after she found out about it and he's been BAWWWWing ever since. He always blames his creepy-ness on the fact that he's retarded which creates even MOAR lulz. Once created an account on ED to add himself to this list because nobody gave a shit about him and forgot he existed. You're on ED now... congrats fucktard!

Shoutbox Mods

  • Draco: see above

Global Mods

  • Kirada: Was the boards biggest whore before Crazy Chaos Cutie showed up. She got pregnant by a nigger at the age of 12.
  • Draco: See above
  • Barrow: Some frenchy no one has ever heard of. Close friends with Nakee.
  • Moss: Moss is Zukothecat's little sister. She is just as bad of a mod and twice as retarded. Shes only 9 which makes it lulzy to troll her about how much she sucks as a mod. She'll claim she doesn't care, but you know shes crying to her mommy and daddy about it. Well I just have one question for her: MAGNETS, HOW DO THEY WORK?
  • Roi Doberwolf: No one really knows who the fuck this person is, but it's obvious they're a furry.
  • Windhowler: British homophobe who wants to suck orange cock and be a murifag really bad. She is also a biblefucker.
  • Pawface: Windhowler's "sister" a.k.a. Windhowler herself pretending to be someone else.

Former Staff

  • Draco: see above
  • Ara Darkfire: The only mod that's lazier than Steet.
  • Alpine: See "Ara Darkfire" as they're the same person. Honestly they're both probably too normal for AS.
  • Skulblaka_Shur'tugal: A pervert who creeps on every girl on Animation Source regardless of age, body mass index, or ethnicity. His girlfriend dumped his ass after she found out about it and he's been BAWWWWing ever since. He always blames his creepy-ness on the fact that he's retarded which creates even MOAR lulz. Once created an account on ED to add himself to this list because nobody gave a shit about him and forgot he existed. You're on ED now... congrats fucktard!
  • Maverick: A shoutbox mod that pretends to be a hacker. He's so much of a bitch he gave his administrative position to Mighty because he liked her sucking on his cock.
  • UKthewhitewolf: In the Guiness book of world records for being the only girl that spends an average of 364 days a year on her period. She's a MEGA bitch and any attempt to talk to her will result in you getting the ban hammer.
  • Anubis: Better known as Question. Question tried to write part of this article but failed as she made her ED username was the same as her DA. She is lesbo with Emily123 they are both openly gay and proud of it, which of course scares the fuck out of everyone who considers them as a friend. Oh and she's admin of two dead sites Anastasia Source and Aristocats Source.
  • Paxis: Also known as Emily 123. As previously mentioned above Emily is openly Lesbo with Question. Emily can't do her job for shit as she is too busy scissoring with her dyke girlfriend.
  • RustyTheFox: Rusty is pretty much unknown, only famous for Sourcecast (DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS NOBODY LISTENS TO SOURCECAST) and for some reason is a mod even though he/she never logs on.
  • Saske Italian Wolf: See this page.
  • TopsyTurvyTovah: Another canadian. She's a mod? lol since when?
  • Silver Deni: A whore, currently takes it up the ass from this asshole.
  • Aaeron DiNozo (aka Spirit the Cat): An insane bitch who is fucking obsessed with zombies and enjoys fucking them up in her spare time while BAWWING that Rio Source (aka Retard Source) is DA BEST SOURCE EVAR!
  • Brown Wolf: Who?
  • NavaTheWise: Bipolar fag that still BAWWWS about his house being burnt down some time ago when it was just a trailer anyway.
  • Achoo: Retard that can't think of an actual name so she goes with the a sneezing sound. Is now Admin of another dead site: Cats Don't Dance.
  • Ayame Jurora: Who?
  • NewYorkBaltoFan: A jew who was fired after supposedly abusing his mod powers and banning random people. He currently takes the blame for the sites' massive troll attack (see below).
  • Brit the Magnificent: Prostitute, don't mind her pissy attitude or she will go suck on NewYorkBaltoFag's cock some more so he will help her troll cause she's too much of a fuckhead to do it herself.
  • Togo: Left the site after he got tired of Steet being a lazy fuck. Steet ignored Togo's requests to ban hammer Jersey Captain because JC BAWWWWWWED to Steet and interfered with him fapping to Tailspin.
  • JerseyCaptain: Pwned Togo, Steet Grey and basically everyone else who refused to suck his cock. Was finally banned by Grey Wolf despite the fact that 100% of the site disagreed with her decision. This is Proof that Grey Wolf is a retard and Canadians shouldn't be allowed to do anything ever. Somehow or another, he has miraculously been unbanned and is currently back on the sites every other week, despite the fact that he said he'd never come back. Thinks he's a gift from God and uses ROFL and LOL to make it seems like he isn't BAWWWWINNNGGG over this retarded fansite.
  • Lucario: see above. In addition to all of that he also enjoys the cock. Finally resigned after, he realized that he was a faggot asshole, and got Raped by the banned members. BAWWWW DIDDUMS DIDN'T GET WHAT DIDDUMS WANTED


(also known as BSers, BaltoSourcers, Bullshitters) With the members of this shit palace you'll get an occasional welcome then you could say HIII!! and they would be on your ass for spamming their precious Shoutbox which does nothing but create more problems for everyone else. The members here think they are the gods of the internet since they can so call "mini mod" and say NO SMS!! and the staff lets it go by, without saying a damn thing. what the hell?? The members are usually whiny bitches, who have to fucking complain WHENEVER A NEW RULE IS ADDED. They'll start bitching, and cause huge flame wars on the site, until they get what they want. Most of the members are retarded imbred childen, pissy teens, or perverted adults. Some of the members like to use DramaSource like a DATING SITE (srsly, WTF???). A lot of members complain about their personal lives which is something NO ONE should talk about online. The Queen of the DramaSource sites is CatWhoHas14Tails since all the members will gladly lick her pussy because they love her art. Lets not forgot that the members also lack creativity, and will commonly fight among themselves about Shit nobody cares about.

And to be a "popular Member" all you have to do is : *Wolf/Doggie art! Thats right! Look at many artists, Catwhohas14tails, Zukothecat, Hecate,SilverDeni all do doggie art, and get INSTAAAA LOOOOVE.

Famous Members

  • Crazy-Chaos-Cutie: (aka Autumn-is-Back)(aka KKK) This Crazy bitch is the sites biggest WHORE.
  • Dragon Tamer: the biggest, and only, christfag on the site. Always trolls other members with it, and reports everything that goes against the bible. If you are an atheist, or from another religion, he will constantly PM you verses from the Bible. He is the biggest homophobe ever. Even if your icon is two guys sitting next to each other, he'll report it for promoting bromance, or IT GOES AGAINST THE BIBLE!!! or some shit like that. People like trolling him for the lulz. Just go say "Jesus sucks" "Jesus doesn't exist" or "HAIL SATAN" then he'll report you, and will preach the bible. He's probably requested a Jesus Source. Oh, and he also believed the world is gonna end on December 21, 2012. That poor poor bastard. Which it will.

Nikki Lovato: A crazy bawwing little bitch who draws and creates characters that looks like shit, she left the site because she was bawwing to people about them pming her, she rage quitted facebook and bawwed away from Animation source.

The Source Sites

DramaSource has been the most famous for having the most dead sites on the internet, and creating a new damn site for every movie imaginable. the so called staff can suggest a Alice In Wonderland source for girls and it would be up the same damn day no members but another dead-ass site that no one pays attention to, and can be a another place for the members to start shit on each other, what a great idea, Street! It has been made so that you can own your own DramaSource (not like there's already enough, amirite? nope. they need MOAR). All you have to do is ask Street, and he'll make one for you because he doesn't have the balls to say no to his precious members. Let's list all the sites, shall we?

  • Balto Source
  • The Lion King Source
  • TailSpin Source
  • Princess & the Frog Source
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven Source
  • Spirit Source
  • Lady and the Tramp Source
  • Robin Hood Source
  • Mulan Source
  • Brother Bear Source
  • Oliver & Company Source
  • Anastasia Source
  • Bambi Source
  • Rio Source
  • Aristocats Source
  • Cats Don't Dance Source
  • Fox and the Hound Source
  • Ice Age Source

Isn't it funny how all but Balto Source seems to be dead?

Rules to the sites

Even though no one seems follow them, and you can basically get away with anything, other than having "mini-mods" all over your ass. Then again... since anyone can make up their own rules, it doesn't really matter.

  • NO Swearing!!! ITS A KID FRIENDLY SITE! (Use of the word "Cunt" is perfectly acceptable)
  • No offensive icons or signatures!! Posting offensive shit on the ShoutBox, your profile, and other member profiles is perfectly acceptable, though.
  • No animations!! Animations are a big no-no.
  • NO TYPING IN ALL CAPS!! ITS CONSIDERED SPAM!! (do it for the lulz)
  • NO SMS!! Its hard to read. since no one on this site knows what "lol" means, you're not allowed to use it, or its an instant ban!
  • NO short answers! you can't say "good job!" or "i like it!" or "this sucks!" (ect.) as a reply to anything. If not followed, then INSTA BAN
  • NO Off topics! you're not allowed to change the topic, or instant ban (I'm tired of saying this)
  • NO Moderators!! no asking to be a moderator!! (lol, this doesn't count as a rules anymore, since anyone can become a mod. This is how Grey Wolf became a fucking webmaster)
  • NO MAETS!!!
  • NO Steeleing!! (its funny how they'll allow you to color over a screenshot. Isn't that stealing? LOL HYPOCRITES)
  • NO Abusing the report system that's also a big no-no and equals instant ban
  • No discussion of current events or homosexuality.
  • No calling Mohammad a terrorist (EVEN THOUGH HE LIVES NEXT DOOR TO OSAMA'S COMPOUND)

How to Troll

  • Hack the site (DO IT FAGGOT)
  • disagree with what someone says. this will cause a flame war and lulz
  • state that all the sites suck ass
  • Simply state to Street that some (all) of the sites are dead and useless
  • Go into the ShoutBox and say "HIIII!!!"
  • Type hundreds of exclamation marks.
  • Use terrible grammar. people will also be all over your ass for this (lulz)
  • Act like a complete retard, and ask about everything. Act like you don't know anything about the internet. People will get pissy. More lulz for you
  • Use a different language
  • State an opinion. The members get pissy when your opinions do not match theirs, and may to try to get you to change your opinion.
  • Just be plain offensive towards the members. Result? Moar lulz.
  • Tell some dumbfuck that their art sucks (which is always true).
  • send a link to this article in the ShoutBox.
  • Of course... USE ALL FUCKING CAPS!
  • Call all Germans a NAZI.
  • Talk about homosexuality, mods get and pissed even though this is now ALLOWED.
  • Talk about religion. Members and mods will get pissed and throw a tantrum also insta-ban you.
  • Have a sexy porno avatar

Massive Troll Attack 6/3/11

Recently, the site has been going to fucking hell. LOL trolls. and the staff can't do shit. Why? Because a certain moderator Skulblaka_Shur'tugal has gone fucking insane, and decided to fuck up everything. I never thought he was awesome, until now. CONGRATS FAGGOT. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Animation Source. It's sad that people believe it's a hacker. Skulblaka_Shur'tugal is behind everything. Proof's everywhere. Of course he'll deny it. DON'T BELIEVE IT FAGGOTS!

To date, this was NOT the most successful troll attack in Animation Source history. The trolls here can't compare to what WaltoDisnofag did. All trolls involved in this will forever be considered an heroes, but are still Walto's bitches.

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