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He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.


Friedrich Nietzsche

They will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups these are violent people.


Donald Trump on the violence of Democrats

"Here I come, to save the day!"
Antifa = NEETs. Archived Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg here and Archive today-ico.png here
This is what an Antifa fruitcake looks like. Notice its Naruto hairdo... if the Uyoku Dantai saw this fruitcake, they'd blow it up to bits for being a disgrace to both American AND Japanese culture.

Antifa (short for Autistiche "Arsecheek" Aktion) are a bunch of kike cocksuckers endemic to Germany and the surrounding areas, which quickly spread their autistic disease to wherever one can find over-reacting purple-haired leftists. Naturally they found a foothold within the George Soros-funded political groups inside of the United States of America, such as Black Lives Matter and By Any Means Necessary.

Antifags think it is their moral obligation to physically assault anyone who is not as far left on the political spectrum as Che Guevara or Joseph Stalin. Basically, they're longhaired faggots who use the constant battle against "fascism" as an excuse to indulge in their violent urges. They see themselves as the last bastion of humanity, fighting against so-called Nazi oppression and the pigs who won't let them spend all their days smoking weed in houses they have occupied for the people.

Their pastimes include the following wholesome activities: Throwing rocks, shit and their own urine at innocent bystanders, playing with infantile objects like "adult/stress-reliever" coloring books, being cucks, hating America, watching children's shows, while pretending it's the same thing as reading Marxist literature, attacking innocent civilians by punching random people, and generally being useless fucks.


Their shitty logo that they created in Microsoft Paint in less than a minute.

They often live in hives called 'squats', where they spend their days LARPing as ideologues, drinking alcohol, sitting in their own piss and talking about politics they don't understand. This makes them absolutely no different from the skinheads they claim to hate, who do the exact same thing. This is because all of them are pussies, shaved or not.

When they're not busy being social rejects, they are also known for their fascist-hunting tendencies.

Antifas being productive members of society.
Antifas being productive members of society.
Antifas being productive members of society.

Political philosophy[edit]

Antifa stands with Israel!
Antifa also stands with ISIS.

Since basically nobody calls themselves a fascist nowadays, Antifags will claim that any person whose political views they don't personally approve of is a fascist, and deserves a good beating. Their understanding of communism isn't much better, and consists mainly of third hand accounts of Das Kapital, the cartoon release of Animal Farm, and GDR-Picturebooks.

In general they're just lazy middle-class kids who pretend to be anarcho communists, yet think society should take care of them, while letting them do whatever they please. Antifags believe they are preparing to fight in a great communist revolution, which will never come. If they were to be placed into an actual communist society they would all be lined up against the closest wall and shot in the vagina.

They seem to think that their gratuitous violence will somehow prove to people that we don't need a government, despite doing exactly the opposite.

Also, ponies.

Rise of the Alt-Knight[edit]

Moar info: Kyle Chapman.

As with any movement, there will be people who hate you. At UC Berkeley, when Antifags attacked, the Alt Knight was filmed gloriously breaking a 2x2 over the head of one of them. He was subsequently 'immortalised' in The_Dongald as the IRL Capn' Amerikkka.

Punch Nazis Meme[edit]

A SJW hides his "kindness" tattoo so it wouldn't distract from his courageous message of violence

On January 20, 2017, half of America watched the inauguration of the next Fuhrer, prompting riots and helplessly screeching. While all this was going on, Richard Spencer was busily providing interviews to anyone gullible enough to listen. While giving an interview to an Australian news program, Antifa saw their chance to bash the fash by providing a limp elbow to Spencer's ear, hand delivered by a literal shit-eating cuck named "Slave" Ray Bailey. Having experienced a long series of failures, the left pounced on this and decided that an elbow to the ear from an elderly pervert somehow qualifies as a punch. Animated .GIFs were made, and the Twitter left celebrated the removal of the barrier between thought-crimes and violence.

In this brave new era where Donald Trump is "literally Hitler", those who are butthurt over the millions of Russian hackers Americans expressing their racism, sexism and Islamophobia by voting for Trump have found themselves on the horns of a dilemma: Is it okay, or even heroic, to Twitter-favicon.png #PunchNazis, including our very own Fuhrer in Chief? Naturally the racists etcetera who voted for Trump have decided that it is not okay, and that it might even be criminal. The left has decided that it's complicated because all that "love" and "tolerance" shit they espouse does not apply to people who do not share their views of a society free of race, borders, and hate, and the only way to change the minds of those who dissent is to punch them.

Despite the still raging debate whether it is alright to assault those who are perceived as Nazis, Richard Spencer remains the only "Nazi" to have been punched, partly due to the weak musculature and couragelessness of those who have decided that this is acceptable. We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica eagerly await the day when one of these pasty white trustafarians decides to go after the main Nazi, so that we may write a shitty article on their death or imprisonment.

How to troll the Antifa[edit]

Official puzzling logo.
Remember that antifa, as with all radical leftists, they are fond of fudge packing.
le edgy antifags with infantile Kirby faces
  • Tell them Waleed Aly is a Muslim apologist, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Tell them that Japanese anime/manga/Japanese video games were inspired by American cartoons/comics/American video games, and that America wasn't so bad after all.
  • Tell them that Unit 731 is a Manchurian bowling alley with a food bar and video game arcade!
  • Host a "Mobile Device Destruction Depository" where Antifa can throw their BS mobile devices into a garbage pail that looks like a hungry happy tiger.
  • Then secretly dump the discarded devices into a meat grinder.
  • Tell them their Pali-Scarfs are made by hungry Third World children.
  • Tell them Marx and Engels were gay lovers and Communism could only be understood in the context of love between two men.
  • Tell them that the Nazis were secretly gay and that fighting homosexuals is a noble antifascist undertaking.
  • Tell them you too support the refugee invasion cause you want to convert to Islam and marry four women.
  • Ask them to help out a fellow anti-fascist with a couple of bucks, if they refuse, call them capitalist scumbags.
  • Tell them that you support the revolution and a state like North Korea were the working class rules the country, led by a benevolent leader.
  • Ask them if they are pro-Trotzky or pro-Stallone.
  • Pose as Muslim and tell the women to cover up cause you are offended.
  • Pose as Muslim, praise Hitler for killing the Jews.
  • Pose as Antifascist, tell them the NSDAP was a socialist party which was taken over by bad people, but which wasn't wrong about the Jews.
  • Tell them they are filthy capitalists and not worthy to take part in the revolution because of their parents not being working class.
  • Tell them that Che loved to kill gay people (true) and ask them about their preferred method of homo-cide.
  • Ask them why they support Islam, which was an ideology in support of Hitler.
  • Tell them that Palestine is a nation of terrorists who would rather blow up their children than accept a Jewish state.
  • Tell them the Rebel Alliance are not below killing loyal informants affiliated with them to keep important information hidden.
  • Tell them the Blues Brothers only wanted the unreliably fictionalized neo-Nazis out of the way for them to continue the community service mission for God and not as the radical liberal's personal antifawke buddy army.
  • Against the antifa defamation claim on ED's defensive support of neo-Nazism and as such should automatically give them the right to label its accused users as fascists. Unbiasedly remind them this place allows the freedom speech of writing on it such as the libtard Donald Drumpf article.
  • Tell them that the term person of color was in fact used by the Ku Klux Klan a hundred years ago.
  • Remind them they're no different from the actual fascists they claim to be "fighting" against.
  • Support the work of our Primarch of the 1st legion, Ivan Throne The DarkTriadMan. Tweet his twitter posts and join the fight at his website. It'll help get shit done taking out those antifa pansies.
  • Send this list of illegal items, Antifa cannot bring to your local law enforcement. Watch as the low life cuck rage ensues globally on the news.
  • Call them a white supremacist group, no different from their "sworn enemies," the KKK.
  • Call any niggers in Antifa "uncle toms", "Hershey bars" or "race traitors".
  • Point out that America already had a fascist and racist president who was more extreme in his racist views than Donald Trump.
  • Point out the hypocrisy of them not supporting Israel despite they call out antisemitism. Give them chocolate coins and latkes -laced with anthrax or strep - as gifts.
  • Remind them that they were in an actual right-wing fascist state they would already be summary executed. Moreover, tell them the same thing work happen in the USSR.
  • Point out the state of socialist countries of Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea as reasons why Communism will never work in today's society.
  • Kindly host free viewings of "Mad Max" and "Brave New World" for $1 a seat at a local nature park. Serve anthrax-laced treats and drinks for Antifa members.

Unmasking Antifa[edit]

Many Antifa terrorists hide behind the mask and inside their parents basement to prevent from being exposed. And many who are unlucky have been unmasked and identified, mostly police arrests and Anonymous exposing them on the internets for the lulz and for graet justice. For your viewing pleasure here's a gallery of exposed Antifa terrorists and supporters.

Antifa Unmasked About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Joseph "Chepe" Alcoff[edit]

Around the long neck, be the suspect.
Joseph is totally not a terrorists who wants to burn wealthy people.

On December 18th, 2018, The Daily Caller News Foundation post an article about revealing an influential Antifa leader to push more violence and terrorism in the US. That's right folks. Antifa has leaders. And one of the big moldy rotten soy cheese of Antifa is revealed to be a 36-year-old long necked soyboy named Joseph Alcoff. According to research, Joseph Alcoff is a Washington D.C. congressional activist, Smash Racism DC organizer, radical communist, and Antifa leader with a huge grudge boner against Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz. Joseph goes by the aliases of Jose Martin to make public appearances to promote socialism, once calling for a society without police. The other alias is Chepe, a ridiculous nickname his mommy gave him, to advocate for violence to achieve his goal of eliminating capitalism and the U.S. government, despite American medicine doing a great job on repairing his harelip. Joseph also wants to kill rich and wealthy people with fire because like all indie scam artists, he's too lazy to get his ass up and get a real job to make real money.

Micah Rhodes[edit]

Who could've guessed that this man is a pedophile?

As is so often the case with America-hating leftist groups, Antifa is a haven for pedophiles. Many of them were lestered as children, and as everyone knows, victims of pedophiles often go on to molest children themselves... the victim becomes the victimizer, as it were. Micah Rhodes is a registered sex offender and member of Antifa Portland (PDX) who gets off on trolling for chicken on the internet, then raping his young victims when they are suckered into coming to his mom's basement. Such was the case with an unsuspecting shota who narked on him after Rhodes suckered the young boy with a bike lock after raping his boyhole. For this act of patriotic anti-fascism, Rhodes was given probation because it is Portland where this behavior is acceptable. Within a month, Rhodes was again caught with young boys but this time he was sentenced to 30 months of fun fun buttsex with men who really love men who love little boys.

Mike Isaacson[edit]

In a brilliant move, Isaacson appears on Tucker's show

Mike Isaacson (aka @VulgarEconomics) is a professor at a university in New York City who outraged the Internet Hate Machine by claiming "it is an honor to teach future dead cops", which prompted much digging by the autists at 4chan. This paid off when it was discovered that the man with the dick neck was into being choked, which resulted in the clever nickname "Antifa Giraffe". EDiots predict Isaacson will meet a bizarre end at the end of a pair of hands belonging to a Trump supporter or cop who will gladly indulge this man's fetish.

Eric Clanton[edit]

Already known as "the bike lock attacker", Clanton cleverly avoided jail time after blowing the mayor of Berkeley.

Daniel Sieradski[edit]

Moar info: Daniel Sieradski.

The most overweight of the Antifa leaders, Sieradski is content to issue directives to his footsoldiers while sitting on his fat ass and neglecting his wife and kids in favor of sitting all day on Twitter screeching at people. Sieradski has proudly accepted the title given to him by the Internet's edgiest Nazi, weev, and misquotes this on his profile as "Antifa's most prominent Jew". Scroll through Sieradski's Twitter media and you will be met with Nazi and fascist imagery much worse than anything posted by those banned in the Twitter and YouTube purges.

Dwayne Dixon[edit]

Dwayne Dicks-On-My-Face, defender of Charlottesville

Dwayne Dixon is a member of Antifa's hillbilly division known as Redneck Revolt. As you can see, Dixon's neck isn't even red, and hearing him talk is like listening to steam escaping. Dixon is best known as the person who threatened James Alex Fields with a long weapon, thereby causing Fields to panic and ruin a beautiful Dodge Challenger (and caused a fat chick to die of a heart attack). Dixon was exonerated of the ruination of the Dodge, and is still held in high regard in Antifa circles.

Zoe Quinn[edit]

Moar info: Zoe Quinn.

What do you expect? It's everybody's favorite career jumping GamerGate whore, Zoe Fucking Five Guys Quinn. Claims to be a field medic of Antifa when literally she just bitches on Twitter for cheap attention.

Joseph Christian Evans[edit]

He's also a furry too.

Joseph Christian Evans is a drug addicted beta male faggot and a member of Antifa. He was spotted on June 30th 2019 at Portland wearing a LGBTQ Star Wars shirt, assaulting an innocent victim Adam Kelly with a blunt sharp weapon like a crowbar. It wasn't long until /pol/ unmask this Antifa faggot.


Antifags literally agree with Hitler

15 Antifa pussies versus 5 middle aged republicans. Who will win?

Cement flavor milkshakes. Antifa's favorite.

The Quarter Pounder rips on Antifa field medic Zoe Quinn.

And Antifa supporting Kotaku journalists.


Le Antifa Revolution Face[edit]

Be afraid of these badass revolutionaries. Be very afraid.

Le Antifa revolution face About missing Pics
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Gallery of Antifa "art"[edit]

Gallery of antifa "art" About missing Pics
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How to properly deal with Antifa[edit]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Antifa-ggotry About missing Pics
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