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Anton Lundin Pettersson
Nationality: Swede  Sweden flag.png
Highscore Killed 2 3, injured 1
Top 25? Nope.
Style Single player
An Hero? Killed by police

On the 22nd of October 2015, Anton Lundin Pettersson, a brave upstanding citizen, decided to perform community service by lowering the amount of undesirables at the Kronan School in Sweden. Upon entering the school, he took a selfie with some students, and then, displeased with how his picture came out, proceeded to run through the school playing Suicide Commando and chopping up anyone that smelled like camels.

A New Hope[edit]

Anton was a completely well-adjusted individual from a degenerate arctic wasteland of sodomites. He targeted Kronan School because it was filled with a very high amount of immigrants, and he wanted to save everyone from self-righteous preaching at the hands of savages who wanted the new Star Wars movie to have a diversified cast.

Equipped with a knife, a sword, a Star wars mask, and a heart full of unimaginable courage, he approached the school and faced his destiny. Upon his arrival at the school, he took a photo with some students and posted it to his Facebook to increase his Edgelord points.

As time ticked by and his post generated no likes, he became extremely hurt and decided to talk to someone about his feelings. As he raced down the hallways, searching for people with brown skin, he spoke aloud from the Holy Scripture, reciting, "I AM YOUR FATHER. I AM YOUR FATHER. I AM YOUR FATHER."

Lavin Eskandar, 20, became the first person to cross sabers with Darth Anton, and became more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Ahmed Hassan, 15, was also stabbed and died later of his wounds. He was sitting in a class when the killer came to the door, and said, "Knock knock." Hassan reportedly opened the door before saying the customary "Who's there?" and subsequently was cut down for his insolence.

Anton was described by a local man as quiet and reclusive. He liked heavy metal music and hated hip-hop. On his Facebook and YouTube pages he liked and shared movies that glorified a perfectly healthy interest for any young man, which is the reason his motive for playing IRL Fruit Ninja is considered to be racially-driven.


Darth Anton finally got shot by police and died hours later at hospital. It´s uknown if he was allowed to enter Valhalla since technically he didn´t die with a sword on his hands.

One person was quoted as being mildly disturbed, everyone else just shrugged and said, "Well, at least they weren't white children". Politicians used his failure to kill more than two people as justification for their current laws on gun control.

On December 3rd, 2015, a third victim died of his injuries in hospital, aged 42.





True and Honest Fan

This is a black day for Sweden



—Prime Minister Stefan Lofven

Anton is a hero. Bless him. May millions of European men take the sword.

Vionelce works. ALWAYS. When are our people going to wake the fuck up to this truth?


—A stormfag

"Died in battle with sword in his hand. He is in Valhalla with his fathers."

High Score[edit]

Graded score
Kills: 3/20
Accuracy: 10/20 Managed to kill 3 sandniggers by stabbing them with a sword
Style: 20/20 Star Wars themed
Butthurt: 15/20 Muh immigrants.
Bonus: 20/20 Melee Bonus.
Total score: 68/100 (D)
Next time try the force.
See full ranking

Wanted Level

Mall Cop


Some Gameplay Footage of him walking around like a retard

Notable faggot, MrRepzion's take

News vid

Another video

The Song He Played During His Lulzy Attack

His Facebook, Youtube, and his home

A Tribute Video


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