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Information icon.png Anthony recently got doxed! He believes that the person responsible was an ex-friend who left him for being retarded. And while he isn't even close, it's still amusing nonetheless. Feel free to send him pizzas

Anthony Aguilar
Given Name(s) Anthony Aguilar, ForNoGoodReason, Magog, and countless sockpuppet names to long to list
Nationality Merrycunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born August 2, 1980
Classification Youtuber, store brand keemstar, cuck, brony, furry, autist
Residence Illinois
Youtube YouTube Favicon.png ForNoGoodReason

It's common knowledge that all bronies are pathetic. However, one of the most pathetic of them all is pedobronie Anthony Aguilar, also known on YouTube as FNGR. This 39-year-old Mexican cuckold with autism has made a supposed "career" of analysing people who analyse My Little Pony, and running a podcast dedicated to grilling his guests in the name of youtube fame. Thankfully, he's not doing a good job at it.

Try and find the male in this image (hint: it's the child)

Limbo: As Limp As His Dick[edit]

Anthony hosts a brilliant podcast called "The King of Limbo". The show is comprised of Anthony bribing e-celebs in the brony community with hundreds of taxpayer dollars to "interview" them to a pitifully small audience of about 2,000 sockpuppet accounts. Nobody knows why Anthony makes this shitty series that nobody likes. Maybe he hopes that they'll share the video and he'll become famous in the process. Maybe it's a projection of his insecurities. Maybe it's egoboosting his fantasy that he is "the evulust basterd on the Internet".

..Oh yeah, did I forget this this guy writes basic English sentences with about the same proficiency as Stephen Hawking talking?

The Adventures Of CuckNGR[edit]

For further hilarity, it was discovered that Anthony got cucked. Not by any random girl, mind you, but by a scammer! Fellow brony "analyst" Fallenwish started asking for GoFundMe shekels after she was paralysed by her abusive father throwing a can of Pepsi that hit her in the back. To top this shitshow off, not only did Anthony DEFEND her for this scam, but threatened a journalist for exposing the fraud. Does any of this sound familiar?

Look, if she were completely okay, and she ripped off a bunch of people for $4,000 dollars and she would continue to be okay I’d be fine with that.


Anthony Aguilar - Defending a scammer because "she's muh gf"

When it was clear the game was up, Anthony acted mature about the situation and made an attack video on Horse news, calling it a "hive of male misogyny" as well as making up false claims about the sites staff

Anthony stopped dating Fallenwish in favor of a black woman. Fallenwish has also started to insult Aguilar for how much of a fucking loser he is, but being such a massive cuckold let her get away with it. Desperate for a victory, Anthony tried to bribe Horse-news with entry into a skype group he's in, if they removed the expose on FallenWish's scam, presumably in the hopes of pulling off a really shitty and blatant bait-and-switch. As you can imagine, it failed miserably.

And if this wasn't humiliating enough, after breaking up with the nigger he roped into being his girlfriend, he dated someone with PTSD that nobody cared about named Grace who dumped his sorry ass after three weeks.

Better luck next time, Anthony.

Stupidity Has A New Name[edit]

Anthony is a self-professed genius, and has made a masterful argument as to why social justice warriors never existed. All it took was a Google and a Yahoo search:

Anthony's argument can also be re-purposed to suit your needs! "Illinois neo-Nazi convention" also brings up no results. Therefore, neo-Nazis don't exist, either.

The Dickhead That Derailed[edit]

It was a fine day on /cow/. The countrysides were nice and the plants were singing, but that all changed when Anthony tried to shit the board up with his irrelevance. First making his way onto the threads on fellow cow Jerry Peet, Anthony made a video bitching about how immoral 8chan was for mocking Peet (which is ironic given that Anthony stalked Jerry and made numerous videos about him). His idiocy was called out, which set him on a sperg rage campaign to try and get back at /cow/, before getting the banhammer for "schizophrenic rambling". Vowing never to come to the "shitty sight" again, Anthony returned almost immediately after his ban expired.

He eventually got his own thread. Anthony, who was totally not butthurt in the slightest, sought to derail the thread with his friends. Along the way, they also spilled the beans on their own friend, such as his foot fetishes as well as trying to post the personal details of the brave journalists who exposed him and his girlfriends con. Instead, they posted the skype details of a Mr. Enter fan. Anthony, being a massive fucking retard, managed to get banned at least 100 times now.

The Sockpuppet Scandal[edit]

With barely over 5,000 subscribers, it's safe to say Anthony is mostly irrelevant in the brony community. However, the same journalists that exposed his girlfriend also blew a lid on his countless sockpuppets. It's not even like he tried to hide these, either: he's uploaded videos on these account with the same formula on his main channel. Anthony's crew tried to blank it, but it didn't work as the post was restored just hours later.

lol anthony has no real friends[edit]


Deviantart-favicon.png Theburningdonut (Aaron Renk)- Furry artist who draws anthro porn on DeviantArt. Much like Anthony, he's also a massive loser who lives in a van covered in furry and pony art and is too poor to even buy a pair of pants. He's also into father-son furry incest.

YouTube Favicon.png vidapony (Joshua Vida)- Formerly a member of Horse News trying to go undercover into Anthonys group, Vida decided that being a brony wasn't a terrible enough life decision. As such, he quickly went rogue and over time became an unfunny ween allegedly dying from a tooth infection who also tries (and fails miserably) to hide the list of Anthony's sockpuppets.

Twitter-favicon.png SynicalSayori (Ryu Santiago)- A white teenager according to the state of Florida, where he lives his miserable existance while also having autism (no, seriously). This irrelevant piece of shit white knighted for Anthony since April 2018 and only got his shit together in July when he had the pleasure of talking to him in Twitter DM's. Expect him to white knight for Vida and other faggots now, since he needs to be in the spotlight at all times.

Oh, he also pisses off everybody, by the way.

Frank Aguilar[edit]

If there's ever been a perfect demonstration of someone spinning in their grave, it would probably be Frank Aguilar. Frank was a Mexican immigrant, whom in just the space of a few weeks managed to learn english in elementary school. Frank, much like every other mexican, took everyones jobs by doing at least two or three a day, as well as coaching a basketball team to victory, and helped pay for other people's college admissions.

Frank died some time in August of 2011, leaving behind a mourning family... and an autistic manchild with terrible writing skills.

Also, if you mention that his dad is dead on twitter, Anthony will desperately act in denial and eventually block you.

Leaky Liar[edit]

Anthony is incredibly poorly looked upon. While his delusions result in him thinking this is a good thing, the fact of the matter is that it has caused numerous people to secretly leak information onto /cow/ and and the Kiwi Farms numerous times. This apparently left Anthony incredibly paranoid, and kicked out the wrong guy claiming he was an 8chan informant. His proof? The person he accused was gay. Don't ask how he made that connection, we have no clue either.

Similarities to Chris Chan[edit]

Unsurprisingly, this loser has a lot in common with the world famous lolcow himself! Here's just a few examples:

  • Both are in their 30's
  • Both have high functioning autism (although in Anthony's case, that might be too generous)
  • Both live with their parents
  • Both have a dead dad who tried their best
  • Both have sissy fetishes
  • Both obsess over something made for 6 year old girls in a creepy kind of way

"Evilist basturd on the internet" pussies out of a debate[edit]

Don't let his faux-badass persona deceive you, this guy is in reality a massive coward. When MisterMetokur (Formerly known as InternetAritsocrat) made a video mocking inflation fetishists on Deviantart, the response he got was simply astonishing. Lulz were had following butthurt reactions, though a woman man with a voice changer roleplaying as an anime girl somehow couldn't beat Anthony's response. His response was 11 minutes of whining about, among other things, a "god is dead and we killed him" joke. He demanded that Jim face him, which he more than happily obliged to and thus a "Metokast" was arranged between the two the following week. However, it was clear that Anthony knew he fucked up, even requesting to bring his friends along for the ride.

Sadly for every spectator watching the chaos, the podcast was prematurely aborted by Anthony after waving a white flag. This, however, did not stop him from attacking Jim again a few hours later when he made a video blaming a writer from horse-news for his own pussying out, before then changing his story to claim he would've been at work when it happened. This claim was quickly shot down as bullshit by anyone with brain-cells, as Anthony was uploading videos and tweeting about them when he was "working". To add further insult to injury, MisterMetokur uploaded a video about Anthony and his antics, humiliating him to a crowd of over 100,000 people.

Go to 8:45 to watch Jim tear Anthony apart.


Evolution Of Anthony Being Retarded[edit]

"I'm a gallery, puddin', let's dance" About missing Pics
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The Articles Better Than His[edit]

The Links That Thought They Could[edit]

YouTube Favicon.png ForNoGoodReason Anthony's YouTube account. It's about as bad as you'd expect it to be.
Twitter-favicon.png FNGR101 Anthony's twitter. For lulz call him an irrelevant faggot or point out that his dad is still dead and watch as he insults you for hours on end. Fun for all the family!
Horse News article about his 'tism
The Horse News article about FallenWish that caused Antony to sperg out.


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Antony Aguilar is part of a series on Dying Alone

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