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Apples Bear will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

How does a bear know what apples is?
No, it's a pear.
See what you done started /b/?

This extremely forced meme originated from the Craption Contest, a caption contest on little-known website Pointless Waste of Time, where it featured the quote "how does a polar bear know what apples is." The /b/tard who originally posted the image added the caption; "im gonna post this everyday till you like this". Soon after, the meme effect came into play, where people would shop images with the text; "how does a polar bear know what apples is?!".

It's also been shooped into other memes. For example, it was colorised a few times in a Za Warudo fashion. Another meme, the "Is it can it be hugs tiem now plees" cat meme, replaced the cat with a polar bear plushie and the text "Is it can it be apples tiem now plees".

The meme itself opens to a number of questions. Why are the apples in ice cubes? What kind of sick fuck would be capable of such a cruel abomination?? Why is the polar bear trying to get them?! Does the polar bear understand thermodynamics?!? HOW DOES A POLAR BEAR KNOW WHAT APPLES IS?!?!

Upon hearing of /b/'s usage of the apple bear as a meme and the realization that this horrible quote won the caption contest instead of other captions that were more deserving, if by no means themselves deserving, a butthurt moderator of the site deleted it, cementing the site's status as being a pool of internet faggotry.

Oh Noes!!![edit]

The /b/tard who posted Apples Bear unintentionally started a spin-off meme: the "im gonna post this everyday till you like this" meme, as demonstrated here.

Definitely NOT BETTER than Apples Bear.

Moar Oh Noes!!![edit]

The Germans want Apples Bear GENOCIDED!!!

How does bear know what emo is?


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