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Hentai Tentacle rape never looked better.
Arokha being trolled.

Arokha is a little-known Sick Fuck who lives in Texas and enjoys every unspeakable fetish in the Furry fandom. Arokha's character has a va-jay-jay, but he is a man IRL, and is highly psychotic. On the sight of vore or any disgusting interest of furfaggotry, Arokha is drawn like a moth to the flame, and demands MOAR.

On his page he posts all of the art done by his personal art slave: Cownugget. Most of the worldly abominations seems to be done by this artist. Arokha believes that he is an Otherkin where he actually believes that he has the soul of a fake animal. Arokha's furry self is a female kitsune-cat thing that has no internal anatomy. All furfags "eaten" by arokha are then turned into their closest counterparts: Shit.

Becuause he is such a schizophrenic fuck, Arokha lives in the bathroom of his parents house. This gives a whole new meaning to a basement dweller. According to reliable sources, he works in a hosptial as an orderly where he actually tries to eat the souls of older people that are sick in bed. Having a decent paying job such as this would give the reader the question, "Why hasn't this fag moved out yet?". Well it turns out that Arokha commissions furfag artists such as cownugget for overpriced pictures rangeding from 80 to over 9000 USD. It is thought the reason Arokha does this is to further spread his fetish for soulvore/scat/piss/WTF to the rest of the fandom, and to increase e-fame and e-penis size. Recently, information has been obtained that Arokha now has to pay his parents rent for the room he stays in at their house. This is nothing to arokha, where he states that he commissions furry artists once or twice a week to because his paycheck is HUGE.

Arokha is afraid of his parents, and probably is frightened of them finding out about his fetishes and the sick shit he faps to while locked in the bathroom. According to people that knew him IRL, he would live in his bathroom, and his dad would chat with him through AIM. Arokha would go without food for days, only using the porn he so lovingly covets as his only need.

Arokha seems to be deathly afraid IRL of being eaten, or having his soul tampered with. He is also addicted to paying sums of money for MOAR pics. Little does Arokha know, that his soul has already been taken by Jews, and was used in 9/11. But Arokha forgot this, and continues his empty life without any notice.

His soul now resides in a basements where it is brutally Raped, Pwnt, scarred, and cut open for the purposes on furry anatomy on a daily basis.

  • All furries have no souls (sold to Satan)
  • Arohka is Gay
  • Arokha wishes he has a va-jay-jay
  • Arokha likes teh CAWK
  • Arokha has had a lulzie school life
  • Anonymous knows Arokha
  • Arohka DOESNT like Mudkipz


Because Arokha is such a schizophrenic fuck, he is famous for abusing artists he tries to commission by using tactics such as: Bribery, Ass-Kissing, Solicitation, and Emo.

Arokha believes he is the GOD of FURRIES, and all artists should obey his wishes as long as he has cash to bribe his way above their Terms of Service.

EXAMPLE #1: Arohka exercises his FURRY GOD powers and bribes his way in front of the commission line ALL THE TIME!!! Oh and as TEH FURRY GOD, he doesn't like to pay for his art in advance. After all, GOD's financial credit cannot be questioned!!! He is also very Emo God and wishes he could buy a friend.

I regularly bribe artists to get ahead in lines XD so they don't want those posted. otherwise the other people would see and get mad >.>


There's something we should work out early so we don't waste each other's time incase we disagree. I'll only pay any given artist a max of $50 in advance at any point in time (that's total, not per pic), though I really prefer to pay after. I've gotten over 1000 commissions now, and I'd be happy to show 'em all to you as proof I'm an 'Expert Commissioner'


Oh wait, I gotta pay before? My policy is to not do that! Will you accept other methods? Like all after, or if you don't trust the person with 800 commissions, like half after sketches half after or whatever?


Why would I pay you before you've done anything? That's not how services work! Anyway if that's your policy, sorry I wasted your bandwidth.


EXAMPLE #2: Arokha is a sick fuck who faps by commissioning pictures of him raping, soul voring, and scatting with characters belonging to other people WITHOUT their permission.

Litespd567: she has a ton of pics

Litespd567: and I have some of her she dun know about. ;x

Litespd567: It'd be private of course ^^ I've never let that sort of thing get out, done it plenty of times.


EXAMPLE #3: Arohka smites all who dares to question how SPECIAL he is!!! Even if they were trying to help him grow out of his puberty.

Ways to Troll Arokha[edit]

  1. Invent a story of His soul being destroyed/taken/stolen/Pwnt
  2. Contact him on AIM, Yahoo, or any other means of spreading lulz that you own ( Litespd456, arohkafox, arokhafox )
  3. Explain how his soul has been removed from his body, IRL, or OL; he doesn't care.
  4. Arokha is an attention whore, bonus points for befriending, and then trolling
  5. Tell him he's neither a FURRY GOD nor very special.
  6. Tell him all artists hate his soulvore shit.
  7. If you are an artist, tell him you want to stick to your TOS. He will be EXTREMELY OFFENDED.
  8. ???
  9. Profit!


  • "My Father called me a cock-warmer: ~Arokha
  • "The name on this page is not spelled right, the real spelling is Arokha, get it right if you're gonna do it" ~Arokha
  • "I've gotten over 1000 commissions now, and I'd be happy to show 'em all to you as proof I'm an 'Expert Commissioner' =p " ~Arokha
  • "I regularly bribe artists to get ahead in lines XD so they don't want those posted. otherwise the other people would see and get mad >.> " ~Arohka

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