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Le 56% Face, Mutt Face, La Creatura, el Ogro, 56ers are the average /pol/lack with an American Flag or The New Face of America is a meme from 4chan's /int/ernational board, based on statistics that only 56% of the American population is white due to hundreds of years of miscegenation, low quality food, shit education and many other important factors. The meme soon spread to /pol/ where it caused much mutthurt as Americunts had the veil painfully torn from their eyes and could at last see that the image of the ugly mixed-breeds they projected onto Europe were in fact their true selves. This dank meme parodies the average ignorant and ethnically mixed land whale Americunt from Dumbfuckistan. While obscure at first, during the autumn months of 2017, it has seen a massive increase in spammers and supporters, becoming one of several masterfully-drawn paint comics/memes. The Amerimutt meme is THE way to piss off 44% of American users on online fora, such as /pol/, causing massive mutthurt and internet debatesas to whether 100% white Europeans or race mixed Americans are the "superior race."

Context of Le 56 Face in the greater picture of Memetics[edit]

This is what the U.S. government considers to be white.

Le 56% Face is funny because it is based on truth of

  1. The changing demographics in the USA and
  2. The arrogance of American posters who somehow believe they are more racially pure than other Western countries.

Le 56 Face is also a bipartisan meme in that in can be used by the Left as a demotivator and by the Right as a call to action. There are many variations of Le 56 Face, from Le 100% Face that is pure Aryan to Le 0% Face that is so black that it actually darkens the background around it.

Le 56 Face follows a greater trends of memes with bipeds of dark skin color representing white supremacism, such as Pepe the Frog and American Bear/American Spurdo Sparde

  • While Pepe memes had a green frog pretending to be white and American Bear could be mistaken for having a tan, Le 56 Face is the first of its kind to tackle the topic of race mixing head on.
  • While Smug Pepe's (and American Spurdo's) ugliness could be brushed away by saying he's a frog (he's a bear) and most anthropomorphic frogs (bears) look like that, Le 56 Face is clear-cut in his unbearable ugliness.
  • While Smug Pepe was sarcastic and self-aware, Le 56 Face is legitimately retarded.
  • Even though he rides in a motor-scooter, American Bear still shows some signs of strength indicated by his broad shoulders and large stature while Le 56 Face has skinny arms and wobbly knees and a gut representing that he never had strength and was born weak.
  • While Pepe and Spurdo were animals with human qualities, Le 56 Face is undeniably human yet possesses such primitive animal qualities that one would be compelled to shoot this creature on sight or cage it in a zoo. Being animals, anons (observers) could distance themselves from the memes (objects of observation), but Le 56 Face, though subhuman, is still human, and thus, boundaries of division have broken down and the memer and the meme have become one and the same.
  • Finally, a major difference between Wojak and Le 56 Face is that Wojak, though human and white, represents the other, usually Leftists, Berniebros, Communists, or even /r/The_Donald tards, but Wojak always represented a position to the left of the Anon. While Le 56 Face is a stereotype of /pol/ and all of /pol/'s deepest fears come true and thus represents the self.

This change from the subtle and sarcastic to the in-your-face horrible honesty, from Memetic-Dadaism to Memetic-Brutalism, signifies an urgency and sense of veils being lifted and truth being revealed as a result of the massive red-pilling campaign that crossed the boundary into black-pilling. Finally, Le 56 Face represents ancient law, that those who live by the sword, die by the sword and those who meme others are doomed to be memed themselves.

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