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AtJap13, formerly known as At!, is a pathetic low life Azn who likes to pretend to be a prepubescent boy on Jewtube. In truth, AtJap13 is At Dye-Tashima, an ugly camwhoring freak with an extreme obsession for the Japanese singer Takanori Nishikawa. Even At's father did not want such a bumfucked child who was really a hairless yellow cat instead of an infant, so he ran back to Japan ASAP. AtJap13 began on YouTube with a rant about their dislike of weeaboos, when actually At is a weeaboo as well. The videos are shit and get increasingly more fucktarded as his page lives on. At is so fucked up that he or she does not even know their own sex. At, like fellow camwhorese Magibon and Applemilk1988, finally sold themself enough and earned enough funds to get to Japan, and will now earn a living making kawaii desu yaoi pr0nz, stalking some middle aged J-pop singer, and will die of AIDS.

At as a baby. Before the hair.

False Music Career[edit]

At went on YouTube saying that they are a Japanese pop singer, but this is a lie. At is a nobody from some shithole that nobody cares about that will never be famous. Nobody wants to listen to some pathetic genderfucked Azn screeching into a mic with white noise in the background. Recently At has begun selling some of this shit on iTunes, but no one will ever download it, so you might as well go get raped by your 40-year-old Jap man then die. Sorry At, everyone HATES YOU.

According to At's Formspring, its album was downloaded a grand total of 10 times. CONGRATULATIONS!

Have a listen to the previews of this work of art here. iTunes now claims that At will be the next Madonna.

I iz gurl. Can I haz boobs?
I iz boi. Can I haz penis?

YouTube Nonsense[edit]

No one knows how this seriously genderfucked Jap got the idea to go on YouTube in the first place, but we all wish that he or she had just stayed in the cave that they were born in with their hillbilly mother and Jap father watching kawaii desu hentai and imagining that they were somebody worth living. In the videos, At pretends to be a 12-year-old crossdresser, hiding the fact that he is acutally a 19-year-old tranny, and occassionally shows off pictures of TMR or (his?) own anorexic body. SRSLY, At weighs only 80 pounds (if that) and is 62 inches tall. At is most likely diseased or more fucked up than we currently know.

At also enjoys chatting with racists on Youtube, believing in a Jewish conspiracy and that Mexicans should be sent to North Korea because they are lazy non-English speaking Jew. Seriously, go to At's Youtube and see for yourself.

OMG At must be a man! Listen to that voice. What guy wouldn't want to wake up to that in the morning?

At is now a proud ginger.
AtJap13 pretends to be an underage boy
A shitty compilation of a conversation between At and a proud Aryan from Hungary

Other Things About AtJap13[edit]

At wears white eyeliner, or white out, or some other shit around their eyes in a desperately failed attempt to make them look wider and less azn,but just makes At look like a retarded, ganguro gone wrong. And since At aspires to be a ganguro, it occasionally can be spotted in blackface, with brightly colored wigs and clothing. Just when we though At could not get any uglier. At also claims to be asexual yet is always talking about his (or her) "love" (actually obsession) for Takanori Nishikawa. You can see this obsession from At's enormous collection of all things that are orange. Since At knows that no one would ever fuck them, At hides behind the Noot label as another lowly little race fucked hapa with a personality that even the mother couldn't love. In fact, At's only claim to fame is the fact that it is perhaps, OMG!, the only weeaboo on the internets that is not fat.

Despite not being born a crack baby, or deaf, or blind, or disfigured, or growing up as a Darfur war orphan, or raped, or homeless, or you, At has led a super difficult life, you have no FUCKING idea. If you encounter At in the wild, be sure you're super nice to him/her/it.

At also has a very fakey and very butthurt friend, Kalli Ishikawa, that no one seems to like either. This other girl is a kawaii desu Jap girl who is actually a chink who got knocked up before age 13. At is so desperate to have someone like them that they brainwashed this girl so much that she even ended up almost dating it. This girl is also very ugly with a serious case of bulimia, so she hides behind pictures of shitty J-Pop singers and other butthurt azns. Kalli is not only a pathetic, ugly bitch but also a genuine whore who will most definitely love you long time. As will At if you buy it T.M.Revolution things.

At claims to be asexual because their Azn boytoy dumped him so he could knock up a 100% real Japanese girl guilt-free.

Well, I hate to be the one to tell u this, but, it is kinda ur fault. I know its Kalli's fault too, but you did pressure her...*looks down*...don't be mad at me for sayin dat though. three, maybe it will bring us closer? yah. not gonna happen. I hope she gets rid of it but prolly not cos her mom's a religious lil thing and she wants to punish u guys. i am so glad i'm sterile! damn! i'm gonna miss hearin ur voice *smile* well, talk to ya never XD (in three fuckin months! gah!!! thats like an eternity in At time)


— At, worrying that they won't get knocked up before 18

Yep, At decided to become celibate and an amoeba. Which is rather lulzy, considering At has more in common with bacteria than the sexuality. He gets inside your head and makes your eyes bleed from looking at the ugliness or hearing the dying cat noise of his J-Pop music. At also apparantly has a girlfriend, but truth on this matter is not yet known. Despite being asexual, At defends this behaviour by saying that it is a "romantic asexual" instead of a Noot asexual.

Apparantly At was almost miscarried when it was a fetus, but its mother had to take a shitload of medication in order for At to survive. This caused it to be born early and thus fucked up its hormones and sex. (At was actually told this by a doctor.) Now, At is attempting to correct this hainous mistake. It couldn't just save us the trouble and die before ever gracing our Earth with its presence.

I'm not gay. I am asexual. And if I did date, I would stick with fellow Asians. I would not degrade myself by dating whites.


— Youtube comment by At

Those spics deserve everything they get! Teach to stay out of America!!! my (spic) stepfather beat my mom && me when i was little, until she finally dumped me off at my aunts ... i love being racist. my ex && i always made fun of mexicans && fat Americans, which is funny, cuz i'm American, but whatever. the Nanjing Massacre *ALMOST* made me hate my own race.


— mass rape and slaughter is ok because it was my race doing it, but a spic hitting my mom? FUCK YOU MEXICANS, GET OUT OF GLORIOUS AMERICA

A Change of Heart?[edit]

At disappeared for the summer, but now it's back with new and improved Japanese and singing skills. At is now friends with a Mexican girl, which makes it totally not racist against Spics anymore. Its also dating some fat white otaku named Emmy who loves it long time...or nawt.

At is also continuing to make shitty videos where it attempts to sound male but in fact sounds like it has a sore throat. Recently, At admitted on facebook that it is indeed an MTF (or is it an FTM?) and has begun hormone treatments. Occassionally, At sounds like the sexfucked male it really is.

At IRL[edit]

At in its Habitat About missing Pics
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AtJap13's New Activities[edit]

Since discovering that glorious Japan is not so kawaii desu desu when it comes to the topic of transvestites, At has turned into a 100% genuine Koreaboo and has informed everyone of his intention to move to Korea, where he will be seen less and raped moar. Don't worry At, at least communists love you!

At's weeaboo girlfriend dumped him recently, and he has been whining about it on his blog[1].

At has apparently left Youtube, hooray! BUT IT'S NOT OVER YET! Here's a video uploaded by some chick claiming At stole her boyfriend!

I felt sorry for it back then. Thought he was a typical Japanese boy so I was nice to him but then found out he was sleeping with my bf! atjap has been dressing like a tranny since.


— video comment by some bitch who can't let go

Our friend At has also got into some shit, literally, with another Youtube user named TJDenver187. There's a shitton of comments on his page, have the highlights:

  • Tranny and shemale are totally cool words for transgenders! And according to At the F2M trans, trannies aren't real people!
  • Sekayiu or however the fuck you spell his name has a scat fetish! At wouldn't play ball so he moved on to that other Jap he knocked up.
  • At may or may not have fucked people for money.

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