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Nearly has the body count beaten

August Underground's Mordum is an independent film which teaches the value of family togetherness.

The single most sickening, disgusting, and gruesome piece of shit EVAR. August Underground's Mordum has made it onto more "Ten Sickest Movies" lists than you can imagine, and for good reason. It is a faux snuff film, shot entirely with a camcorder, with no discernible plot or direction; just plenty of raep, murder, vomit, and blood. Oh yeah, and corpses. Lots of those. And Extremely disappointing.

The Gore[edit]

Yep. It's in here. But wait! There's more!

Just a quick list of the atrocities you'll find in this monument to human depravity (in order of appearance):

But hey, at least they didn't kill any cats.

The Cast[edit]

These are the fuckheads to blame for this monstrosity, in order of appearance.

Fredenstein: Main character. Sort of. Mostly just holds the camera, masturbates, and kills a couple of people. Oh, and disembowels a bitch while she's alive, on camera. We meet our protagonist in the intro, walking up some stairs. Memorable moments: Walks in on his girlfriend Crusty being fucked by her brother, Maggot. Last seen trying to kill Maggot. Surprise ending there.

Jonesy, wake up man. How ya doin? Good, good...*hammer blow to back of head*



Crusty: AKA Crazy-Bitch. Turn-ons include self-mutilation, puking on people, necrophilia, and her brother. First seen being fucked by her brother. Memorable moments: cutting herself multiple times across the torso with a piece of glass (?), puking on two women she is forcing to kiss each other, and molesting random strangers in public. Last seen trying to stop Fred from killing Maggot.

Oh my god...that's his dick. I can't believe you made him do that...HAHAHA, oh my god. Can...Can I keep it?



Dead loli makes pedobear sad

Maggot: Aspie brother of Crusty. Completely fucked in the head. First seen fucking his sister. Memorable moments: eats part of a rotten infant's corpse, and fucks a young girl's corpse in a bath tub while Crusty films. Last seen covered in some bitch's blood, committing suicide.




Killjoy: Gothy store manager of some kind? Apparently a member of the band Necrophagia IRL. Joy. The closest thing to a human being in the entire film. First seen being fake-robbed by the trio of Fred, Crusty, and Maggot. Memorable moments: Nothing really. Rapes a bitch and has a pussy fight with Fred. Last seen...doing accounting work?!

I'm working, doing some accounting. Yeah, it's boring, but it pays the bills, ya know?


—Killjoy, the least hardcore cast member

Cruise: Mostly just an extra. The sole purpose for his existence in the film is for the special effects guy to make a cameo. First seen, don't remember and don't care enough to watch that fucking movie again. Memorable moments? No. Last seen hanging from a noose.

Plot Summary[edit]



The Movie[edit]

And finally, what you have all been waiting for; The video.

<video type="googlevideo" id="-6214394951294683673" desc="August Underground's Mordum" frame="true" position="center"/>

Now that you have it, put it to good use. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would love to have this shown to them.


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