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"This is ED, not MySpace!" ~ Zaiger

Autoplay (also known as &autoplay=1) is an overused wiki function that is an annoyance akin to strikethrough; it's an easy way to gain views on your channel and earn a swift kick in the nuts from angry, old fucks. Either that, or your edit will be reverted by some editor who constantly views the Recent changes page like a hungry hawk looking for some prey. Here on ED, autoplay is considered extremely rude and the pinnacle of faggotry. It will be reverted instantly and you will possibly be banned for being an inconsiderate asshole.

As obnoxious as it is annoying, autoplay is not exclusive to wikis. Autoplay is used on blogs, social networking sites and YouTube user pages (all leaving many with nerd rage). Either way, you're going to piss off a lot of people with it wherever you go.

When is it neccessary?

How most people react to autoplay.

Never, and it never will be. As much as you want a page with autoplay, it is never needed. Pages with autoplay embedded in usually result in the viewer either:

  1. clicking the back button
  2. mute the volume
  3. pausing the video

Option number one is the most selected of the three. Although autoplay is never necessary nor needed, the exception is the cutest page on ED: Kittens. Of course, in the realms of JewTube, many people figure using autoplay in their channel will gather more views. On the contrary, there would be no point considering nobody cares about that person's shitty AMV of Naruto with Linkin Park playing at full volume. In conclusion, it would leave another shit account in the cesspool of YouTube.

And then there's MySpace (lol, does anybody have one nowadays?), which was a popular haven for the use of autoplay on the internet. Amongst tweens, it was abused beyond recognition with their Lady Gaga or Soulja Boy songs that any other normal person with a decent taste in music couldn't stand. But to no surprise, anyone who isn't an attention-thriving 12 year old girl or some horrible Indie band hoping to achieve stardom with the use of MySpace have already moved onto to other social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter where they can whore themselves and stalk people more conveniently. Besides, MySpace was no good from the start (nor were its competitors).

Of course, autoplay can also be used for trolling by using some earrape material which subsequently may generate lulz.

How Do I Autoplayed?

So you want to know how to embed autoplay within ED? Be warned, as you most likely will get reverted for your faggotry. Repeat offenders can possibly generate an edit war with an result in which could possibly end you getting banhammered. But then again, it's perfectly okay to spam articles with autoplay outside of ED onto other inferior wikis such as TOW and Uncyclopedia.

Normal Autoplay

<video type="youtube" id="[insert the YouTube video ID code; which comes after "/watch?v="]"&autoplay=1&loop=0" height="[x]" width="[x]" position="" frame="false" />

Start from Elsewhere Besides the Beginning

Simply put "&start=[the time you want the video to start at]" right before or after "&autoplay=1"

Autoplay with Loop

<video type="youtube" id="[insert the YouTube video ID code; which comes after "/watch?v="]"&autoplay=1&loop=1" height="[x]" width="[x]" position="" frame="false" />

Looped Audio

<div style="visibility:hidden"><video type="youtube" id="[insert the YouTube video ID code; which comes after "/watch?v="]&autoplay=1&loop=1" height="1" width="1" position:"left" frame:"false" /></div>

Worthy Drama-causing Material

If you insist on using autoplay, you might as well use some troll-worthy material. Example usually consist of intentionally annoying (unintentional is fine too) songs, audio remixed to G-Major, or maximum volume audio. Or you could always cuntpaste a video/song 50 times. Remember, the longer and louder it is the higher your probability of trolling will be. Additionally, getting rid of the ability of the pause/play controls also generates more rage. Please use with care!

Methods of Disabling Autoplay

Usually, the easiest method of disabling autoplay is through the pause button. There are, however, times when one will troll you with a page where there are no way to stop the madness. You don't want to click the back button because you're too interested in a page only you would care about. You can always mute the volume, but you don't want your precious songs of the Jonas Brothers playing on iTunes to be muted as well. Lucky for you there are better ways of turning off autoplay and for good.

Take note that if you still use Internet Explorer (people still use that?) you will still be raeped in the ass by autoplay. The main technique for you to disable autoplay is to download an extension for browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But then again, since Chrome does a shitty job at blocking ads, you can probably expect the same to occur with autoplay.

Or you can always just throw your computer out the window.

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