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Tits out for Trump.
Aydin Paladin (Powerword: Rebekah Erin Ford), aka Sybil Adastra, is a borderline, bipolar, pathological liar, pagan, pansexual that reads child pornography and threatens to kill herself over internet drama and getting doxed. By that description alone, not to mention the fact that she claims to be a social scientist, you might think that she is just another SJW feminist. But in reality Aydin Paladin is an Alt-Right YouTuber who believes that women should not be allowed to vote while flaunting around the fact that she took part in the 2016 election.

Since every male on the internet has blue balls, she has an entire army of fanatical white knights all over the internet including Reddit, 4chan, 8chan, YouTube, RedTube, Discord, and Twitter that will defend her every statement and action while she accuses innocent people of doxing and raping her, lies about her past to the audience, fakes suicide attempts, and whores herself to anyone with a big enough bank account.

The History of Aydin[edit]

Little is known about Aydin's early life other than the fact that she was born in West Virginia but, after her birth, her mother divorced her father and Aydin grew up in Baltimore in a single parent household. During her childhood, she developed PTSD from bullying in high school. When she grew up she became a pansexual and fucked multiple men, women and even dogs.

Great idea showing your Lithium bottle in front of the camera, Bekah!

Around this time, she also started her (failed) career as a rapper. Not being able to contend with Aydin's constant bitching about how illegal Latinas were taking away all her black dicks and women being allowed to vote, her dad suggested that she should go and vent about it on the internet and thus the infamous right-wing version of Anita Sarkeesian was born.

Denial of her Jewish Heritage[edit]

What!! Me a Jew? No, no that's very wrong.

Like most Jews (especially those trying to ally with the Alt-Right), Aydin has tried her best to hide her true heritage, often by coloring her hair blond or purple, referring to herself as Irish or Welsh, and blaming her alcoholism on her white heritage. When that does not work she will simply say that since only her mom was Jewish she is only half-Jewish. Of course, this is a blatant lie since having a Jewish mother is enough to be considered fully Jewish and people who are truly half-Jewish only have a Jewish father.


Whether Aydin cares or not about her Jewish lineage is debatable since she has no problem with getting her snatch serviced by whites, blacks and Italians.

Aydin's Lies About Her Job[edit]

During the Kraut drama (see below) she invented one of her most famous lies: that people used her "dox" to get her fired from her job. In fact, she was kicked out of her job way before because she was creating a lot of workplace drama, throwing temper tantrums, and nobody could stand her anymore. Must be a Jewish thing...

Aydin Paladin's vast list of publications

Aydin's Enemies[edit]

Being a hypocrite, a manipulative liar and an attention whore, it's no wonder that Aydin has made a thousands of enemies. They usually engage in massive trolling, stalking, harassment and even death threats. The result is a massive amount of fun for the rest of us.


Destiny - The evil rat kike Aydin made her debut on YouTube in a debate against Destiny, The Midget. During this hilarious event, she started to lie about her PhD and also revealed to the world that her mother was diagnosed as crazy, she used the DSM-6 (!), that she hates the police, and she hit a police car because she was drugged. She also explained that marijuana does not affect your ability to drive at all. You can see other highlights of the debate in the video below:

Humiliated and defeated, the evil harlot swore vengeance against the little dwarf. She quickly started spreading all sorts of slander by repeatedly accusing him of being a stalker, a pedophile (this one is true), a zoophile, and -- yes, you guessed it -- doxing her. The midget even had to sent her a legal Cease & Desist in an attempt to prevent further harassment and slander from the malevolent thot and her fanatical demented white knights.

Enter the gate Auschwitz awaits.

Kraut and Tea - Kraut and Tea used to be a pretty cool guy that laughed at Muslims and Afrocentrists and was not afraid of anything. But as is the destiny of all Germans he got trampled by the Jewrats. In this case not several, but one single Jewrat. That Jewrat was none other than Aydin Paladin.

When Kraut was battling race realism to prove that he was not racist despite being a critic of the Left, the evil whore decided that it was the perfect time to impress him since Kraut can't argue on the topic of race realism even if his life depended on it. However, when the hook-nosed vermin approached the German übermensch, he denied her help and called her a cunt, making the attention whore (that so desperately wanted Kraut's bratwürst inside her jaded bagel) cry an ocean of Jewish tears.

Since Aydin has a vagina, the otherwise misogynist virgins on YouTube and 4chan rushed to her defense condemning the valiant German knight as a mean nasty cyberbully.

Recent developments have revealed that Kraut was not responsible for Aydin's "dox" (which supposedly resulted in Aydin being forced to quit her academia job) that took place in late 2017. Nobody was.

In fact, she was kicked out of her job one year before the Krautgate because she was creating a lot of drama, throwing literal temper tantrums in the workplace and she couldn't get along with anyone in the PhD program.

This is another lie, since she was expelled from the PhD program in 2016. She had no job during the Krautgate in the end of 2017.

Zeph on the Aydin Question.

Zeph, The Cuck - The guy that makes women cry (and not tears of love and joy), he is a cuck who does not care about the fact that his fiancée is sleeping with her former husband because Zeph and his woman have an emotional connection, not a sexual one. Ironically, despite having such a progressive view and the fact that most of Zeph's videos ridicule MGTOW, he has done more to hurt women (including our favorite platinum-haired thot) than actual misogynists like Black Pigeon Speaks and Naked Ape by scaring them through doxing.

Most people only know Zeph from the stream where he and Kraut taught Aydin Paladin a brutal lesson in humility. He will never again in his life be part of anything greater than the legendary pwnage of the Hebrew harlot.

When Jews cry real tears
The reason she uses an avatar.

Mundane Matt - MundaneMatt is another YouTube vlogger. Unlike Aydin, Matt does not buy into the PizzaGate horseshit and rightfully threw it in the trashcan where it belongs. This caused Aydin to rage at the slightly overweight geek. However, he valiantly told the insufferable Alt-Right cooze to fuck off pointing out that she is a nobody. We all know though, that the real reason Aydin hates him is because Mundane Matt has a kid while Aydin's uterus is a barren dry wasteland.

Heryos - A Brazilian divorced schizophrenic furfag, Heryos wants to kill Aydin Paladin because he thinks she is the reincarnation (or avatar) of his ex-wife. According to the Interpol, he is mentally ill and very dangerous. Luckily for our bipolar thot, he is currently locked in a psychiatric asylum.

On Discord, Aydin uses these facts as a pretext to ban everybody she does not like from a server. Do you criticize Aydin? She will accuse you of being a Heryos alt and will cry for the server administrator to ban you.

Kevin Logan - Since Aydin is an anti-feminist, it is only natural that she would have some feminist detractors. This is where Kevin Logan enters the picture.

In a video about Poland, Aydin states that Germans only had concentration camps in Poland. A handsome, blue-eyed Aryan man named David Sherratt noticed the smarmy kike trying to whore herself into the Alt-Right by saying something controversial about the Holocaust and decided counter her arguments. This caught the attention of Kevin Logan, who saw this as an opportunity to destroy the malevolent Jewish YouTuber. This pogrom might have been successful if not for the fact that a fellow member of Aydin's tribe called Halsey, The Boomer, came to her defense.

It should be noted that Aydin blames Kevin for -- yes, you guessed it -- doxing her (but she also says that David Sherratt doxed her as well, so...) which led to the infamous Aydin Twitter meltdown.

In conclusion as the general statement goes......

The real Zeph.jpg
Kraut 2.jpg




Aydin's Friends and fuck buddies[edit]

Aydin's friends encouraging terrorism despite Aydin's constant claims of being a pacifist herself.

Because Aydin is a woman on YouTube that makes "feminism is retarded lol" videos she, of course, has some so-called internet friends.

Hard Bastard - Aydin's former partner, he always wears black sunglasses and has a show called Hard News Network where he exposes the lies of people like David Pakman. Much like another anti-SJW skeptic we all know and love, he once belonged to a religious sect; in this case the Jehovah's Witnesses. This might explain his attraction to Aydin Paladin since the Jehovah's Witnesses way of practicing Christianity is more similar to that of the ancient Hebrews of the Old Testament. They later broke up because Aydin was cucking Hard Bastard with Sinatra Says (see below) and many others.

She cucked Hard Bastard with at least two other guys

Sinatra Says - Sinatra's content is probably the most generic, boring and unoriginal you will find on YouTube. Also, despite being part of the skeptic community, he acts a lot more like a member of the commentary community. His videos are nothing but his commentaries about whatever video he happens to find. He also calls for the death of people that defend pedophilia, despite his former girlfriend Aydin (yes, they broke up) being one, not to mention that Jews are behind the acceptance of sexual degeneracy since the 70's.

Sinatra's two boys are autists so, if by some miracle, Aydin and Sinatra had children she would have blamed Sinatra's defective sperm for the children's abnormalities.

According to Alister Mycroft, Aydin's fundamental reason for dating Sinatra, in April of 2018, was that she got bored of Hard Bastard and wanted a beta bitch slave with a big bank account to make her a pretty princess. So, as always, she invented a story.

In this new story, Kraut's rejection made her develop Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. She used this as excuse to broke the relationship with Hard Bastard and earn some pity points. The next step was to convince the horny Sinatra that she had a crush on him.

Sinatra wisely dumped the wicked whore after he found out she was after his money. Since then, in her perverse thirst for vengeance, Aydin Paladin is waging a secret crusade of slanders, lies and intrigues against Sinatra (and his girlfriend Sassy Shelly) on Discord, while acting as his friend on Twitter...

...and dropping some indirect remarks here and there.

Naked Ape - (Powerword: Samuel Haidt) Naked Ape's videos consist of an annoying faggot screeching autistically into a microphone while an overly dramatic music plays in the background. He is a GRIDS-infested homosexual degenerate that tries his best to demoralize and destroy Western society.
A perfect example of this: when the highly secularized society of Iceland decided to take revenge on Judaism for the economic crash of 2007, by banning the unspeakably vile and obscene religious practice known as circumcision, Naked Ape made a video on how Atheism was destroying the West.

Both Aydin and Naked Ape hate Socialism, but only because it prevents certain groups from gaining world domination through international finance. Ape hosts a stream called "The Weekend Chimpout", starring the evil rat kike Paladin and Ape's little bitch Dongwave.

During the famous Operation Retard Smackdown, his (failed) plan was to get Aydin's mentally disabled fanboy Alister Mycroft on the Weekend Chimpout once again to tell his story and use an Aydin impersonator to ask him to date her. However, this quickly fell apart after an unknown mod on Ape's Discord server leaked the information to Alister. That sparked a neo-Stalinist purge of mods and members of the server involved in the operation. Oh, and Aydin no longer goes on the Chimpout but is still on the server.

Aydin dropping cartoon tits for her audience, despite the fact that she has already shown her actual milkers on 4chan.

Black Pigeon Speaks - (Powerword: Aaron Lace) An unusually insecure Alt-Lighter, Black Pigeon Speaks is best known for abandoning chats and reacting angrily whenever somebody wants to find a final solution to the West's problems or suggests that the Jews might be responsible for most of the stuff that he has a problem with and not the Magna Carta or the French constitution. His channel description also makes it clear that he is not Alt-Right even though he pretty much agrees with them on everything, including gender roles, Negroes, and Muslims. One may wonder what insignificant differences he might have with the Alt-Right, but they are probably the same as those of Aydin. He blames white women (using the buzzword "western women" for some reason) for all the problems in the world while talking about how great of a nation Israel is and how beautiful its women are (did we mention that he is on good terms with Aydin Paladin?). Much like Anita Sarkeesian, he also hates pornography and precisely like Anita Sarkeesian he has yet to mention the ethnicity of the people that run the porn industry. Unlike Sarkeesian however he is not racist towards East Asians (in particular the Japanese) or Arabs for that matter.

Braving Ruin - A Libertarian that was gassed by Kraut and Zeph. Kraut has tried to dox him repeatedly since he was sixteen-year-old. Recently, after returning from his vacation from the internet, Kraut went right back to his old tricks and was successful to get Braving Ruin out of the internet... or at least that's what Aydin says. But she's not exactly trustworthy when it comes to doxing accusations.

Merc, The Paypig[edit]

Aydin, is this really the best you can do and the best you can give? (...) I would never guess [you] would be so desperate (...) to the point of seeking an insurance fraud marriage. It's kinda sad.


A post from a friend of Aydin (the catfag) on /cow/.

Even alister.jpg

MerCuck was the last resort option for Aydin after a long string of bad decisions. Aydin openly admits that she does not like him and it is all a "business decision". She is only with Merc because his house has three bedrooms and he has a drone. Merc was probably a virgin before getting into this relationship and is either completely willing to accept that he is being played or so naive and lonely that he refuses to believe what is happening.

Merc stocks cans of corn at the local supermarket at 2am to pay the bills, while Aydin lives like a princess and camwhores to Dr. Layman and sends feet pictures to Mitch, the Creep. This is the reason why Merc is constantly bullied on Discord for being such a cuckold (examples here and here). He is a big, dumb manchild who cannot realize what is going on. According to eyewitnesses, Aydin has to constantly cuddle Merc, because he cries if he thinks the e-celebs don't like him.

This sham relationship will end in a huge mess and his recent marriage proposal (instead of a ring, he proposed to her with a .50 cal round) shows that when it happens, it will be a bad one. You can already see her greedy grin here.

To sum up: Merc is the Ultimate Final Form of a PayPig.


Aydin's Online Autistic Meltdowns[edit]

Anyone that watches livestreams where Aydin is a guest on or follows her on Twitter can clearly tell that she is not right in the head.

For a woman that has been online for two decades now, one would figure that she would (in theory) know what to do and what not to do online. You would imagine that Aydin, being mentally ill, would see people like Chris-Chan and say: "I better not be like them!".

But if her debate on Destiny's stream right before she started her channel on YouTube, the Warski livestream she did with Kraut, and her frequent Twitter meltdowns have taught us anything, it is that she just can't control herself and is destined to be our favorite bipolar lolcow.

Since she was kicked from the Academia (due to her temper tantrums) and she refuses to find an honest job, it looks like YouTube will be her main occupation with Patreon and Streamlabs paypigs being her source of income. But these companies have been known to terminate such far-right individuals before so if you ever see Aydin Paladin working at a Burger King, you'll know why.

Aydin and West Virginia[edit]

Since Aydin's hilarious debate with Destiny to the present, Aydin Paladin has shown a true love for the state of West Virginia, where she was born. It's hard to say when she left Maryland and headed back to West Virginia, but it was probably after her relationship with Mandingo, the Negro, fell apart.
Since her move to the latest setting in the Fallout Series, Aydin has gone from whiny, bitchy, hypocrite whore with a drinking problem, to a (kinda) famous whiny, bitchy, hypocrite whore with a drinking problem. During her stay in Morgantown she earned, according to the local residents, her most infamous nickname: The Whore of Morgantown.
It was in Morgantown that began her rise to fame on YouTube and where she started banging (and cucking) Hard Bastard, Sinatra Says and many others.

In West Virginia you will see inbred cannibal rednecks eating a young couple from Maine; tour Harpers Ferry while the tour guide talks about aliens probing his ass back in 1987; and listen to a near mythical platinum-haired martini-drinking hysterical creature screaming in the middle of the night about how she is going to leave YouTube because someone from Kiwi Farms called her fat on Twitter (that actually happened).


Aydin's love of her home state has even inspired her to make an entire documentary where she talks about many interesting things such as how much porn can be printed with the amount of paper that West Virginia manufactured in 1923, or how many heroin needles are currently in the state sewer systems.

Aydin Paladin loves West Virginia so much that she recently moved from there, with her paypig Merc, up to Detroit.

Guilt by association[edit]

Like most people Aydin doesn't likes guilt by association, especially when it's done to her.
Except when she is the one doing it. Hypocrisy, thy name is Aydin.



Aydin is also a pedophile as shown in this stream She has tried to double down on this accusation by claiming that she simply has a pregnancy fetish. However, since she is a friend of the creepy Dr. Layman we all know this to be another lie.

In one of her twitch streams back in 2016, where the world learned her real name, you can see during the recording that she opens a tab in which she was previously reading a hentai with two little Japanese boys getting fucked by a dog and a tranny.

Aydin's never ending quest of becoming an heroin[edit]

Aydin makes a suicide attempt at least once a week. Given that she will probably become even more e-famous, this would make her an true heroin. In the meantime, her attempts of heroism provide a massive amount of laughs for the audience not just because of her numerous spergouts on Twitter but because of the reactions of her disappointed haters. Why is she killing herself this time? Because she denied the Holocaust and someone told her to stop.


Typical reaction from haters whenever she fails.

Everyone is a Doxxer[edit]

Every time someone disagrees with Aydin, instead of replying like and adult, she just accuses them of doxxing and plays the victim (like the manipulative liar she is) in hopes that her thirsty white knights will defend her, so she doesn't have to deal with criticism. If that fails, she threatens to kill herself.

The people Aydin accused of doxxing:

One would think after someone gets doxxed their dox is out there and they cannot be doxxed again, but it seems this is not true for Aydin. She is a special case, and somehow everybody under the sun just keeps doxxing her. Oh, and if you read this that means you doxxed her.

Oh the irony...

Aydin's Supreme White Knight[edit]

In recent months, Aydin has found someone to top her in terms of crazy behavior online. A mentally disabled man, known as Alister Mycroft, has reportedly been talking to Aydin since the Valentine's Day of 2018, by sending to her cringe romantic memes to her open Twitter DMs. Astounded on how she didn't block him outright, Alister then began to text Aydin regularly, with Aydin always responding by the end of the day. After one day confronting Aydin if she was banging with Sinatra, she broke down and told him everything on how she cucked Hard Bastard and settled on having Sinatra's dick shoved up in her ass now.

Alister Mycroft in his full glory.

Alister criticized her for cucking a kinda OK dude in favor of the retard of the month. In typical Aydin fashion, she sperged out of control, called him a "jealous tiny dick autist" and claimed that she and Sinatra were destined to be forever. Alister's defective brain panicked and he blocked her. He later unblocked her and apologized for his retarded behavior. Her response 1 week later was "k". After that, things weren't the same between Alister and Aydin...

Alister started sending her many long texts and Aydin, being a total cunt as always, ignored him instead. After that, Alister took a break from the internet but shortly returned to notice that Sinatra grew a brain cell and dumped Aydin. Alister, being the white knight loser that he is, proceeded to reactivate some old Twitter accounts to get more details on the situation. He disguised himself first as childhood friend and later as the girlfriend of that sock account, but he didn't get much. The game ended with Alister finally confessing that he was behind those fake accounts. Aydin, being a total cunt as always, proceeded to dox Alister and gave the screenshots of all her DMs with him to Naked Ape, The Faggot.

Afterwards, Ape and his lackeys proceeded to dedicate 20 minutes of his show to expose Alister's retardation the world, so that everybody could mock him. Ape even released Alister's Discord tag. Later Alister would get a chance to get on Ape's show but pussied out after he got wind that a fake Aydin would appear on stream.

Moral of the story: not only Alister Mycroft is mentally retarded but flat out insane.


UPDATE: Aydin Paladin, being a total cunt as always, ignoring years of his loyal servitude, white knighting and humiliation, simply blocked Alister on Twitter.

Alister rejected.png

Aydin Lore[edit]

Lovecraftian Aesthetics.
Seriously, her entire fanbase are people that jerk off to nude drawings of her avatar because Shoe0nHead is too much of a leftie to get the Alt-Right's dick hard.
  • Compulsive Liar (lied about the wheelchair, her tits on 4chan, her Jewish ancestry, her published research, her job and so on. She also tried to erase all her dirty past from the internet)
  • She was kicked out of the PhD program because she couldn't get along with anyone. Years later she invented a story that Kevin Logan, Antifa and others used her dox to fire her
  • Falsely accuses men she doesn't like of rape (while posing as a Men's Rights Advocate)
  • Hardcore Coalburner
  • Infertile? Or is this yet another lie to get pity points and shekels?
  • In the first months of 2018, the treacherous whore backstabbed all her loyal Patreon donors and they had to make an entirely new server.
  • Cried when Kraut said that sociology is not a real science
  • Despite all that, she sometimes makes good and well-researched videos

White Knighting Men and False Accusations of Rape[edit]

Even though she gets dicks all the time from Sinatra Says, Mandingo, Hard Bastard and so many others (except Merc), Aydin is a white knight when it comes to lonely men that can't get any pussy. Not only does she hang out with MGTOWs and MRAs (like the Money Badgers), but she actually gets triggered whenever somebody makes jokes about these losers blaming society for the fact that they can't get laid or get married without having it ending in divorce.

The great irony is that Aydin, despite all this, has the obnoxious habit of falsely accusing other men of rape (not to mention regret rape). Hypocrisy thy name is Aydin Paladin.

Aydin accusing another innocent man attempted rape
People protesting against Aydin's false accusations

Matress Girl 2.0[edit]


On April 2013, a purple haired bitch of Jewish descent named Emma Sulkowicz accused an innocent man of German descent of raping her without any evidence. This girl would later be named mattress girl because she would go around campus with a mattress to demonstrate burden of rape on its victims.
On June 2019, a purple haired bitch of Jewish descent named Rebekah Erin Ford accused an innocent man of German descent of pretending to be her husband on Twitter. The fake profile was actually made by Kraut's archenemy Alister Mycroft. As if that was not bad enough, Aydin Paladin later claimed that Joseph Lancaster was doing this because she would not fuck him. Of course, this was only wishful thinking on Rebekah's part since nobody except Alister and her overweight husband would ever want to fuck her. Later when Joseph Lancaster tried to explain reality to the delusional Jewish whore, she blocked him and later tried to erase all the evidence of her insanity on Twitter.

Pretty obvious that, despite being engaged, our horny bipolar thot still hungers for Krauts dick.

Aydin NSFW Comics[edit]

Cucked by Daredevil.slightly less retarded version.jpg

Aydin Hate List[edit]

Aydin Paladin shows her gratitude for the man that contributed $3000 to her Patreon.

Aydin Paladin wishes a slow and painful death for everybody on this list.

  • Spics (Aydin really hates Mexicans)
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • Zeph, the Cuck
  • Heryos
  • RageAfterStorm (Alison Pead)

How to Troll Aydin Paladin[edit]

Aydin Paladin Drop Tits.jpg
  • Ask why she falsely accused a man of a rape attempt.
  • Ask what is her Kardashian Index.
  • Ask about her academic publications.
  • Ask why she lied about her job.
  • Tell her what a failure she is when she is depressive and engulfed in self-hate.
  • Tell her what a failure she is when she is manic and engulfed in narcissism.
  • Talk about her old lewd Patreon.
  • Make fun of her hairy arms.
  • Make fun of her saggy tits.
  • Tell her that she is fat.
  • Dox her.

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