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B1FF as he looks today

One of the most ingenious trolls ever, B1FF represented the prototypical n00b. During the early 80s, B1FF was a young 13-year-old boy who posted on usenet using his brother's VIC-20. B1FF was also a denizen of BITNET. He would write all his post in caps, typos, and net abbreviations (EVRY BUDY LUVS GOOD OLD BIFF CUZ HE"S A K00L DOOD AN HE RITES REEL AWESUM THINGZ IN CAPITULL LETTRS LIKE THIS!!!)

The impact of B1FF has been devastating. What started at the dawn of the internets as a simple amusement became the template of netspeak used by script kiddies, h4X0rs, and wArEz d00dz, proving yet again that jokes can indeed be taken too far -- until they are jokes no more.

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