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The whole Battletech game in a nutshell.

BATTLETECH also known as TRANNYTECH is a terrible try-hard indie mech game by lead designer and SJW tranny Kiva from HareBrained Schemes (HBS). Of all the other mech type games like the Front Mission series, the MechWarrior series, and the Supreme Commander series, the Battletech video game has not only disgraced mech type video games but became a even more disgrace of the original Battletech franchise. After people throw away money to their Battletech Patreon page in hoping for a good mech game they have to wait for a long time, Kiva shitted on those hopes and injected his visions of Battletech he gloats a good game. And that vision Kiva injected is the corrupted plague that is tranny politics, social justice, made-up gender pronouns, and anti-white male LGBT characters.

But why give them your money on a game that will suck, when you can pirate it for FREE?


Yes, please take your money elsewhere.
The reviews.... are good


—Admit it Kiva. Adding SJW into your precious Battletech game will suck.

The game was released on April 24th, 2018, and the reviews were first a balance between Mostly Negative and Mixed, until the supporters and white knights had to give sloppy ass-kisses to this game until the ratings changed it to Mostly Positive. Not even /v/ itself will leave reviews for the lulz now that it died and reborn as nu-/v/.

Removing The 'They' Gender Option[edit]

Tired of having that damn 'They' gender pronoun option rubbing your face? Well now you can. With the help of a small team of hard-working /vg/ neckbeards from 4chan programming a solution to make Battletech less SJW, you can finally give 'They" a huge fuck you and normally select your gender if you're a boy or girl.

Gender Pronouns is Hard Coded into Assembly-Csharp.dll If you want to remove the name use dnSpy to decompile.
Find SGCharacterCreationNamePanel Class, remove They from list. You can also remove the check for the. Unfortunately random pilots in hiring can still be generated with They, Trying to reomove those check so far causes crashes

Make it into:
public Gender gender
Gender result = Gender.INVALID_UNSET;
string text = this.pronounSelector.selection.ToLower();
if (text != null)
if (!(text == "he"))
result = Gender.Female;
result = Gender.Male;
return result;

Randomly generated pilots have a chance to have the "they" pronoun. This can be changed in the SimGameConstants.json file by adjusting the following weights to your preference:

"MaleGenerationWeight" : 44, //44% chance by default.
"FemaleGenerationWeight" : 46, //46% chance by default.
"NonBinaryGenerationWeight" : 10, //10% chance by default.

So change the weights to something like 50/50/0 to have equal male/female parity with no tranny pilots.


Meet Kiva, lead game designer of Battletech, and SJW tranny.

Kiva is a raging SJW tranny from Seattle, WA, working at HareBrained Schemes to make his shitty indie game Battletech as lead designer. In fact, all HareBrained Schemes games are shit, except for the Shadowrun games that are not shit. He started overdosing hormones on May 23rd, 2016, to transform into a hideous tranny until a year later his transformation is complete on June 23rd, 2017. During his spare time, Kiva likes to spend 24/7 on Twitter all day for his daily ass-pats from other trannies and male allies. Kiva also whines on Twitter over criticism (like a certain cartoonist) and calls gamers bigots, gamergaters, and shitgoblins for not liking his buggy tranny indie game.

Kiva, space nerd tranny About missing Pics
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Now available to purchase pirate!

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