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This article is perfect. Don't fuck with it!

If you were offended by this picture, maybe you shouldn't have looked at it.

ED user's Reaction to Babypaste[edit]

[01:03:08] [Nihilanth] so, I heard u liek mudkips
[01:03:09] [Nihilanth] <-
[01:03:13] [JailBait] .-.--. -.- .- -.-.- .-.-.-.---.-. ..-.-...---.
[01:03:13] [Nihilanth] (p.s. taht is the infameous babypaste)
[01:03:28] [crewgs] OH MY GOD
[01:03:35] [@NeoLobster] :-/
[01:03:39] [@NeoLobster] I knew there was a reason I was gay
[01:03:41] [@NeoLobster] and that's it.
[01:03:50] [emoskank] NeoLobster: because you love cock?
[01:03:53] [crewgs] i just threw up a bit in my mouth
[01:04:14] [Lollercote] and now i'm not going to click that link
[01:04:21] [+loljews] hahahahahahaha
[01:04:34] [LastThursdayItHappened] I guess she did it for the lulz..

Found by the glorious Hazim Gazov, babypaste is a shock image that has made even hardened Nigras, EDiots, and internet denizens long since desensitized to Goatse throw up, retch, come out of the closet and go down the road instead of across the street since its inception.

Still a new very old meme and shock image, it has so far only been seen on voter5's image archive and in a few irc posts. Expect to see it on a SL particle spam near you!

Babypaste: Baby-Fuck Style[edit]

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