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Their logo that looks like! So funny and relevant!

The Bad Webcomics Wiki is a shitty troll site, a relic of the old internet in the vein of CrushYiffDestroy or Godawful Fan Fiction but for webcomics, only those shitholes had the basic courtesy of fucking dying, while BWW continues to chug along, without anyone caring.

The site's membership consists mostly of smug, self important failures, half of whom (including the admin) can't even speak proper English, and none of whom have any business criticizing anyone else's art, considering they themselves are mostly failed art students. In addition, the site's admin is an attention hungry, drama-whoring jew who never logs on.

The reviews on the site are poorly written, riddled with typos and grammatical errors (some of which have not been fixed in over half a decade), and consist of the author taking a webcomic that they bear a personal grudge against, and then writing 17 paragraphs of nitpicking criticism that makes no sense.

Everyone agrees that the BWW should just delete itself from the Internet.

Why It Sucks[edit]

Their retarded Ae-tan ripoff that looks like it has downs

Despite being, or probably because it is, written by mostly the same people that ED is, the Bad Webcomics Wiki hasn't a semblance of self-awareness. Instead of trying to be funny, the editors just write long paragraphs about why they don't like something, somehow without explaining what makes the webcomic shit, other than them repeating that it's shit over and over again. While some of the shit they review contains Furfaggotry, regular faggotry, sick fuckery, and/or other lulzy subjects, a massive amount of space is wasted on mediocre, bottom of the barrel trash that you have to wade through to get to something worth reading about.

They also ape ED by mocking the people who complain about their reviews and mercilessly try to get their attention rather than doing something productive. However, not unlike real critics who don't live in subterranean caves, they still want to be taken seriously.

How to Write for the Bad Webcomics Wiki[edit]

  1. Take any webcomic from the net
  2. Find something wrong with it that even a downsie toddler would notice
  3. Spend 50% of the article talking about that one thing
  4. spend the other 50% giving the readers a full play by play summary of the entire comic
  5. Pretend that you're better than the subject of the article
  6. ????
  7. Cry yourself to sleep

For good or decent webcomics that don't fit your tastes:

  1. Do the same thing, but harping on whatever it is that you personally dislike
  2. Make sure to mask the real reason for writing the article by bitching about other things nobody cares about

Oh, and remember to target minors as much as possible. Their tears are extra salty.


Solomon Tells BWW to Go Fuck Itself[edit]

Proof that the John Solomon article was written by BWW founding sperlords - No one uses the term "VERY IMPORTANT OPINIONS" but them.

It's pretty hilarious that in an article that the site's creator "TheLuigiian" wrote and then deleted (for reasons that will soon become obvious), he admits that the BWW was meant to be a John Solomon tribute site intended to "continue his work".

How fitting it is that, after stealing all of John's articles and putting them on the site, Solomon sent him the following e-mail:





yours cordially,

John Solomon




The flustered user base reacted with incredulity that this was really Solomon and asked him to elaborate, which was followed by this second email.

BWW's true emblem
Because your wiki is an abomination scrawled by the slovenly hands of ignorant cretins who don't understand the basics of what they're even supposed to be doing. It's a gallery of hooting shit-slingers who have been dredged up from the Internet's cavernous backside. If there's anyone on there who approaches the subject matter as anything but an excuse to reach for low-hanging fruit and clumsily mash together expletives and slurs, I have yet to find them.

I deleted my blog for a reason, and the last thing I want is for my follies to be glorified on your trainwreck. It repulses me to think that you're idealising a fictional persona I have come to loathe. In short, I don't like you, and I don't want to be associated with you.

There's your elaboration.


BWW quickly disavowed Solomon's work and deleted all of his articles from the site.

Banned from WikiDot[edit]

A typical BWW user

After years of complaints to WikiDot that reports submitted through the WikiDot system were sent to BWW admin to be laughed at or ignored, the WikiDot staff decided to finally delete the site after reading a specific thread on their forum where they slandered various webcomic artists.

After this, oddguy moved the site to "Shoutwiki" and their forum to "Yuku", because their ToS was the most lax, and oddguy refused to pay money to make an actual website. While he was at it, he picked the ugliest color scheme he could find.

BWW remains there to this day, but the abandoned WikiDot site still shows up first on Google half the time, even years later.

Schnookums Spams BWW to Oblivion[edit]

After former ED admin "Schnookums" got into an internet sissy fight with oddguy over being nominated for that year's "EDF2: Faggot of the Year Award", he first wrote an entire article about what he thought oddguy's job was, and then spent several weeks vandalizing BWW while Shoutwiki's incompetent staff tried to make him go away.

Most pages were replaced with "ODDGUY THREATENED TO RAPE AND MURDER CYN", in reference to the most recent user to be trolled off the forums for being annoying, who Schnookums claims to have contacted and was told by her that oddguy called her home and told her that he would rape and murder her.

Oddguy claims he never called anyone, but can you really trust the word of a jew?

"Notable" BWW Users[edit]


TheLuigiian - The site's original creator, closeted furry and John Solomon fanboy who made the site to archive his reviews/move his own webcomic reviews there from his awful blog that no one read, hoping someone would care about them (no one did). He then went AWOL for a couple of years before giving the site to someone else. He once banned someone for arguing with him.

Evilkritter - Had the site passed down to him from TheLuigiian and then immediately stopped logging in as well. The site was taken over by its current admin following the ban from Wikidot and someone else created a new wiki and moved everything there. Probably doesn't even know that.

Oddguy - Current admin and the worst one so far. Moved the site when Wikidot banned them and promised to be more active than the previous staff, only to then do the exact same thing and hardly ever log on because he keeps forgetting his password. Known for being an ED admin and forum janitor where he is infamous for his bad spelling, attention seeking, and sexually harassing every member of the forum. Currently also has a garbage Youtube channel under the name "EZ PZ", where he makes it obvious that he not only can't write in English, but that he can't even speak it. Contently puts his own videos on ED's front page and embeds them in articles of whatever lolcow he happened to make the video about in order to shill for his own content.


Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath - AKA "HackerOnHacker". Edgy Columbine shooter wannabe who tried to shoot up a mall a few years ago and got arrested because she bragged about it online. Would LARP as a nazi on the BWW forums and wrote a review about DisneyFan01.

Dr Shaym - Used to write shitty reviews. Now makes shitty youtube videos about feminism and films the various vermin that live in his house. Had one super successful video once and now starts every new video with 5 minutes of him bitching about not making enough youtube money.

Lesbot - AKA Ponydreamdiary/Cuteosphere/Dragondicks. Infamous tumblr lolcow. Hates MRAs. Hates being called an SJW. Hates men. Hates ED.

The Angry Librarian - Her youtube channel is even worse than oddguy's.

Everyone Else - There are no notable users on BWW. They are all nobodies.


The only remotely entertaining part of the site is the "Reaction" pages, were the BWW users lap up every drop of attention they get from webcomic artists like thirsty dogs.

Despite how badly written and not worthy of being taken seriously all BWW articles are, they still somehow manged to elicit some responses from various lolcows, ranging from vandalism, to butthurt blogs, to full-on threats of murder.

Here are some highlights.

I hope I can find you and repay you in kind with my fists... until then... stay healthy... cause I will find you...


—Charlie Alexander Luna, "Hearts of wildfire", line from one of his two long-ass death threats sent to BWW.

I welcome your whining and petty, elementary-school name-calling. You guys make my day because this itty-bitty, inconsequential cartoon that I create evokes so much passion and emotion from you. You hate ADDANAC CITY soooo much


—George Ford, "Addanac City", totally not mad.

So anyway, fun time whilst me and my friends work out who this Murphace person is. I doubt it will be hard to do.


—Nicholas "Melmoth" Druminor, "The Antillian Chronicles", threatening to dox the guy who wrote the review after his complaint email was ignored.




Dave Cheung, "Boss Noodle"/"Chugworth Academy"/"Chugworth!"/"U.S. Angel Corps", crying to Wikidot admins.

you'll excuse my spelling errors, my hands are shaking…


—Andrew Fraser, "Bridgette's Belly", in an email where he admits to crying that was responded to by BWW by going to his DA page to troll him some more.

Is this all you folks do all day? Slashing other people to hell for their ambitions and endeavors?


—Steven Wallace, "Collar 6", despite writing a BDSM comic, is unable to handle the abuse.

No one should care about anything the BWW reviews. They are literally a hate site, they do troll reviews in which they just throw nonsensical stuff in a flaming way of exaggerating dumb crap. They don't do reviews of bad webcomics, they do reviews of ALL THE WEBCOMICS on the internet and they paint them as horrible and they try to stop their artists from drawing even again.


—Ku Kuru Yo ,"GamerGate Life"/"Guild Adventure", an infamous GamerGate sperg.

So throw all the words you want. It's not going to stop me from finishing this comic. It's not going to ruin anything, so keep it up.


— MoonLover, "God's Story", last post before discontinuing the comic (about Satan raping Jesus).

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, having nothing better to do than to attack people's intellectual property. Why don't you go to the mall and cry over Twilight or something?


—Ryan Sohmer, "Least I Could Do", after vandalizing his review. Later also made a comic about his "haters".

The website is entirely pointless. I think sites like those were brought up in another thread about webcomic reviews here. No one cares about bad reviews except people who let their opinions be shaped by them.


—“Senshuu” aka Jessica Cantlope, "Lovefeast", explaining that no one cares about bad reviews, aside from people who care about bad reviews (??????)

I've not been able to draw stuff I like. I've not been able to follow projects through. When I'm asked to draw something for someone, I crack under pressure. Before the review, I probably could have gone through with this stuff, with some kind of false sense of confidence. Nowadays, I just know I'm terrible.


—Luke Page, "Pages of Life", explaining how a review ruined his entire life.

Best review ever by the most intellectual cock suckers on the face of my ass! !!


—Andeh Pinkard, "Panty Brigad", losing his mind.

My badwebcomicswiki review is pretty funny and more than a little racist.


—Gibson Twist, "Pictures of You", responding to being told he draws all races exactly the same because he's incompetent.

You all are a bunch of jealous fucking haters!!!!!!!!


—Vitaly S. Alexius's camwhore wife, "Romantically Apocalyptic", this was an abuse report she sent after emailing Shoutwiki, demanding the article be taken down for copyright infringement. Then Vitaly redirected traffic from a link in the review to his review of the review, then changed what he wrote because it was full of lies, THEN claimed in the new response he never said he hand draws the comic, only to have BWW dig up a deleted comment on DA where he does.

The journal I posted replying to BadWebcomicsWiki yesterday was, as my friends pointed out to me, not a wise or worthwhile endeavor, and I apologize for it.


Hayakain, "Ryugou", so scared of BWW he deleted his callout to them.

If you feel glad that my comic is being archived and you feel like you've won, eager to smash the confidence of another fellow webcomic artist, then you're a very little man and I feel sorry for you, which I seriously hope isn't the case.


—William J. Gregory, "Skull Boy", but it was the case.

The few reviews that exist of my various web comics tend to be pretty negative. It's very apparent that the writers tend to be aware of my "history" and either cited stuff about me that has no bearing on the comics themselves, or tried to nitpick but ended up failing (i'm looking at you


Tom Preston, "So... You're a Cartoonist?", heh.

Of course the left will never admit they taught you wrong. They'll insist you learned wrong. You misunderstood. You're stupid. Because it's always the victim's fault. Liberals are perfect and infallible and always have your best interests in mind. This is a bully mentality.


—Jonathan M."The Iconoclast" Sweet, AKA HaggisMcCrablice, AKA Dr. Belch, "Belch Dimension Comics", he wrote this before anyone even wrote a review.

It's bullying... Half the junk that they write is pointless bashing.


—Magravan, "The Other Grey Meat", no one wrote a review about this guy either.

You sad little critter.

Just read your anonymous htchet job. Anonymous, because it was an account created for this post. Pathetic and sad, because you've clearly read every single thing I've ever posted over the last eight years? ​What did I ever do to hurt you?


—Gray Muzzle, "Tina's Story", again, no review was posted.

Congratulations mate, you succeed in making three 14 and 15 year old JR. and SR. high school girls cry. Happy now yah perverted troll?


—Some kids, "Werewolves Comic", BWW's response: "yes".

What a bunch of twats you lot are, obviously you dont have a clue what it takes to create a genuine piece of art, its actually a very popular web comic.


—No one cares, "Tomb Raider - The Tome of the Ancients",this 3D Tomb Raider porn comic is a work of art!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Response video to a QnA by Vivienne Medrano where she says all BWW users are one guy's socks
The response video is here because the original was 3 hours long and finding this part is not worth the effort

The Original Article in All Its Glory[edit]

The original version of this article seems to have been written by an angry 15 year old atheist, that spent most of it accusing BWW of trying to copy ED, and contrasting BWW's "fake ED users" with the "REAL ED users" that he imagined himself to be, blissfully unaware that one of ED's admins also runs BWW.

The unbelievable irony and his staggering incompetence was so great that everyone Lolgo.png gathered around on the forum to laugh at him. After a link to the thread about what a failure he is was added to the article and he tried to delete it, he was banned, had most of his shit edits to ED reverted and this article was re-written by the BWW admin in question.

A copy of the original was saved for posterity.

Hey everyone! What happens when you get a website full of jealous, scaredy wimpass, and jade blooded losers who can't draw or write worth shit, and/or are too scared to tiptoe into the waters of exposure, and pent up all of their rage, frustration, anger, and society fermented bitterness over taking it up the ass, that even gets us at ED to go "wow man, you fuckin' lulcows at this point" ?
That's easy. You get the Bad Webcomics Wiki.

Why it sucks, or in BWW's words, "FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT"

Apparently people who didn't get the message that being like the fucking backasses at Channel Assdump and getting the point that they were bandwagoning on a trend that someone did earlier thought it would be a great idea to put such format into endless, droning, incessant, and insufferable amounts of words (ie. "weaboos cocks sucks weeaboos weebs caustic humor that should die along with the Columbine victims back in the 1990s "bad writing") to where you'd honestly rather read what they were "reviewing" upfront for the sake of entertainment value alone. Much like how Internet reviewing is the sign of the dearth of American first world entertainment because smart alecky nitpicking pedantic edgelord whining spectators will die fruitless and with nothing to contribute to the world other than their own feces, The Bad Webcomics Wiki is essentially in the process of trying to plant its own flag like how a company of GIs are trying to recreate Iwo Jima by bayonet fucking an Okinawan woman to death. Practically the entire site can be summed up by the lyrics of Nelly and his hit song Number One: "I'm tired of all these suckas tryin' ta debate what's real hip hop; most of the time them fuckin' niggas fuckin' album flopped".

TL;DR; to wake up most of the faggotmaggots from Bad Webcomics Wiki with a rude awakening, you're the next best thing since Doug Walker. Don't get all moralfag with us over how "All content on the BWW is potentially Not Suitable For Work, detrimental to mental health, and heavily interspersed with caustic humor that is regularly abused as a pretense to ignore our advice. You Have Been Warned." Motherfuckers, we've done this since 2006. The fuck are you?

How to write for Bad Webcomics Wiki

#Take any webcomic off of the net
#Go for the lowest lowbrow traits to nitpick off of
#Have incredibly nonexistent or insatiable criterion like 99.9% of the reviewing industry who don't know what the fuck they're talking about or know what they're doing most of the time
#Get insufferably smarmy and use swear words like "a big man"
#Circlejerk in IRC

For good or decent webcomics that don't fit your tastes

#Find subjective flaws to nitpick
#Have incredibly nonexistent or insatiable criterion like 99.9% of the reviewing industry who don't know what the fuck they're talking about or know what they're doing most of the time
#Get insufferably smarmy and use swear words like "a big man"
#Circlejerk in IRC

Important tips to remember if you want to be a writer for the Bad Webcomics Wiki

*Remember, we hire actual Neo nazis! That'll show those bad webcomics writers who's boss! We'll even get him to promote how anime based webcomics isn't all bad for publicity!
*Remember, all writers and artists who draw in anime style are retard weeaboos and we need to emphasize that. It's not like if you don't like anime you can be an insufferable mouthy lowbrow low hanging branch aiming faggot who comes from a White man's country cultural background, and even when we do, we are the exception!
*Remember, you can post up an author's legitimate reaction to your review, and leave it on the site for all of you and our dicksucking lapdogs to laugh at to our own self satisfaction!
*Remember, you can use your reviews to bully, discriminate, and bash on people, even teenagers and young adults, into drawing and writing better! We're the fair and just gatekeepers of internet webcomics, where the freedom of speech prevails! Except for webcomics, we totally have all and any authority on who should and shouldn't, even if it's just for a hobby or if they're beginners and amateurs, and don't know how to properly deal with us swearing at them and telling them they suck like an abusive fuckoff.

Dickmeasuring contest with ED

Fun Fact: The Bad Webcomics Wiki is not a substitute for ED. ED is purposely made for lulz and drama, and as much as we dickjerk ourselves dry, we at least have the fucking beef to show that we go the distance. The Bad Webcomics Wiki is like the bully at your school who is purposefully raised to pick on specific people, and by some point, no one's going to help them when they get some free buckshot mouthwash by one of their victims. ED is more like the gang of anonymous hoodlums who target anyone for anything, and depending on how their victims react, it's all back on them.
Most importantly, ED isn't some retarded pussyfoot faggotass "reviewing" wiki with an agenda and a bunch of cowards "trying to change something". Anything goes, and depending on how it's written, it flies like a free country's air space into the World Trade Centers all over again. And even if most of the userbase doesn't like it, that writer can say "EAT A DICK" and go along their merry way. ED is MEANT for spite of anyone and anything. At least we're honest in that we don't give a fuck who we offend and how we do it. Whatever chaos comes after, that's your fucking dealio, asshole. Furthermore, when we had the laydown on Bleedman and all of the other shitheap webcomics, that's when you know it was bad. As much as ED hides behind monikers and anonymous posters, we didn't just do it first, we're the authority on lolcows and all sorts of fucktard fuckery. Bad Webcomics Wiki is about as credible as some basement dwelling manhood insecure gamer's offhand video game dedicated website to the video game industry who flails at imaginary foes born out of their own jenkem from being in their lairs for too long.


Wow, you're just like Channel Assdumb!

See Also[edit]

You know who likes BWW? Zoe Quinn.

Shit They Have Reviewed with Its Own Article[edit]


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