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The banbot in action
Last Thursday, Yiri ported the banbot to RL.

The banbot is a bot authored by aempirei. It joins every public channel on a given IRC network and proceeds to announce the existence of Bantown. It then /invites every user it encounters to #bantown and adds their nick to its queue.

When a nick in the queue joins bantown, it bans them.

The banbot sometimes leads to interesting dialogue with the administrators of the largest IRC networks in the world:

   01:07 <@[[oclet]]> 22:05 -!- Irssi: Starting query in mzima with Lindy_
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:05 <Lindy_> my want to stop spamming
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:06 <oclet> i am pleading to you
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:06 <oclet> to allow us to continue spamming
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:06 <oclet> we are sad internet losers
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:06 <oclet> and find this to be fairly entertaining
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:07 <Lindy_> then find another network
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:07 <Lindy_> I bet you do.
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:07 <oclet> we're doing it on 3 other networks as well
   01:07 <@oclet> 22:07 <Lindy_> just dont do it on mine
   01:08 <@oclet> 22:07 <Lindy_> humor someone else
   01:08 <@oclet> 22:07 <oclet> we'll let you hang out there
   01:08 <@oclet> 22:07 <oclet> if you promise to be nice
   01:08 <@sdf-> hhahah
   01:08 <@sdf-> promise her +v

root66 was never in Bantown.[edit]

In the future, an advanced version of the Banbot will serve as Matt LeBlanc's bodyguard
You heard me! Never in Bantown. It's a lie!
   03:16 -!- mode/#bantown [+b root66!*@*] by RAPETIME
   03:16 -!- root66 was kicked from #bantown by RAPETIME [lol welcome to BANTOWN : ] 
   03:17 <@LOL-ita> i ate too much cotton candy
   03:17 <@aempirei> LOL IS KATIES LABIA FIRM
   03:17 <@LOL-ita> lol root66
   03:17 -!- RAPETIME [] has quit [Killed (root66 (ban this))]
   03:17 <@veew> bahahaha
   03:17 <@aempirei> LOL BAN THIS
   03:17 <@LOL-ita> lol root66
   03:17 <@aempirei> everyone /invite root66
   03:17 <+HIVlntine> haha
   03:17 <@LOL-ita> LOL BANT THIS
   03:17 <@aempirei> >>> Inviting root66 to #bantown
   03:17 -!- mode/#bantown [-b root66!*@*] by veew
   03:18 -!- root66 [root66@efnet.orgy] has joined #bantown
   03:18 < root66> ahahaha
   03:18 <@veew> WELCOME TO BANTOWN
   03:18 < root66> best
   03:18 < root66> channel
   03:18 <@aempirei> whats up rape time!
   03:18 < root66> ever
   03:18 -!- mode/#bantown [+v root66] by veew
   03:18 -!- root66 was kicked from #bantown by LOL-ita [WE BANNED THAT]
   03:18 -!- root66 [root66@efnet.orgy] has joined #bantown
   03:18 <@aml> What about Katie? Is she curious about Scientology?
   03:18 < root66> YOU ARE DEAD TO ME BANDTOWN
   03:18 <@aempirei> WHO IS KATIE
   03:18 <@aml> Yeah, absolutely. She digs it.
   03:18 < root66> YOU HEAR THAT?
   03:18 < root66> DEAD TO ME
   03:18 <@aempirei> HOW IS KATIES LABIA
   03:19 < root66> GOOD DAY SIR
   03:19 <@veew> =[
   03:20 < root66> AHAHAH
   03:20 <@aempirei> man who wants to see my hard boner
   03:20 < root66> OK LOOK
   03:20 < root66> LET'S MAKE A DEAL GUYS
   03:20 <@aempirei> YOURE LOOKIN AT IT?
   03:20 < root66> *I WAS NEVER HERE*
   03:20 -!- mode/#bantown [+v root66] by veew
   03:20 <@aempirei> i wasnt either
   03:20 <@aempirei> ;)
   03:20 <@veew> never here
   03:20 <@veew> got it.
   03:20 -!- root66 [root66@efnet.orgy] has left #bantown []

Banbot vs Freenode[edit]

   18:37 <@BearPerson> freenode is a network about open-source software and other projects of peers helping peers
   18:37 -%- mode/#bant0wn [-bb *!? *!*@*] by oclet
   18:37 <@oclet> i heard it was for warez
   18:37 <@oclet> and pron
   18:37 <@BearPerson> you're quite welcome to hang out in the support channels and get or provide support
   18:38 <@BearPerson> but we're a bit harsh about warez and spam
   18:38 <@oclet> yeah me too
   18:38 <@oclet> i hate when people dont pay for software
   18:38 <@BearPerson> check out
   18:38 <@oclet> it makes me want to slice my dong with a razor blade
   18:38 <@BearPerson> that's probably the most complete list of IRC networks out there
   18:39 <@BearPerson> I'm sure you'll find a network that is less harsh about this sort of stuff
   18:39 <@oclet> sweet. wanna harass quakenet with me?
   18:39 <@oclet> it will be teh l0lz
   18:40 <@BearPerson> at least, it will be more appropriate ;-)
   18:40 <@BearPerson> you see, quakenet is more IRC and "chaos" oriented than freenode, though not as much as EFnet
   18:41 <@BearPerson> freenode is neutral territory. We're here to provide a place for friendly support, which you can use or provide if you want
   18:42 <@BearPerson> but we can't be that place if we're constantly running after spammers and cleaning up channel wars
   18:42 <@oclet> i'm just here for the pr0n and the warez
   18:42 <@oclet> i dont know anything about spam
   18:42 <@BearPerson> then you're on the wrong network
   18:42 <@oclet> are you a [[furry]]?
   18:45 <@BearPerson> just keep this off freenode please, okay?
   18:45 <@oclet> sure
   18:45 <@oclet> tell me when you take the ban off of tor
   18:45 <@oclet> so i can do it again

License Agreement[edit]

By using the Banbot you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the BPL.


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