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/bant/ likes to make these.
A challenger appears!

/bant/ (a pormenteu of random and international) is 4chan's newest board, being added sometime last Thursday by Japanese moot in an attempt to dump the shit threads of /pol/, the shittier memes of /b/ and the average flags of /int/ all in one enclosed space to try and shovel out the dead worms from the rotting carcass known as 4chan (after being killed by cancer, of course).
Despite all of this, the users of /bant/ have the absurd belief that they are the one special board that is like /b/ during its golden years.

Despite this inane belief of /bant/ being "/b/ but good" (which is just saying that they're crap but good) the main content posted of /bant/ is either threads about K-pop, le funnay meems, failed GETs, countries arguing about which is the best or who has the best flag, and a number of other in-"jokes" that nobody outside of their circle of autists know or care about. The only thing different about /bant/ from /b/ is that /bant/'s mods don't allow porn dumps as to not defile the innocence of their younger audience of Reddit users.

Funny maymays created by /bant/[edit]

Since the dawn of /bant/, every user has tried to force one meme or another, some actually getting picked up. Here are a few:

Info non-talk.png This list is subject to change at all times due to /bant/'s ever changing nature

Blow it out your ass[edit]

The only proper response to anything.

Leaf girl[edit]

A smug, attractive, lewd canadian girl. Often paired up with either Simon or America

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A purple guy with a yellow shirt. Often paired up with leaf girl.

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After the death of pepe the frog, /bant/ thought it would be funny to make their own version. It wasn't.

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Isle of Man[edit]

The Isle of Man poster (also known as manxlet) was seen as God. Take note that there is only one manx poster on the entirety of 4chan, anybody who says otherwise is wrong. Also 167. More recently he has came out as an autistic sperg by exclusively shitposting and acting hostile to posters. He's also stated multiple times that he's leaving /bant/ only to come back after 1 day every time. Because of this his reputation went into the shitter.

Bant plant[edit]

Possibly the first original creation by /bant/

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Isle of Manlet Saga[edit]


On the 27th of July 2017, a Polish anon started a thread jerking himself off about how tall he was. For some reason, the only Manx poster on the entirety of 4chan decided to out himself as a filthy manlet. Soon after he went missing, sending half of the board into utter chaos, while the other half lmao'd about manxanon being a literal ant.
He was later found to be in a Satania thread a few days later and the autistic /bant/elopes cried tears of happiness at his return.

/bant/ Newspapers[edit]

The Morning /bant/er[edit]

A "weekly" yellow press newspaper ran by an amerifat tripfag called Yuyukow. You can tell he's American because the newspaper's full of spelling mistakes and improper grammar. This only had a few issues released before being forgotten about and abandoned.

Morning /bant/er About missing Pics
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The /bant/ershi Spirit News[edit]

The /bant/ershi Spirt News was one of the two lackluster papers that spawned after the discontinuation of The Morning /bant/er, the other being The /bant/bunmaru. After only three issues the creator hatate !HimecDEno2 abandoned it, which was probably for the best.

/bant/ershi Spirit About missing Pics
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The /bant/bunmaru[edit]

The /bant/bunmaru was the other aforementioned paper that was born from the ashes of the far superior Morning /bant/er. As of writing this (28/02/2018) The /bant/bunmaru is the oldest running paper on /bant/ and is the only true spiritual successor to The Morning /bant/er. One of the most notable things about the /bant/bunmaru is that while most papers only produce one page per issue The /bant/bunmaru often releases multiple pages per issue. It will probably be abandoned once its creator aya !!wa4i7DDmmW6 gets loses interest (I can't be bothered tracking down each issue and adding it to the galley below, someone else do it)

/bant/bunmaru About missing Pics
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The Pooftah Post[edit]

A paper created by CockEyes !CumBENIS4c a tripfag mostly known for the phrase "Fuck off pooftah(s)". The Pooftah Post is essentially a shitpost in the form of a newspaper. The Pooftah Post never has any real news, mostly consisting of calling Anons pooftahs, and blatantly plagiarizing The /bant/bunmaru paper, only slightly editing stories by adding the word pooftah. As of right now The Pooftah Post has only released two issues that weren't just an edit of The /bant/bunmaru, that being issue two and issue four.

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The Daily Fishe[edit]

The Daily Fishe is a paper created by the tripfag !Regin/s6K6, and is the most modern in terms of style, it is also by far the prettiest paper currently running on /bant/. The main thing that separates The Daily Fishe from other papers on /bant/ is that it often sheds light on off-board /bant/ related activities such as 4craft, /bant/craft, and the 4cc spring cup. Due to the amount of work that goes into the Daily fishe, both visually, and literary, it begs the question if the paper will last.

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Prominent Posters[edit]

Plague Doctor[edit]

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor, or PD for short, is an underage namefag that has been on /bant/ since (maybe) day one. PD's goal is to cure the gay, to do this he creates threads in which he determines which anons have the gay, then he proceeds to cure them of said infliction. His methods of curing the gay seem to vary from post to post.

PD is likely the longest lasting not anymore, and possibly the original anti-gayposter on /bant/, through his example other anti-gayposters have arisen such as CockEyes. Though as of writing this in the early months of 2018 he seems to have taken a weaker stance on gayposters, likely not wanting to give them too many (You)s as the current gayposters seem to thrive off even the most negative of attention.

In 2018 PD created several threads in which he would go on various adventures. These threads include things such as breaking into a construction site and taking a shit right in the middle of it, climbing and turning on a crane, breaking into a water park and attempting to steal food from a concession stand.

Plague Doctor has announced his retirement as of 5/16/2018. Probably to do literally anything better than browse on the festering boat of burning asshole that has become of /bant/

Plague Doctor is likely going to prison after creating a thread in which he broke into a theater and destroyed $3500 USD worth of art before an exhibition had opened. Anons in the thread were quickly able to find out that the theater was located in Lafayette, they also knew who the artist was due to the pictures provided by PD in the aforementioned thread. This information, as well as a picture of PD's face, were provided to police. That's right PD had posted pictures of himself (like a retard) multiple times on the board. PD later made a thread informing the board that he had been visited by the sheriff, and said "Local sheriff visited me. Almost certainly going to jail".

He is gone now, good riddance.



CockEyes is essentially the Australian PD, he is known for popularising the phrase "Fuck off pooftah" as well as creating the now-defunct board paper The Pooftah Post. Instead of trying to cure the gayposters like PD, CockEyes would simply say "fuck off pooftah" whenever he encountered them. In one thread CockEyes was asked if there is any cure for gays, CockEyes responded with this "The only cure for a pooftah is a bucket of water, once the bubbles stop the cunts no longer a pooftah".

In the late months of 2017 and early 2018, CockEyes would regularly visit the board hunting gayposters down in almost every thread he could find just to tell them to fuck off, some people wondered if CockEyes even slept due to his high activity at the time. CockEyes would also later create The Pooftah Post, a board paper that essentially just called people pooftahs and occasionally mentioned interesting threads/events.

On the 18th of March 2018 Cockeyes said he would be taking a two month break from the board, when someone asked him what made him finally snap he responded with "The Danes. I can handle gayposters, but those cunts have reached pooftah levels I thought unobtainable. The future of bant looks to be gayposting/fakeniceposting". After this CockEyes stopped posting on bant for a while, he eventually came back and when asked about fagmark he responded with "Never really gave a shit about old mate fagmark, left because I had too much shit going on in the real world, just thought I'd throw the cunt under the bus as I left for a laugh. But nah yeah I wouldn't even piss on the cunt if he was on fire". He would eventually stop posting again, likely due to having anything better to do than post on the board

As of right now CockEyes is active again, but doesn't post anywhere near as much as he used to, often taking month-long breaks between posts.

Fuck off pooftah


— CockEyes in response to gayposters


A danish poster who was one of the greatest causes of butthurt for /bant/, He believed everybody on /bant/ should be should be nice at all times. He made many nice threads that were violently trolled and flamed to oblivion. It got so bad that every danish poster on any thread in /bant/ was obsessively harassed. many posters tried to dox him and defame him. People also went into the archive and found his dick pics before he had the "nice" persona. People made many threads calling the biggest problem on /bant/. Eventually the mods tried save the board by banning him but he kept evading it. proving once again that the mods are useless.

He also popularized the cancerous practice of responding to people you hate with a @ symbol instead of >> to deprive them of their (you)s and is the only known 4chan user to have been banned for "Extreme mental retardation"

As time passed he became increasingly cynical and rude. Which lead to him slowly losing relevancy. now he's just another gayposter pseudo-troll .

Hong Kong[edit]

/bant/'s very own furry. He's tied for worst poster with fagmark. You can see him on any thread with furry porn or in his own threads where he posts furry porn. Despite all allegations he still denies the fact that he's a furry "because he only has a passing interest in it". He's been called a furry so many times that he coined the catch phrase : "prove it". which he uses as a shield to hide behind all criticism. He also graces threads with his highly derivative zingers which are made entirely of anti-lulz. If you see him in your thread make sure to call him a Pedo Fat Furry Faggot.

Due to Hong Kong many furries have came on /bant/. So much that he's started bitching about fur threads.

cirno more like no sir


— Hong Kong on Cirno

Dumb furfag.


—Hong Kong on his reflection

WazsFEw3 more like i wish there Wazs FEw3r of these threads


— One of his hilarious jokes

all that matters is i'm right about everything. even when i spout bullshit i'm partially right


— Hong Kong on truth

i have a 3.75x head shoulder span and 3 penises am i suddenly not human you bigot


— Hong Kong larping as his fursona

replace every single character in every single anime with otters


— Hong Kong on saving anime

strongest number more like cirno? nobody is dumber


— A typical insult made by Hong Kong

grouping in vanilla furry art with uppity homosexuals and mentally unstable trannies is nonsensical


— Hong Kong trying to justify his fetishes

i like cute animal girls


— 100% proof that he's not a furry

there are no good threads up right now so i'm making one feel free to participate unless you're a degenerate retard


— Hong Kong making a thread for everybody else

the highest score is 0 because winners don't play touhou


— Hong Kong's one good post.

bee spider it wants to lay eggs in you and if you let it to can be a father to hundreds of mutant insectoids which secrete venomous honey and becone a billionaire arms manufacturer


— Hong Kong's sexual fantasies

why doesn't anyone use explosives or a flamethrower it seems like it'd be more useful for a crowded place like a school


— Hong Kong on shooting up his school

my sex drive is extremely high. i can ejaculate 6 times in a row without a refractory period and if i don't masturbate at least once a week my balls start hurting and descend so much it's uncomfortable to move and the scrotum begins to engulf my flaccid penis.


— Hong Kong bragging about his masturbation addiction

Alice 3D[edit]

She came onto this board causing it to become even worse. after fagmark lost relevancy she has became the new antagonist to /bant/

Sick Spanish Pedo[edit]

Abbreviated as SSP. He is a pedophile and shitposter who spends his time posting touhou porn, loli, jailbait and guro. Although he rarely stirs up drama; He seems to be fervently against Alice 3D. At one point he made a cooking thread with no stuttering to mock Alice. He's also made some fail image edits in hope to mock her.

Although he is a well loved and positive figure in the /bant/ community. He seems to be developing a case of unwarranted self importance and will probably become cancer later...

He said he would leave the board until frogposting was banned but later went back on that statement and came back.

He has come back and made it his life's work to fuck with I_AM_ABIB as much as possible, which results in frequent thread deletions but he always heroically returns.

Also please stop posting weird fetish porn of mai waifu plox; t.ReiFag

/bant/ gets[edit]

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2 Millionth Get[edit]


For the coveted 2000000th get, a cirnoposter was able to snatch the victory and in a display of cirnofaggotry the mods decided to pin the thread for teh ebin lulz of it all. Of course this left the netherlandanon kagarifag who got the 2000001st get in the dust to be made fun of, although there are theories that this was a scripted get by the mods to make kagariposters buttmad, but everyone who thinks this is likely just a sockpuppet of the anon that failed getting the 2 millionth get.

3 Millionth Get[edit]

lol it was just imptrash (of course this sent /bant/ into a fit of autistic rage for about an hour or so).

Different aliases of /bant/ users[edit]

  • Tali/bant/
  • /bant/elopes
  • /bant/dits
  • Retards

How to troll /bant/ users[edit]

Notice all the Cirnos

Because /bant/ is literally a little babby in terms of the internet, it is just as easily trolled. Here are a few ways to troll /bant/ users.

  • Post Cirno
  • Talk about Cirno
  • Be Canadian
  • Be American
  • Post Pepe
  • Refuse to blow it out your ass
  • Refer to Isle of Man as Isle of Manlet or Manxlet
  • Anime
  • No seriously, posting anime will send half of the users on /bant/ into an uncontrollable rage because of "muh degeneracy"
  • Acting Gay
  • Be a mod
  • Be from /pol/
  • Begin by dressing up as a tranny and camwhore yourself on the board. After that Fail your university exams. Then continually harass alice for 3 months,make photoshopped images of her saying mean stuff, flood her email with scat porn, make tons of threads obsessing over her and saying that she sells child organs on amazon. Claim that all of your cross dressing pictures was actually just trolling. Get in insane arguments with anybody and whenever you're losing the argument, spam the board with autistic pepes to the point where your whole entire country gets rangebanned. Then proceed to make poorly executed anti Semitic hit pieces on Alice accusing her of being a jew, a tranny , and an organ trafficker.Spend all day on a Korean proxy spamming these hit pieces on every single board. Then after everybody starts making fun of you for being retarded. Claim that you were trolling in hopes to save face while still getting triggered at people making fun of you for acting retarded, and then act exactly like how you acted while talking to alice. Then turn into an alice clone and start making avatar fag threads just like her. whoever wrote this is a fag and what he wrote should be disregarded

More memes[edit]

This is a gallery of more memes and screenshots from /bant/ that nobody cares about

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