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Batabii is a weird, antisocial 25 year old virgin furfag from Wisconsin who gained popularity on FurAffinity and some obscure furry-related imageboards. He is known for ass-licking nazi mods like pinkuh, and playing the bounty hunter in reporting any image violations he can find - especially minor infractions and fandom-themed parodies. He does this simply to prove that he's the best person in the world, and thinks his actions should serve as an example to others, while the rest of the fandom thinks he should just shut the fuck up and find something else to do. He seems to enjoy under-age furry porn quite a bit, and is likely to have a folder full of CP. Butthurt for not being able to draw for shit, as well as being an uncreative and useless douchebag, he is the prime example of a frustrated furry, as the only thing he can do is threaten and criticise artists for their submission titles, descriptions, and search tags. The case of Batabii remains an issue that people with autism have: the fear of being disorganized. Hence, Batabii's abnormal and incoherent obsession for rule enforcement. It is not you who has a problem with authority, it is simply him filling his desire for everything to be as meticulously organized as possible, so just ignore his threats, especially if he adds you to his watch list. It's hard to determine one's intentions, why they are like this, and what motivates someone to spend 40 hours online on a website for the sole purpose of spamming the admins with reports.

Contradictory Attitudes

Censorship Laws

While Batabii often demonstrates an incessant need to suck on the dicks of those in power by reporting minor infractions and generally being a whiny bitch, Batabii exhibits an almost fanatic obsession with censorship and Japanese law. He scours imageboards looking for censored porn and leaves long, incoherent rants about how he'd rather not see a picture at all than to see it censored. He also frequently sends messages to Japanese artists berating them for following the law and censoring their artwork. On sites with a voting system, he gives low votes to images that are censored out of principle.
From this perspective, Batabii almost appears to be an anarchist, in stark contrast to his authoritarian views on just about everything else.

Sending Nudes to Kids

In an even bigger demonstration of disregard for laws and rules, and despite his proclaimed reverence for all that is righteous and true, Batabii actually has no qualms about handing out nude photos of himself as well as pictures of himself pissing his underwear to underage boys in chat rooms. The following pictures can be found here; a handful of other pictures of Batabii you probably never wanted to see in the first place.

Nudes sent to children About missing Pics
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Quotes and Logs

(14:06:12) anon: let's say, if someday , anthro art was illegal... in your country
(14:06:22) anon: would you delete all your furry content?
(14:06:56) Batabii: if it was made illegal, I'm sure there'd be a heck of a good reason
(14:07:26) anon: it's a weird right-wing govenrment. after the election a douchebag you didn't vote for put up laws against depiction of anthro, the stupid reason  being it encourage zoophilia, corrupts min ds, etc.
(14:07:30) anon: would you?
(14:07:44) anon: would you obey and abide THA LAW ?
(14:07:52) anon: or resist?
(14:08:01) anon: like, you keep your furry porn/art somewhere encrypted to avoid the FBI?
(14:08:10) Batabii: if the vast majority of people agreed that it was a fair and logical law, I would obey.
(14:08:42) Batabii: also I have never, nor will I likely ever vote
(14:08:53) anon: why?
(14:08:57) Batabii: simply because I really don't understand politics, and I don't think there's enough choices
(14:09:00) anon: where do you live in?
(14:09:07) anon: ah . 
(14:09:13) anon: no political opinion?
(14:09:13) Batabii: what, there's no law that says I'm required to vote<br/>(14:09:18) Batabii: pretty much
(14:09:23) anon: no, there's a freedom.
(14:09:29) anon: freedom makes democracy
(14:09:54) Batabii: wait what?
(14:10:05) anon: do you believe the basics of freedom?
(14:10:08) Batabii: I have no opinion on Bush personally, but how can you compare him to hitler or stalin?
(14:10:22) anon: do you have ...any opinion?<br/>(14:10:27) Batabii: about what
(14:11:21) anon: about everything. the world's sitution ...
(14:11:32) Batabii: I don't know<br/>(14:11:48) Batabii: I always hear the bad things
(14:12:29) anon: gtg. hope to talk to you later, you're intresting.

(17:30:50) Batabii: and a "good" artist WOULD pay for his software. Not good in the sense of quality of art, but quality of morals


(03:03:18) Batabii: why do you hate furaffinity?
(03:04:22) Batabii: you should hate ED



(02:52:03) Batabii: I don't really like your attitude.
(02:52:10) Batabii: but I do like your art



(17:29:37) Batabii: I don't know who are banksy but vandalism remains against the law


(20:23:52) Batabii: I asked her about people using blatantly false keywords to attract undeserved attention and she said they don't care. This was like a year ago
(20:24:07) Batabii: I saw her on IRC but never really talked to her directly
(20:24:17) Batabii: IRC is boring and/or full of jerks



(21:29:44) Batabii: I've reported many artists I watch, for various infractions.
(21:29:56) Batabii: Most of them were taken care of because admins acts professionally and ban them, and I'm sorry about that.
(21:54:12) Batabii: I expect people to follow the rules. I expect people to be courteous. I expect to find reasonably good art. I expect to be treated with respect.
(21:54:25) Batabii: btw it's spelled "no one"
(21:54:32) anon: and that's why you spend your days doing that ?
(21:54:43) anon: you think you can change things ?
(21:54:53) anon: you think you can change people ?
(21:54:53) Batabii: I can try
(21:54:57) Batabii: I can try



(16:34:59) Batabii: sorry, tf2 just crashed. What?
(16:35:06) anon: haha.
(16:35:15) anon: was telling about your personality
(16:35:22) anon: you like to report things
(16:35:27) anon: because that's all you can do
(16:35:38) anon: it goves you...
(16:35:42) anon: satisfaction
(16:36:02) anon: and then you're proud of you.
(16:36:16) Batabii: I like to fix small wrongs. i.e. You can't expect me to do something like stop terrorism
(16:36:45) anon: there we go.
(16:36:54) anon: you're some kind of white kight right?
(16:37:06) anon: spreading the good word !
(16:37:08) Batabii: you totally just said the opposite of what I did but could be
(16:37:23) anon: how so?
(16:37:28) Batabii: I'm not trying to be some kind of hero lol
(16:37:51) anon: you spend your time tracking and reporting bullshit violations anywhere you go
(16:37:57) anon: for a cute and safe internet
(16:38:10) Batabii: I just don't ignore the simple day-to-day stuff that people should already know
(16:38:15) anon: disregard the tons of furry porns and hentai on your hard disk, which makes you a huge hypocrite imo
(16:38:29) Batabii: I'm a responsible adult, I'm allowed to have several gigs of porn.




FurAffinity's ballsless admins finally grew a pair and dropped the banhammer on Batabitch. The furfags of FurAffinity have been saved! Or have they?

No, probably not.

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