Battle of Berkeley

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Battle of Berkeley
Part of Making America Great Again
Heavy clashes erupt on Berkeley streets
Date April 15, 2017
Location Berkeley, California, USA
37°52'10.1"N 122°16'15.3"W
Result Decisive American victory
  • Antifa withdrawal to mom's basement
  • Worldwide Communist humiliation
  • Beginning of full-scale race war
  • Antifa
  • Open Society Fdn.
  • Professors
Commanders and leaders
  • George Soros
  • Moldylocks
  • 666 Antifa
  • 300 - 1488 Patriots
Casualties and losses
  • ≥1 hairy Antifa punched
  • 9001 psychiatric casualties
  • ≥3 Patriots attacked with bike locks
  • Pepper spray injuries
  • 1 safe space
  • 1 bike-lock
  • 1 fist
“Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.”


Joseph Goebbels

University of California, Berkeley or UC Berkeley was once a prestigious university that won many awards, but is now the go-to of steaming cesspit leftist state indoctrination centers in Commiefornia. In this sequel to the first Battle of Berkeley where Milo Yiannopoulos was disqualified before even entering the ring, a rally was planned to show support for Commander-in-Chief and God-Emperor Donald Trump.

Unlike previous confrontations when Antifa thugs outnumbered their opponents 10 to 1, our boys were ready to fight back and drove back the antifa pussies who ran away humiliated. The victory was a great morale boost and the right's first taste for blood. This was a political paradigm shift that's much akin to 1930s Weimar Germany, when the struggle for cultural control took to the streets and politics were correctly identified as warfare.


The Third Battle of Berkeley was organized after Antifafags shut down homophobic monster Milo Yiannopoulos at The First Battle on February 1 and chased him into the open arms of several well hung black men at Steamworks Bathhouse. The Second Battle on March 4th saw the rise of Kyle Chapman, an evil patriot who protested Antifa's attempt to shut down a "March 4 Trump" by utilizing raw willpower and a giant stick. Each of these battles resulted in skirmishes and casualties on both the Antifa and patriot sides, but the battle to get the most attention was the Third Battle.

The day before The Third Battle, Kyle Chapman was seen carrying an American flag around the Berkeley campus. Several Antifa heroes, not knowing they were cannon fodder for globalist George Soros, surrounded the evil traitorous patriot and valiantly swung a skateboard at him after he cold-cocked one of them squarely on the jaw.

This triggered both the unemployed Trump supporters and the unemployed Antifa-scum, causing each to leave their basements and organize a peaceful rally to show support for or protest our ebil dictator who is literally Hitler. What happened next was predictable and eminently watchable.

Berkeley Falcon Punch[edit]

The revolution isn't fucking easy



Headed to Berkeley to disrupt the neo Nazi/ white Supremacist jerk circle today. Nervous af but determined to bring back 100 nazi scalps


—Emily Nauert, aka "Antifa Girl"

Nathan 'Mandingo' Damigo (ex-marine, leader of Identity Evropa), who is gender-blind and has PTSD, straight up Falcon Punched communist bitch Emily Rose Nauert (a.k.a. Louise Rosealma, Venus Rosales, Emily Rose Marshall, and now also known as Moldylocks) in the face, bringing glory and honor to the white race. Some cucks where outraged, such as Chris Evans (famous for pretending to be Captain Amerikkka) tweeting about Archive today-ico.png wanting to congratulate Nathan:


It was soon discovered that she was using glass bottles as weapons, and wore weighted knuckle gloves during what was supposed to be a peaceful march, which exposed her true motive for attending the rally:


The leftist media shills and their liberal crybully zombie readers began to whine and cry about her getting punched in the face while they themselves had cheered for political violence less than three months prior when Richard Spencer got elbowed in the ear by human toilet Slave Ray (Bailey). Everyone else, however, had a fucking laugh as it was hilarious, noting that girls shouldn't be punched unless she deserves it or is a communist. Give them a taste of the gender equality they so relish! Meanwhile, the perverts at 4chan discovered her to be a fetish pornstar for men who dig hairy women.

The girl who hoped to return with 100 nazi scalps came home with a taste of an Aryan fist mixed with the blood from some missing teeth. Poetic.

Berkeley Facebook post fail.jpg

Nathan Damigo Names[edit]

  • Nathan "Dread Knock" Damigo
  • Nathan "Fist to Antifascist" Damigo
  • Nathan "Smack my bitch up" Damigo
  • Nathan "My PTSD creates gender equality" Damigo
  • Nathan "Same height? Same fight!" Damigo
  • Nathan "Dyke Destroyer" Damigo
  • Nathan "Face Fucked her" Damigo
  • Nathan "Gender Equal Beating" Damigo
  • Nathan "Letting His Hands Go" Damigo
  • Nathan "Illuminati initiate destroyer" Damigo
  • Nathan "Face Nuker" Damigo
  • Nathan "Female Satan v1.2 vanquisher" Damigo
  • Nathan "punch her and never look back" Damigo

Eric Clanton[edit]

Eric Clanton, (former) philosophy professor lol

Also in attendance was Eric Clanton, Archive today-ico.png a professor at Diablo Valley College who was discovered by /pol/ to be the perpetrator of a series of attacks on Trump supporters by suckering them with with bicycle U-locks, commonly known as Kryptonite locks:

Bike lock attack at 0:19

Lulz ensued as Clanton proceeded to delete his online presence after the power of /pol/'s weaponized autism identified him via his eyebrows, per standard operating procedure.[1][2]

On May 24 2017, Clanton was arrested for four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with the "special allegation" of causing grave bodily injury, basically elevating the charges to aggravated violent felonies. Clanton was released on $100,000 bail.

Old media mostly ignored this story, and it was discovered that the few that did cover it were forced to take down the police report and arrest warrant documents. Fortunately, EDiots saw this coming a mile away and rescued the document so that future generations may gaze upon these acts of faggotry and hopefully do better.

After moving the pre-trial several times and various other machinations, all felony charges were dropped, and Clanton was released on probation without any jail time, probably because of his white privilege. A screech went up from Trump supporters who have vowed to track him down and do things with his skin.

In summary[edit]

Antifa wedgie.jpg

So I've watched a couple videos of the most recent Berkeley confrontation, and y'all we really REALLY need to learn to fight.


Just Hit Me
Baby Got Whacked
Scalp hunter lies her ass off
Antifa Girl interviewed at 3m 4s
Long video of the rally
How she acts when she's closer to home


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