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Bavaria, or Bayern, is a small Catholic state in Central Europe home of hero Mario Götze. The country is renown for its high cultural level, traditional Christian values, and awesome fussball players.


Bavaria used to be an independent realm at least 9000 years ago until King Richard IV of Wagner blew all the treasury up making elaborate opera sets and relinquished the country and its fate to a tribe of Barbarian Prussians from the least civilized coasts of the Baltic Sea. The population, which speaks a less comprehensible form of German, is peaceful and productive, dedicated mainly to the design and marketing of training shoes manufactured in South East Asia.


Bavarian males need to wear a contraption to keep their testicles and penis upright. The name lederhosen (leather hose) is in reference to the thing it supports, not of the contraption itself. Some Bavarian women wear Lederhosen too as an act of either female empowerment or because they also have testicles.

Typical Bavarians enjoying a drink
Typical Bavarian ultra Conservative Catholic siblings
Bavaria .jpg

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