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Info non-talk.png The stupid drama between Kristi Winters and Bearing has been going on now for 20 months


Bearing, or Patrick Connolly, is an Australian anti-feminist who, after failing as a musician, actually thought it would be a good idea to quit his dayjob as a real estate agent in order to focus on his next scam on how to get money without working: a shit YouTube 'career'. Which basically, in traditional Aussie fashion, consists of nothing more than calling people cunts while producing the anti-sjw community's equivalent of low-effort clickbait. On the 5th of December 2016, this tone-deaf artwork thief was temporarily removed from YouTube, losing over 300k subscribers in the process, after the creators of TV show Total Drama Island finally realized that he had been using their bear character and profiting off of it without their permission for more than a year.

His channel was down for almost a week as a result, and he was forced to re-edit all of his videos with shitty fan art drawn by the members of his fanbase who weren't already busy raiding the subjects of his videos. More total drama ensued after he was doxed by someone on ED for fun and he decided to get into an internet slapfight with those he accused of doxing him and his live-in, chink girlfriend.

Harassing YouTubers (and not much else)[edit]

My asshole subscribers are some of the worst on the internet, reputation wise. I'm Hitler and they're the nazis.


—humble bragging about his personal army of 14 year olds who he thinks are epic trolls that he sends out to attack people and then pretends he has no control over

Bearings' videos are crap even by anti-SJW youtuber standards. Most of his videos follow the usual shtick of watching some feminist's video and responding to it by yelling. Unfortunately, he has neither the intelligence nor the wit to do it remotely well. His arguments (the few he has) are poorly formed and never researched, and his "jokes" consist entirely of him either contradicting what the person he's yelling at said, agreeing with them sarcastically or just calling them a cunt over and over. Never in the history of his channel has he made an actual joke, the writing of which may slow down his ability to churn out garbage content on a nearly daily basis for ad revenue.

Thanks to this, his channel has amassed a following of the lowest tier of anti-sjw retards - self described intellectuals who only watch shit videos so that they can listen to someone else say what they already agree with, having no friends with whom to do this in real life.

Having quickly gained a lot of brain-dead and extremist subscribers, Patrick uses this newfound power to sic his sycophantic fanboys on every channel that he features in his attack videos. Some have argued that they are not attack videos, but that becomes a hard sell when you watch videos wherein he actually tries to subtly hint at his fans without saying it outright (so he doesn't get banned) that they should go harass the people he's talking about by making comments along the lines of "Since you agree responding to stupid things people say is free speech, don't get mad if my viewers leave a bunch of comments on your video calling you stupid (*wink* *wing* *nudge* *nudge*)" in between his "punchlines" that he drops with the comedic timing of Amy Schumer. It also doesn't help that he solidifies his status as the LeafyIsHere of anti-feminists by referring to the people he talks about as "lolcows" so that he can gently shove them in the right direction, as well as keep up the illusion in his head that they're trolls and not just genuine retards who enjoy his show because it reaches for the lowest hanging fruit and he's the only youtuber commenting on this topic who's autistic enough for them to identify with.

Shilling for BeCandid[edit]


Imagine a completely anonymous social network where you can say anything you want without anyone knowing who you are... Are you thinking of some image board? Okay, now imagine it looking like a twitter clone, being run but a couple of incompetent stalkers, them demanding your personal information, having shitty security and banning people or shadow banning them for saying anti-sjw things using an AI which is being trained to do so using trolls who have been lured to the site by lame youtubers who were paid to shill for it and then threatened with legal documents least they continue.

What you are imagining is BeCandid. A retarded scam that the anti-feminist youtube community was flung into drama over and in which Bearing was embroiled. BeCandid offered a number of anti-sjw youtubers money to advertise their site, but when "Harmful Opinions", "Dangerous Analysis" and ED exposed the site for what it really is, some of the youtubers were forced to stay quiet to keep the non-disparagement agreement they had signed, while others, including Bearing, accepted more money to make attack videos in response to the criticism of the site and continue to put their subscribers in harms way.

Bearing went a step further and, after Bindu Reddy (the site's CEO) refused to talk to Harmful Opinions live unless he shuts off the chat and lets her screen the questions, invited her to his own channel for an interview.

In an act of delicious irony, this fuckhead who was willing to sell out his viewers for a quick buck to some SJW faggots, was doxed live on air by Bindu herself when the CEO of this anonymity centric website proved to everyone why you shouldn't trust her with your privacy and said his name on the stream.

Total Drama Thieving[edit]

Original Content Do Not Steal

The 5th of December the world finally was finally free, when after a successful message to the creators of Total Drama, Patrick's channel was removed from YouTube. A hashtag was created, Twitter-favicon.png #freebearing, in order to undo this grave injustice by his moron fans who immediately assumed he had been reported by the most recent person he had sent them to harass, and went on to harass this person even more in retaliation. Never mind that Patrick was FemFreq'ing content.

Unfortunately it did not take long for Patrick to get his channel back, and he could go back to making dull videos. Now with a new rape bear, instead of the old theft-bear. Thankfully, the lazy cunt will never bother to re-edit his old shit so at least that garbage is gone for good.

Bearing asdfxcxv.jpg

Hacked by Danny Korcz[edit]

After a long spat with a SJW named Danny Korcz, wherein Patrick threatened to dox Danny and out him to his school, Bearing got a taste of his own medicine when Danny got a hold of some of Patrick's old accounts, and thankfully did the right thing by shitting all over them. Bearing was unable to retaliate because his personal army of 14 year olds is only effective against easily triggered feminists, and when confronted by anyone who not only doesn't care about youtube dislikes but can actually respond to Bearing's sad excuse for trolling, he and they are soon exposed as the pathetic pushovers that they are.

Bearing Hacked By Danny Korcz 1.jpg
Archive today-ico.png (archive)
Bearing Hacked By Danny Korcz 2.jpg
Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The joke is here that the accounts are now actually less gay than they were when Bearing was running them.

Music Career[edit]

Flopped immediately! His brand of Green Day inspired gay-pop could hardly gather a crowd. Combine this with an inability to play instruments or carry a tune, and what you get, well it is this:

Bland and uninspired folk-music without any of the insightful and inspiring lyrics. What you get is a fat ugly man singing about the grass. Needless to say his music is as derivative as the art he uses in his videos.



SugarTits on YouTube (ironic since all asians are as flat as Patrick's delivery of his punchlines), is bearing's live-in girlfriend and personal rice picker. She runs a companion channel to his, which she also had to delete because she let Patrick picked out her avatar which was, of course, also stolen. Since she has re-started her channel she has been uploading nothing but shit spam. It is impossible to know what kind of videos she made previous to the channel deletion because no one actually watched them (besides Bearing's pre-teen fantards who jerk off to her shrill voice).

Speaking of letting Bearing pick things for her, Annete, being a fellow online scammer like Bearing, once had him help her set up a failed social media/marketing site by hosting it on his own site and making a logo for it which he found on google just like his avatar, put in Photoshop, rotated 45degrees CCW and called it a day.

Bearing appears to be deeply discontent with this part of the article because it previously contained a joke about how he must be a pedo, since his girlfriend looks like a 12 year old. Patrick autistically misinterpreted this joke as a genuine accusation and went on a Chris-chan style unnecessary denial that only makes us think that the faggot doth protest too much.

Fun Fact: Only the biggest losers in Australia date asian girls. It's akin to getting a mail-order bride.



Chris "Charmingman93" Mitchell is also an anti-feminist YouTuber who likes to suck on Bearings cock in the hope for more subscribers. He went to Bearing's defense in a video about our article about him, deciding to basically do a readthrough of the talkpage of this article, where he doesn't even provide analysis.

Of course what he doesn't tell you is that he is more than happy using ED as a source when it comes to those who are feminists like Bahar Mustafa.


Also just like most other people riding the anti-SJW trend, his ego meant he liked naming a law after himself in a Medium blog post.

Bearing's Response To This Article[edit]

Lol good ole ED shit, where SJW's & Femanazis write about satire faggotry, almost reminds me of tumblr.


—feminazi's calls us MRA losers and this MRA loser calls us feminazis... Horseshoe theory confirmed.

Good luck getting rid of me I'm behind 7 boxxies.

>Tor + Cock Emails.

I don't think I'll be going anywhere anytime soon :-).

Ps time to dox & swat christy and tim.


—Bearing trying to sound like a tough guy but instead sounding like an invalid.

It did not take long for Bearing to find this article, considering he's probably a regular user of the site judging by his overuse of the term "lolcow" and him attacking TheAtheistGamer using things he found on our own article about him.

Upon discovering of this article, Bearing, being the intelligent being he is, created an ED account under his own name and attempted to vandalize it. When his revisionism was easily reverted, he then decided to get back at the people he claimed doxed him by creating a sock account and writing an article about Kristi Winters and making it mostly all about himself.

When that failed to satisfy his ego, he created yet another sock account and attempted to blank the article several times, and left insults insinuating that ED, a catalogue of internet drama, was conspiratorially working with his internet archenemies by writing a satire article about a subject who was caught up in ongoing internet drama. His insults also included ironic threats to "dox and swat" those he blamed for doxing him. (Source)

Finally, he made this pathetic video wherein he acts all mad while desperately avoids mentioning the site's name in the video and quickly devolves into nutjob conspiracy theories about how ED couldn't have doxed him without colluding with a couple of retards he has beef with but we've never heard about.


Bearing Drama TLDR Version.jpg

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Bearing admitting that Kristi and Danny did not dox him

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